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Magick black, oro bianco e diamanti nri

Towe’s microscope nature

At GemGenève, Towe’s fine jewelry is seen through the eyes of biology, as if under a microscope ♦ ︎ In GemGenève, in the space dedicated to 12 new designers, there […]

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Orecchini con diamanti e 76 carati di kunzite

High jewelry by Sutra

The first ten years of Sutra were celebrated with a series of high-end jewelery pieces ♦ ︎ Sutra in 2018 is ten years old. The Indian Maison, in fact, was […]

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Embracing Flowers: anello in diamanti bianchi, zaffiri, pietre semipreziose e opale centrale su oro bianco. Anello in diamanti bianchi, zaffiri, pietre semipreziose e calcedonio centrale su
oro bianco

Palmiero, an explorer in high jewelery

High jewelery signed Palmiero, an explorer in the world of precious design. To which are added equally valuable watches ♦ ︎ It seems that the surname Palmiero has an ancient […]

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Anelli con rubellite

Pasquale Bruni, gone with the wind atelier

Unique pieces of extraordinary value: Atelier Vento by Pasquale Bruni ♦ ︎ The unique pieces of fine jewelry have a special charm. Like the great paintings, unique works, irreplaceable, unrepeatable, […]

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Spilla in oro, smalto, diamanti, spinelli, diopside

The high jewelry by Shirley Zhang

Shirley Zhang, the depth of oriental thought enclosed in a jewel ♦ ︎ The high jewelery of Chinese designers has a unique, indisputable, precise identity. The millenary culture, the oriental […]

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La collana Sea King, 722 diamanti, fase di lavorazione

The 722 diamonds of Messika

An extraordinary necklace with 722 diamonds (and not only) presented by Messika at Baselworld ♦ ︎ Messika is synonymous with diamonds. More: it is perhaps the Maison that most interprets […]

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De Grisogono, collana in oro bianco con un diamante bianco taglio brillante (53,23 carati), 43 diamanti bianchi taglio marquise (24,23 carati), altri 180 piccoli diamanti bianchi (2.11 carati) e 1.706 diamanti neri (198,07 carati)

Two special pieces by de Grisogono

Two pieces of high jewelery from the Melody of Diamonds collection by de Grisogono ♦ ︎ The high jewelery signed de Grisogono consists of exceptional pieces. Like those that are […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo e diamanti

The game of Malakine

The jewels of Malakine, aka Catherine Malvaux, Belgian designer with the Russian soul ♦ ︎ The Malakine website reports a sentence by Michele della Valle, a great Italian designer-artist based […]

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Bracciali a molla di Giansante Gioielli

High jewelery on show in Valenza

In Valenza the high jewelery techniques become a traveling exhibition ♦ ︎ It is said that Valenza is the capital of high jewelery in Italy. The truth is that not […]

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Clip di Primerose Watch, in oro giallo e bianco, con  diamanti

Van Cleef & Arpels, wonders in the garden

New flowers in the precious garden of Van Cleef & Arpels: high-jewelry bracelets or haute-horlogerie? ♦ ︎ The pleasure of wearing a watch and never looking at what time it […]

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Dior, alta gioielleria, orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti, berillo verde

Dior, the secrets of Versailles

At the court of Versailles with the high jewelery by Dior, to search among its secrets ♦ ︎ Versailles is not just a destination for tourists, but a part of […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo, diamanti, topazio orange

The new lions of Chanel

The high-jewelery collection L’Esprit du Lion, signed Chanel ♦ ︎ Chanel’s lion returns. A proud and noble animal, the lion has always been an icon that the French Maison uses […]

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Anello della collezione Pencil Shaving

The luminous path of Luz Camino

The extraordinary art of Luz Camino, a Spanish designer between Art Nouveau and Pop Art ♦ ︎ Its name is Luz, a word that means light in Spanish, while the […]

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Damiani, particolare dell'orologio

A masterpiece among Damiani’s Margherita

In Paris Damiani presents the enriched Margherita collection and a watch-bracelet, a unique piece masterpiece ♦ High fashion, high jewelery: the wedding is consumed every year in France, on the […]

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Composizione grafica con diversi pezzi di alta gioielleria Boucheron della collezione Hiver Impérial. Il grande flocon Impérial ha al suo interno orecchini con perle (gli occhi), un orecchino con zaffiro (il naso), due orecchini Baikal (la bocca)

Boucheron at the Tsar’s Court

Boucheron celebrates imperial Russia with a collection of jewels that would have loved by the Tsars ♦︎ Between France and Russia, before and after the October Revolution, there has always […]

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Bracciale Grand Pheasant and Love Dance, con smeraldi e diamanti

The Gilan’s treasures in the city of Topkapi

In Istanbul, the high jewelery of Gilan, which can be compared with the great European Houses ♦ ︎ The city in the past was the capital of three empires (Roman, […]

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Volpe in oro giallo con zaffiri orange

The nature of Master Exclusive Jewelery

Master Exclusive Jewelery, from the deep Russia a Maison that produces extraordinary pieces ♦ ︎ Izhevsk is a city in Russia, capital of the Republic of Udmurtia, not far from […]

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Orecchini a forma di stelle, in oro bianco e diamanti

Bina Goenka, incredible India

The extraordinary jewels of the Indian designer Bina Goenka, pieces of goldsmith virtuosity between Mumbai and London. A jewel of Bina Goenka often is exceeding the price of 100,000 Euros […]

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Etho Maria dancing at Rihanna’s arm

A bracelet by high-jewelery Greek maison Etho Maria worn by Rihanna at Barbados ♦ ︎ Takis Etho, a Greek designer who founded Ethno Maria in Athens in 1992, can be […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco e zaffiri naturali. Prezzo: 27.000 dollari

Staurino at the top

The high jewelery by Staurino Fratelli, unlimited quality made in Italy ♦ ︎ You know that the high jewelery is one that is sold at four zeros. And the jewels […]

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