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Anello con petali ricoperti di zaffiri rosa e un diamante da 2 carati all'interno

Chopard high jewelery for the Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes Film Festival, not only films are in competition, but also jewels. There is, however, a Maison that wins every year: it is Chopard, which has been a […]

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La tiara è anche un gioiello trasformabile, che può diventare una collana

Bulgari high jewelery for Elizabeth’s jubilee

It’s time for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. London has decided to celebrate the anniversary, from 2 to 5 June, with events and celebrations. And the queen, passionate about jewelry […]

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Il Tiffany Diamond, fancy yellow da 128.54 carati

Stop in Milan for the Tiffany Diamond

The Tiffany Diamond, 128.54 carat fancy yellow, travels the world as a relic symbol of the high jewelery tradition of Tiffany & Co. The stone has also arrived in Italy, […]

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Le modelle Qun Ye, Aya Jones e Grace Elizabeth con collane della collezione Graffabulous

Graffabulous, Graff’s magnificent jewels

Puns, puns, are a lovable trait of the British people. The londoner super jeweler Graff also takes part in this hobby, launching his high-end collection under the name of Graffabulous, […]

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La modella Gal Gadot indossa orecchini e collana della collezione Botanica

Tiffany’s Botanica worn by Gal Gadot

Botany is the science that studies plants. But also the new high jewelry collection by Tiffany. Botanica is the name of the Blue Book 2022 line, which brings together the […]

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Anello caratterizzato da uno straordinario rubino birmano cabochon naturale non riscaldato da 20,24 carati e da 6,94 carati di diamanti tondi taglio brillante e incolori a forma di aquilone incastonati in platino

Bayco’s new high jewelery

High jewelery at the event dedicated to high jewelery. It’s obvious, for Bayco. The New York Maison was present among the 18 brands of Haute Jewels Geneva. And, of course, […]

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Anello Nuit d'éternité con zaffiri e diamanti

The incredible jewels by Mad

Mad, but not mad. If anything creative. The Parisian designer Alix Dumas is one of the novelties on the high jewelery stage. In 2020 she founded Mad, her Maison specializing […]

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Anello ispirato al poeta persiano Rumi. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Alessio Boschi and the charm of ancient Persia

Alessio Boschi is a Renaissance jeweler. That is, he is not satisfied with designing and making simple rings or necklaces, but he has an interdisciplinary attitude: he draws, collects images, […]

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Anello Dune Maxi

Annamaria Cammilli in the high range

Annamaria Cammilli is among the brands that have been able to create a unique and immediately recognizable style. The Tuscan designer has invented her own ecosystem in which lines of […]

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Collezione Alta, collana e bracciale

High jewelry by Marco Bicego with Alta

High jewelry in Geneva signed Marco Bicego. It is the first super luxury collection of the Venetian brand, usually positioned on fine jewelry. The collection is called Alta, and was […]

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Il bracciale indossato da Naomi Campbell

High jewelry by Fawaz Gruosi for Naomi Campbell

Eternal Naomi Campbell. The longest-running and most celebrated model in the world is now also a face for Fawaz Gruosi‘s fine jewelry. The jeweler, also with a long professional history […]

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Orecchini in platino, argento, ametista, smalto

The luminous path of Luz Camino

The extraordinary art of Luz Camino, a Spanish designer between Art Nouveau and Pop Art ♦ ︎ Its name is Luz, a word that means light in Spanish, while the […]

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Orecchini che rappresentano due falchi, simbolo del dio egizio Horus, con diamanti, oro, argento annerito

Antonio Seijo, art and jewels

An artist capable of combining the sun and the sea of ​​Marbella with the lake and the mountains of Geneva. This strange, but efficient, combination gives life to the jewels […]

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Bracciale Gran Pheasants in oro bianco, smeraldi, diamanti

The Gilan’s treasures in the city of Topkapi

In Istanbul, the high jewelery of Gilan, which can be compared with the great European Houses ♦ ︎ The city in the past was the capital of three empires (Roman, […]

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Beyoncé con gioielli Messika

Beyoncé, Rihanna and Katy Perry with Messika

High jewelry and celebrity, a duo that recurs often. It was the same for Beyoncé, Rihanna and Katy Perry. All three protagonists of the entertainment world showed off jewels from […]

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Anello Galons Dior,  oro bianco, diamanti, rubini, lacca rossa

The stripes of Dior high jewelry

A galon, in French, indicates a strip of interwoven fabric used as an ornament for clothes or furnishings. For example, stripes that are a hallmark of the ranks worn on […]

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Spilla a forma di piuma con 39 diamanti incastonati taglio cuscino e  gemme colorate per un totale di 83 carati

The new Black Label by Cindy Chao

Cindy Chao is one of the few artists lent to jewelry. She designs and produces no more than 15 pieces a year of her Black Label Masterpiece line. They are […]

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Spilla a forma di farfalla Teinopalpus Aureus

Yewn, art jewelry with roots in ancient Chinese culture

What is the border between jewelry and art? It depends. In the case of Hong Kong jeweler Yewn, the border does not exist. Her jewels, unique pieces, are made to […]

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Diadema Déferlante in oro bianco, con un diamante D VVS2 taglio princess da 1.02 carati, 2 diamanti E VVS2 taglio princess da 1.02 carati ciascuno, 2 diamanti F VVS1 taglio quadrato da 0.71 e 0.70 carati, un diamante E VVS2 taglio brillante da Diamanti da 0,34 carati, taglio brillante, taglio princess, taglio quadrato e taglio baguette

The waves of Chaumet with the Déferlante capsule collection

Could not miss the tiara in the new high jewelry collection by Chaumet, called Déferlante. The name, in French, is often used to indicate a wave that breaks on the […]

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Il collier Le Magnétisme, con uno zaffiro giallo taglio cuscino da 20,29 carati dello Sri Lanka, con due file di tormaline rosa, arancio e gialle, per un totale di 152,86 carati

Louis Vuitton, high jewelry with Bravery II

One way to be appreciated by others is to love yourself. If, then, it is a brand celebrated all over the world, emphasizing its exclusivity becomes almost an obligation. This […]

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