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Joseph Gad, life in green

The green philosophy of Joseph Gad: at the center of great jewels put great emeralds ♦

Green is the color of grass, of hope and of emeralds. And it is the color that the Gad family has chosen, which continues the tradition of the founder, Joseph Gad, who in 1960 embarked on the path of high jewelery. With a marked preference for green, ie for emeralds, even if it offers jewelery with other gems. And, more particularly, for the emeralds of Colombia, occasionally combined with diamonds or sapphires and rubies. Since then it has become the world’s leading source of precious and rare and rare diamonds.

Anello in oro bianco con smeraldo e diamanti taglio marquise
Anello in oro bianco con smeraldo e diamanti taglio marquise

In 1968, the Gad family became an exclusive partner of the Muzo Mine in Bogata, Colombia. In 1975 the Gad family was instrumental in legalizing the export of emeralds from Colombia to the United States. As a pioneer member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, in any case, the Maison of New York City is committed to ethically finding all the materials, all of which are traceable.

Parure di diamanti e smeraldi
Parure di diamanti e smeraldi

All emeralds are cut and polished at home, with the aim of enhancing their qualities.

However, jewels made with large emeralds are not the only ones. Joseph Gad also designs and manufactures great jewels with other precious stones. In addition, the company also buys vintage jewelry, especially those with exceptional emeralds. Margherita Donato

Joseph Gad, anello con smeraldo taglio smeraldo
Joseph Gad, anello con smeraldo taglio smeraldo
Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi e diamanti
Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi e diamanti
Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi taglio pera e diamanti
Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi taglio pera e diamanti
Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi taglio pera e diamanti marquise
Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi taglio pera e diamanti marquise
Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti fancy yellow
Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti fancy yellow
Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti taglio marquise
Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti taglio marquise
Anello con rubino e diamanti
Anello con rubino e diamanti
Anello con zaffiro taglio smeraldo
Anello con zaffiro taglio smeraldo
Orecchini con zaffiri e diamanti
Orecchini con zaffiri e diamanti
Orecchini con rubino e diamanti
Orecchini con rubini e diamanti

Tenzo, spells of a gem-hunter

The magic of Tenzo, a Russian gem hunter able to excite with his jewels ♦

There are those who call him a gem-hunter, a sort of Indiana Jones in search of the extraordinary stone to be set in his jewels. Certainly Alexander Tenzo, a high jewelry designer based in Tallinn, Estonia, but with constant ubiquity, from Switzerland to the United States, is part of the small patrol of gem artists. He is able, for example, to carve an emerald with a unique ability, or to use precious stones with unusual shapes. In addition to choosing lesser-known gems, such as alexandrite, chrysoberyl, spessartite, along with tourmalines, rubies or diamonds.

Anello in platino con tsavorite di 10,9 carati, zaffiri, diamanti. Copyright:
Platinum ring with 10.9 carat tsavorite, sapphires, diamonds. Copyright:

For each creation, Tenzo tries to show the hidden soul of the stones. “I always have to start from what a stone can tell me”, confirms the artist-jeweler to on one of the rare occasions when he agrees to talk about his work. The designer founded his small workshop in 1996 and soon the fame of his ability has managed to cross national borders. His unique, teased pieces unite the ancient traditions of jewelry, which in Russia are often Fabergé’s legacy, his eclectic compositional ability.

Collana con diamanti, spinelli birmani rosa. Copyright:
Necklace with diamonds, pink Burmese spinels. Copyright:

Alexander Tenzo’s professional career began with a trip to Sri Lanka. On the large island located south of India, he discovered a passion for gems. For several years, Alexander has been involved in the extraction and cutting of gems, from Asia to Africa. An experience that led him to transform himself into a jewelry designer, capable of carving stones to transform them into surprising works of art.

Anello con smeraldo intagliato di 18,38 carati. Copyright:
Ring with carved emerald of 18.38 carats. Copyright:
Alexander Tenzo. Copyright:
Alexander Tenzo. Copyright:
Orecchini con spinelli naturali e diamanti
Earrings with natural spinels and diamonds
Anello in oro bianco, pietra luna, spessartine
Ring in white gold, moonstone, Spessartite
Orecchini con oro bianco e giallo, diamanti grigi, gialli e bianchi
Earrings with white and yellow gold, gray, yellow and white diamonds
Pendente in oro giallo e argento, spinello, zaffiri, diamanti
Pendant in yellow gold and silver, spinel, sapphires, diamonds
Orecchini in oro giallo e argento, spinello rosa e rosso
Earrings in yellow gold and silver, pink and red spinel
Orecchini con granato demantoide, diamanti
Earrings with demantoid garnet, diamonds
Spilla intagliata con morganite, crisoberillo, spessartite, tormalina, crisoprasio
Brooch carved with morganite, chrysoberyl, famartite, tourmaline, chrysoprase
Anello con rubino e diamanti taglio marquise
Ring with ruby and marquise cut diamonds
Anello con zaffiro cabochon e diamanti
Ring with cabochon sapphire and diamonds

