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Anello in oro bianco toi et moi con diamanti

Shimmering Shay

The glitzy jewelry by Shay, a Californian brand specializing in jewelry with many zeros (in the price) ♦ One of the songs that have characterized the sixties was California Dreaming. Those […]

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Cerchi in oro giallo e zaffiri multicolori

The rainbows of Suzanne Kalan

Spring rainbow for Suzanne Kalan, designer born in Lebanon in the Armenian family of Kalandjian jewelers and now with life and work in California. Her jewels of the Firework line […]

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Ciondolo con diamanti, zaffiro, acquamarina, topazio

Michael Kneebone, the jewels of the desert

From the California desert to Coachella’s atmospheres: the jewels of Michael Kneebone ♦ ︎ Withdraw to live in the desert, to draw jewels and (presumably) count the cacti from the […]

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Anello di preghiera, oro rosa e diamante. Prezzo: 625 dollari

Mars + Love + Yoga

Jewels inspired by yoga from the new Californian brand Mars + Love ♦ ︎ From Los Angeles here is a brand newborn: Mars + Love. The combination of Mars and […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati, argento, con al centro un topazio

Alwand Vahan rococo

The processed bracelets, baroques, golden, of Alwand Vahan: jewelry for Americans designed by a Frenchman. He won the Choice Awards 2016 JCK. Alwand Vahan has gained recognition thanks to the […]

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Anello in oro bianco e diamanti

Why the jewels of Dena Kemp are aprecieted by Hollywood’s stars

Dena Kemp jewels shine in gala evenings. They appear on the Oscar night, or on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards, but also in some episodes of Dancing […]

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Anello con zaffiri rosa e diamanti

Evelyn Huang, California dreaming

Evelyn Huang, a designer between East and West who exclusively makes custom-made jewelry. In California ♦ Better the frenzied creativity of New York or the flexible one of California? Evelyn […]

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Anelli di Jennifer Mayer

Jennifer Mayer, turquoises for tan skin

The turquoises from California by Jennifer Mayer, perfect for tanned skin ♦ The turquoise sea of ​​California inspires Jennifer Mayer’s turquoise jewels. They are easy jewels, perfect for the tan […]

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Orecchini amuleti in oro con acquamarina e tormalina

Jacquie Aiche for the summer

The new jewels by Jacquie Aiche, Californian fantasy on free exit ♦ Jacquie Aiche represents the California that you imagine: sun, freedom, informality in clothing and, of course, also in […]

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Collana con tormalina, opale di fuoco, smeraldo, zaffiro, perle Akoya, acquamarina, opale, opale rosa

Irene Neuwirth bohemian chic

The bohemian chic jewels of the Californian designer Irene Neuwirth, the favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow and … ♦ ︎ She has a dream house on a canal in Venice, a […]

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Pendente octopus in jet intagliato

K.Brunini between Sicily and California

The nature of Sicily and the air of California are in a mix by K. Brunini Jewels. The Katey Brunini jewels are conceived in California. But their birth is not […]

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Anello in oro bianco con tormalina, acquamarina, diamanti, tsavoriti

Jared Lehr, jewels for the stars

The jewels of the stars was signed by Jared Lehr, a designer who is takeing off in Hollywood ♦ ︎ He looks like an actor, lives in Hollywood, attends the […]

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Anello di Jacquie Aiche

In the seventies with Jacquie Aiche 

Jacquie Aiche and her jewels inspired by the mythical Sixties of hippie culture ♦In the seventies with Jacquie Aiche  A jump in the seventies, in California, with Jacquie Aiche. The […]

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Orecchini in oro, diamanti, prasiolite

The jewels of Carlo and Kiki

Nice and classic jewels by the couple Carlo Antonini and Kiki Furst, who created A & Furst in California ♦ ︎ In Milan the name Antonini is associated with jewelery. […]

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Collana con pendente Medusa, oro bianco, diamanti, opale

Lugano Diamonds, the official luxury

From California, Orange County, the luxury jewels by Lugano Diamonds. No, nothing has to do with the city of Switzerland ♦ Born in Israel, Moti Ferder has served four years […]

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Bracciale in oro con rubini, zaffiri e diamanti

Cathy Waterman, proudly Californian

The jewels proudly made in California by Cathy Waterman ♦ ︎ California is not only a place dreamed by millions of people, the land of Hollywood and the residence of […]

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Collane da pancia di Jaquie Aiche

The new dreams of Jaquie Aiche

New-signed Jaquie Aiche collections: the California dreamer who cherishes freedom ♦ ︎ JaFormula and JaCrystals are among the novelties of Jaquie Aiche. But the novelties remain true to the creative […]

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Orecchini Dot, legno di pino e acciaio inox placcato. Prezzo: 82 dollari

Bella Italia in California

In Venice (California), the designer Sophie Monet has chosen the path of nature with fine wood jewelry and stones. The collection is called bella Italia. And it is produced in […]

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L'interno di Talisman Collection a El Dorado, California

Incredibile, questa è una gioielleria

Forse in Europa il modello dello shop Talisman Collection non avrebbe successo. Ma non si può ignorarlo: forse una gioielleria, di quelle che vendono oggetti di medio valore, può essere […]

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