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Anello in oro, agata e piccolo diamante

The stellar jewelry by Brooke Gregson

The Los Angele designer based in London Brooke Gregson: high-end jewelry with a mysterious flavor: from astrology to Nefertiti ♦ Buy a jewel of Brooke Gregson and you see the […]

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Pendente Moonface in oro e zaffiri, cristallo di rocca intagliato

The stars of Temple St. Clair

Astrology, stars, luck. All elements that marked the Middle Ages and that have not disappeared for a slice of humanity. Among which there is also Temple St. Clair, an American […]

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Il segno della Vergine nell'oroscopo di Bello Jewels

Bello Jewels sells the gems and gift the horoscope

Gems and astrology. Gemstones and zodiac. Jewels and luck. In India, the combination of fate, stars and emeralds, topazes or simply opals is an ancient tradition. But now, with the […]

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Pandora, collezione Zodiaco

Pandora’s zodiac

The zodiac signs seen by Pandora in a new collection of silver charms and cubic zirconia ♦ ︎ What sign is your bracelet? This is the question you can ask […]

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Cancro, gemelli, capricorno

Swarovski among the stars

The necklaces dedicated to the zodiac signs of Swarovski. Images and price ♦ ︎ “It may be that the old astrologers have overturned the truth exactly, when they believed that […]

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Roberto Coin, anello per l'anno del Gallo

The Rooster’s jewels

The year of the Rooster Fire celebrated from jewelry: rings and pins dedicated to the sign of Chinese astrology. You were born in 1933 or 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, […]

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