The divine creations of Diva Jewels

Diva, a word that in common language indicates a female pagan divinity, or a woman who, due to her own talents or in the feeling of a poet, rises above the others and, finally, also a singer or actress of great fame. There is, however, also another possibility: the Maison Diva Jewels of Mumbai, capable of making rings, brooches or bracelets divine. The creations of Diva Jewels are the fruit of the imagination and ingenuity of Rishi Mukesh Mehta: designer and artist capable of transforming an idea into incredibly complex jewels, outside the mold of traditional jewellery.

Anello a due dita in oro rosa, diamanti, zaffiri, rubini, smeraldi
Two finger ring in rose gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds

Behind the designer is the family company founded in 1995 by his father, the visionary artist Mukesh Mehta. Rishi’s path is therefore consistent with his story. The brand is also one of the few maisons capable of following both the design and sale of custom-made jewellery. All Diva Jewels creations are unique pieces, handmade, with brilliant-cut diamonds and rare stones. Each processing step is carried out internally in the company: an aspect that not only allows greater control of the quality of the jewel, but also significantly shortens times.
Rishi Mukesh Mehta. Copyright:
Rishi Mukesh Mehta. Copyright:

One of the characteristics of the Indian brand’s high jewelery consists not only in the aesthetic aspect, but also in the manufacturing techniques. For example, he prefers to add a dynamic element to jewels, with the en tremblant technique, that is, small moving parts, such as bird wings that can move. Examples of what the Maison is capable of achieving, such as the Dance of Brilliance collection, were presented at GemGenève.

Spilla Scarlet Macao indossata. Copyright:
Worn Scarlet Macao brooch. Copyright:
Spilla in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri blu. Copyright:
Brooch in white gold, diamonds, blue sapphires. Copyright:
Spilla in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri blu. Le ali si possono muovere. Copyright:
Brooch in white gold, diamonds, blue sapphires. The wings can move. Copyright:
Diva Jewels, alta gioielleria applicata a  una calzatura
Diva Jewels, high jewelery applied to a shoe. Copyright:

Spilla rotante in oro rosa, diamanti, zaffiri rosa, perla. Copyright:
Rotating brooch in rose gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, pearl. Copyright:

Anello in oro con diamanti e rubini, montato su un gambo a tubogas
Gold ring with diamonds and rubies, mounted on a gas tube shank. Copyright:

Il retro dell'anello con il gambo a tubogas
The back of the ring with the gas tube shank. Copyright:
Difa Jewels, anello a due dita Cherry Blossom, in oro rosa con diamanti, rubini, smeraldim zaffiri. Copyright:
Diva Jewels, Cherry Blossom two-finger ring, in rose gold with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Copyright:

Chaumet high jewelry with Josephine

A collection of Chaumet jewels recalls Marie-Josèphe-Rose Tascher de La Pagerie, better known as Josephine of Beauharnais, first wife of Emperor Napoleon from 1796 to 1809. She was Empress of the French from 1804 to 1809 and Queen of Italy from 1805 to 1809. To her, Joséphine, Chaumet dedicates the Joséphine-l’Aigrette V line, jewels that include two new sets: one in white gold, the other in rose gold. The jewels are made with diamonds in various cuts and settings, on delicately perforated pieces that recall the light lace of the fashion of the time.

Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Rose gold and diamond earrings

The V-shape of the Aigrette is the characteristic feature, as are the pear-cut gems which seems to have been the queen’s favourite. Diamonds, but also rubies and sapphires are presented with this teardrop shape. And, again with a pear geometry, the collection also offers a series of watches, which combine the original shape with a gold detail with the upside-down V. The dial is surrounded by a rose gold border dotted with diamonds, while the crocodile leather straps come in a suite of colours.

