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Anelli con gemme di Bulgari

How much is your ruby ​​(or emerald, aquamarine, amethyst …) worth?

Raise your hand if you don’t have at least one jewel with colored gems and have never wondered how much that stone is really worth. Amethyst or ruby, emerald or […]

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Anello in oro bianco e ametista

All about amethyst

The stone of February is the amethyst. But this gem also it like in the other 11 months of the year. Discover the qualities of the amethyst in this article […]

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Bracciale con ematite, avventurina e sodalite

The jewel that makes the headache pass (maybe)

Necklaces and bracelets that defeat arthritis and headaches? It what sustains an American company that offers these miraculous jewels (for those who believe). We confess that in Gioiellis.com among us […]

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Tiara in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti e ametiste di diverse sfumature

The colorful carnival of Vianna

Gems, colors, surprising combinations: these are the recipe of Vianna Brasil, a Maison that follows carioca’s taste even if it has the flagship store in Florida, in Boca Raton ♦ […]

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A sinistra, una tanzanite prima di essere riscaldata. A destra, la tanzanite dopo il trattamento con il calore

Because precious stones are baked

Precious and semi-precious stones in the great majority are heated at high temperatures. Or subjected to radiation. That’s why ♦ If the precious stones warm your heart is perhaps because […]

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TinyOm, bracciali con le sette pietre chakra

TinyOm, a mantra with stones

By TinyOm, the Stones line of jewelry: seven like the chakras of the Indian tradition ♦ ︎ Since you have already spelled your morning mantra, have do the usual sun […]

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Cushion green tourmaline (8.38 ct) peridots (1.99 ct) and diamond (3.32 ct) ring set in white gold

The color world of Picchiotti

The nuances of unique stones in Picchiotti’s Essentially Color collection ♦ ︎ Light is essentially color. And color forms the world through our eyes. So, in a logical sequence, the […]

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Sofragem, anello con tanzanite cabochon e diamanti

New gems from Sofragem

Sofragem’s gems in two new collections: directly from Bangkok ♦ ︎ Sofragem has earned a name in the jewelry world: it is at the same time a producer for third […]

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Mattioli, anello della collezione Candy con pavé di diamanti bianchi

Mattioli’s candies

The Candy collection by Mattioli: rings, necklaces and earrings with small cabochons on pavé diamonds ♦ ︎ From painters to sweets. Licia Mattioli’s passion is not only for great art, […]

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Anello in argento e ametista viola. Prezzo: 450 euro

Pianegonda subliminal

The Sublimia collection by Pianegonda, spaces empty, full and amethyst purple or green. Images and prices ♦ ︎ The subliminal word is used in psychology to describe those of sensations […]

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Orecchini della collezione Hollywood in oro e citrini

Sanalitro pendent earrings

Earrings with citrine and amethyst signed Sanalitro ♦ ︎ Sanalitro, a small Milanese brand founded by Massimo Sanalitro, who started his career years ago, for Gian Maria Buccellati, as gemologist, […]

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Collezione Venus, anelli in oro, smalto, citrino e topazio, diamanti

A Venus for Casato

Casato enriches its Venus collection with new jewels and three colored stones ♦ Discovered for those who do not know it, rediscovered for those who had missed it: Venus rises from the […]

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Orecchini della collezione Trifoglio, di Bibigì

Clover of amethyst with Bibigì

Clover not only it grows in the meadows: with Bibigì is also in jewelry. And it is not green, but colorful and quite valuable. The Trifoglio (clover) collection given by the […]

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Anello con grosso turchese da 28 carati

De Grisogono in the Cannes waters

Even De Grisogono, jewelry brand based in Geneva, makes his appearances in the parterre of the Cannes Film Festival. Fawaz Gruosi, whimsical head of the jewellery company, has prepared for […]

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Diorama Precieuse, orecchini in oro giallo, due smeraldi  taglio a pera e ametista  sfaccettata

Dior (ama), precious exhibition

Asymmetric earrings, open-ended rings, bold colors: Diorama precieuse, the new capsule collection by Dior, taps into fashion for just two models, available in three different metals. The inspiration comes from far […]

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Bibigì, Erika, anello in oro bianco con ametista  e quarzo citrino taglio rotondo montatura Toi e Moi

Spring color by Bibigì

To the ancient mythology Ambrosia was the Elixir of long life: to Bibigì, however, these two names indicate the two new collections with spring colors of 9Venticinque brand, the second […]

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Galanías, ciondolo e orecchini in oro rosa 18 carati con diamanti bianchi

Carberonia for three

New models for the latest Carberonia collections: the bracelet-ring in rose gold and blue topaz of Ánimo, the open rings with two or three colored faceted stones, surrounded by brilliant […]

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Free Me, ciondolo farfalla in oro rosa 18 carati con diamanti bianchi e brown

On the wings of Casato

Casato continues to focus on white, with colorless diamonds and champagne set on white and rose gold, and on the butterfly subject, which in the new Free me collection evolves […]

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Gucci, anelli cocktail Horsebit in oro bianco, pavé di diamanti, topazio blu, ametista e quarzo citrino.

Gucci a cavallo del Natale

Per Natale Gucci ha presentato due nuove versioni degli anelli cocktail della collezione Horsebit lanciata quest’anno a Baselworld. Ispirata al tema del morsetto introdotto negli anni Cinquanta come elemento decorativo in scarpe e borse, poi stampato […]

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Anello con ametista e 131 topazi blu e rosa

Nel prezioso Garden di Swarovski

Il progetto di Swarovski, iniziato tre anni fa, finalmente è stato presentato al pubblico: una collezione, battezzata Jeweled Garden,  per mettere in risalto l’ampia gamma di pietre e la capacità di […]

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