Anello Aigrette in oro bianco e diamanti
Aigrette ring in white gold and diamonds
Anello Josèphine Duo in oro bianco, rubino e e diamanti
Josèphine Duo ring in white gold, ruby and diamonds
Collana Josèphine Duo in oro bianco, rubino e e diamante a pera
Josèphine Duo necklace in white gold, ruby and pear-shaped diamond
Orologio della collezione Joséphine-l'Aigrette V con cinturino rosso
Watch from the Joséphine-l’Aigrette V collection with red strap
Collier con diamanti e zaffiro taglio pera
Necklace with diamonds and pear-cut sapphire
Collana con ciondolo in oro bianco e diamanti
Necklace with pendant in white gold and diamonds

High jewelry by Osi Vitoria

Hong Kong has long been one of the world centers of fine jewellery. Flowers, leaves and animals are the main sources of inspiration for jewelery artists such as Vitoria Wu, founder of the Osi Vitoria brand in 2012. With a family of jewelers behind her, Vitoria Wu has chosen the difficult art of other jewelery in its best expressions. Like other protagonists of the Chinese path to jewellery, the brand often uses a titanium base for its precious sculptures. This metal, which is difficult to work with, however has the advantage of being light, resistant and suitable for the creation of unusual shapes and processes.

Anello pesce con opale intagliato, acquamarina, spinelli, titanio. Copyright:
Fish ring with carved opal, aquamarine, spinels, titanium. Copyright:

The materials are used to combine abstract art forms with elements inspired by nature, which are associated with Chinese poems such as “Drunk celestial beings, overwhelming white clouds” or “I am the only sober one among all the drunks”. They are jewels that require a long planning and even more delicate creation: hundreds of stones cover the surfaces with shades created by the gems thanks to the skill of the setters in positioning the stones.

osi vitoria anello spinello birmano zaffiri diamanti 2 copyright gioiellis
Ring with Burmese spinel, sapphires, diamonds. Copyright:
Spilla anemone, con rubino di 5,6 carati, diamanti bianchi e rosa, titanio
Anemone brooch, with 5.6 carat ruby, white and pink diamonds, titanium. Copyright:
Vitoria Wu
Vitoria Wu. Copyright:
Spilla piuma di pavone in titanio, con spinelli, giada bianca, smeraldi, diamanti.
Peacock feather brooch in titanium, with spinels, white jade, emeralds, diamonds. Copyright:
Spilla polipo, con spinelli, diamanti, smeraldi, titanio
Octopus brooch, with spinels, diamonds, emeralds, titanium. Copyright:
osi vitoria spilla fiore zaffiro viola titanio diamanti copyright gioiellis
Flower brooch with diamonds, purple sapphire, sapphires, spinels, diamonds. Copyright:
Spilla calla indossata
Calla lily brooch worn.Copyright:

Palmiero, an explorer in high jewelery

High jewelery signed Palmiero, an explorer in the world of precious design. To which are added equally valuable watches ♦ ︎
It seems that the surname Palmiero has an ancient origin. He designated Christian pilgrims who had gone to Palestine in the Middle Ages, a land of palm trees. Palmiero became the name of a palm bearer. Perhaps the origins of family names are of little importance, but in the case of Carlo Palmiero, founder of the Palmiero Jewelery Design brand, there is some connection. In fact, 30 years ago, Carlo Palmiero went on a pilgrimage on a difficult journey, that of high jewelery. But without limiting himself to a courtesy visit: in Valenza, in the company that bears his name, he infused the taste of discovery, of adventure. As a true courageous pilgrim in search of the sacred Grail of design.

Anello della collezione Rise of Sun in oro e diamanti
Ring from the Rise of Sun collection in gold and diamonds

The jewels of Palmiero, thanks to the drive towards the discovery of new horizons, are exceptional pieces, as evidenced by the latest creations of the Maison. For example,Dancing Soul Collection, a necklace with a flexible core recorded in white gold with diamonds and rubies. Or Melting Colors, earrings in white diamonds and degradé pink sapphires on white gold, earrings in white, colored diamonds and semiprecious stones on white gold: wearing the jewel the parts move alternately. Or the Rise of Sun collection, where the sun’s rays are interpreted by folds of the gold surface, illuminated by cascades of diamonds.
Palmiero, anello della collezione Rise of Sun indossato
Palmiero, ring from the Rise of Sun collection. Copyright:

Anello Rise of Sun in oro, diamanti, smalto rosso
Rise of Sun ring in gold, diamonds, red enamel

Orecchini Rise of Sun in oro, diamanti
Rise of Sun earrings in gold, diamonds
Collana e anello Rise of Sun
Rise of Sun necklace and ring. Copyright:
Carlo Palmiero
Carlo Palmiero. Copyright:

Wallis Hong’s fascinating sculpture jewels

The story of Wallis Hong, the new name of high jewelery and the surprise of the latest GemGèneve, is a special story. He himself tells the most important stages in his life which has the contours of a fairy tale. Raised in a remote location in China (Wan Song), by an artist mother and a largely absent father, Wallis Hong spent a childhood amidst the beauties and dangers of nature, including reminiscent of close encounters with spiders, snakes and poisonous mushrooms. But also with the fascination for colorful butterflies (this has to do with his current activity), flowers and colorful fish.

Spilla Eternal Butterfly (lato), ispirata ai ricordi infantili del designer. Le pietre preziose sulle ali sono ispirate alle goccioline d'acqua viste sulla farfalla. È realizzata con Acquamarina, centrale di 7,31 carati zaffiri colorati, diamanti bianchi, tsavoriti, titanio, platino, perle
Spilla Eternal Butterfly (lato), ispirata ai ricordi infantili del designer. Le pietre preziose sulle ali sono ispirate alle goccioline d’acqua viste sulla farfalla. È realizzata con Acquamarina, centrale di 7,31 carati zaffiri colorati, diamanti bianchi, tsavoriti, titanio, platino, perle

Not only. In the heart of Wallis Hong there is also the time spent with his devoted Buddhist grandfather, who built a temple, this time in Cai Shan. Or the time spent with his mother wearing the jewels and clothes she used in his life as a musician and collector. After an experience as assistant director in Beijing, where he aspired to an acting career, the future designer moved to Madrid, Spain, for love and to experience new air. It was 2016 and in the Spanish city Wallis Hong studied sculpture and painting at the Madrid Academy of Art, alternating time with work in the Hermès boutique, where once he also had Queen Letizia Ortiz as a client.

La spilla Eternal Butterfly
La spilla Eternal Butterfly by Wallis Hong

But it was an encounter with René Lalique’s masterpiece, The Lady of the Dragonfly, at the Calouste Gulbenkian museum in Lisbon, that brought out the passion for jewelry. Or, more precisely, for high sculptural and technically avant-garde jewelry, with large volume earrings, but light because they are made of titanium, or a butterfly-shaped brooch which is the most striking piece of his production.

Spilla Ethereal Butterfly. Zaffiri colorati, tormalina rosa di 24 carati al centri, diamanti bianchi, titanio, platino
Spilla Ethereal Butterfly. Zaffiri colorati, tormalina rosa di 24 carati al centri, diamanti bianchi, titanio, platino

To learn the techniques of jewelry in February 2019 Wallis left his job at Hermès and returned to China. He was lucky: he accidentally met a goldsmith master with 30 years of experience in jewelry making. Or perhaps it would be more precise to define them as sculptures, unique pieces to wear. And which, according to Wallis Hong, are destined to last over time, a century or more, like works of art.

Orecchini in titanio, con rubini sangue di piccione, zaffiri. Copyright:
Titanium earrings, with pigeon blood rubies, sapphires. Copyright:
Spilla in titanio, smeraldo colombiano di 23 carati, tsavoriti, diamanti. Copyright:
Titanium brooch, 23-carat Colombian emerald, tsavorites, diamonds. Copyright:
Spilla coccodrillo in titanio, zaffiri padparadscha, zaffiri multicolo, diamanti fancy. Copyright:
Titanium crocodile brooch, padparadscha sapphires, multicolour sapphires, fancy diamonds. Copyright:
Paradise Earrings, ispirati alle conchiglie di Ibiza e Formentera. Diamanti bianchi, zaffiri colorati, titanio, platino
Paradise Earrings, inspired by the shells of Ibiza and Formentera. White diamonds, colored sapphires, titanium, platinum
Siren Earrings, in titanio, diamanti, zaffiri colorati
Siren Earrings, in titanium, platinum, diamonds, colored sapphires
Wallis Hong ha creato anche elaborati quadranti per orologi
Wallis Hong also created elaborate watch dials. Copyright:
Quadrante di orologio con soggetto marino
Clock dial with marine subject
Quadrante di orologio con pietre preziose, smalto
Watch dial with precious stones, enamel
Wallis Hong, orecchino indossato
Wallis Hong, earring worn. Copyright:
Thorn Shells Earrings indossato. Zaffiri colorati, diamanti bianchi, tsavorite, titanio, platino
Worn Thorn Shells Earrings. Colored sapphires, white diamonds, tsavorite, titanium, platinum. Copyright:
Wallis Hong. Copyright:
Wallis Hong. Copyright:

Soft Picchiotti rings, but is high jewelry

Soft, flexible, comfortable: but above all high jewellery. Picchiotti presents new pieces from its Xpandable collection, a patented system that allows rings and bracelets to adapt to the shape of the body. An appreciated quality, but hardly available to those who purchase high jewellery. For example, a ring with a pear-cut emerald surrounded by baguette diamonds, while other emeralds embrace the stem of the jewel. Or another ring, also with an emerald, but in this case with the classic emerald cut, framed by other diamonds.

Anello con smeraldo taglio pera e diamanti baguette. Copyright:
Ring with pear-cut emerald and baguette diamonds. Copyright:

Again with Xpandable technology, but classified as cocktail rings, there are three rings, each of which, alongside the diamonds, features three side-by-side precious stones: sapphire, ruby and emerald. They are top jewels. The sapphire ring, for example, has a 6.67-carat Sri Lankan stone in the center, flanked by two other sapphires of 2.65 and 2.54 carats. Another version of this model features three diamonds for a total of 6 carats plus a frame made up of almost 3 carats of blue sapphires.

Anello e bracciale con diamanti e zaffiri della collezione Xpandable
Ring and bracelet with diamonds and sapphires from the Xpandable collection
Anello con diamante fancy yellow e due rubini
Ring with fancy yellow diamond and two rubies

Anelli cocktail con rubini, zaffiri blu, smeraldi e diamanti
Cocktail rings with rubies, blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds

Bracciale in oro e diamanti by Picchiotti
Gold and diamond bracelet by Picchiotti. Copyright:

The Vita of Gismondi series 1754

A unique piece, high jewelery with an exceptional design: the Vita (means Life) necklace, presented by Gismondi 1754 is a jewel that differs from all the others. Designed by the creative director and owner of the Genoese company Massimo Gismondi, the necklace is a jewel that literally floats in the air. A design that also inspired the name given to the necklace: Vita, inspired by Gismondi’s son, ready to take flight on his journey into adulthood. The center of gravity of the jewel is a pear-cut tanzanite of 56.37 carats, wrapped and supported by 63.21 carats of diamonds, including a pear-cut that closes one of the two ends of the necklace.

Vita, Gismondi 1754
Vita, Gismondi 1754

The creation of the jewel, which has a strong symbolic value, also represented a difficult goldsmith undertaking by the Maison’s artisans, given that the construction of the jewel is suspended and there is no setting to block the tanzanite. Light and brilliant, the necklace becomes part of the Gismondi 1754 high jewelery line.
Massimo Gismondi
Massimo Gismondi. Copyright:

Collana con una tanzanite tagliata a goccia di 56,37 carati, avvolta e sorretta da 63,21 carati di diamanti
Necklace with a pear-cut tanzanite of 56.37 carats, wrapped and supported by 63.21 carats of diamonds

Giorgio B, a new Bulgari in the jewellery

His name is Bulgari, he designs and creates fine jewelry. But not for the Italian brand that has become part of the Lvmh group. However, Giorgio Bulgari is part of the family of Roman jewelers, great-grandson of the founder Sotirio Bulgari and son of Gianni Bulgari. He has recently decided to put his ability and creativity to good use, which is part of his DNA. He works in Geneva and has launched his own jewelery brand, Giorgio B, because with the sale of the family business to the Parisian giant he cannot use the Bulgari surname. But it is not a sudden decision. Before presenting his Maison, Giorgio Bulgari has a profitable career as a jewelry designer behind him: since 2017 he has been creating unique pieces dedicated to a limited clientele.

Anello con topazio di 29 carati su oro bianco, diamanti e smalto azzurro
Ring with 29-carat topaz on white gold, diamonds and light blue enamel

However, high jewelery was not his first love. The jeweler born in New York and raised in Rome, studied art and advertising at Boston University, then worked in the world of finance before joining his father, who had founded a watch company in Switzerland. Giorgio Bulgari’s curriculum also includes an experience in Ferragamo in 2011, and the role of creative director of Marina B, a brand founded by his aunt Marina Bulgari and now owned by Guy Bedarida. The jewels, unique pieces, under the Giorgio B brand aim at an audience that loves innovation and colours, as is the family tradition. Rose gold and even large stones are the designer’s favorite materials.

Anello asimmetrico in oro rosa e malachite
Asymmetric ring in rose gold and malachite
Giorgio Bulgari
Giorgio Bulgari
Anello con zaffiri naturali arcobaleno
Natural rainbow sapphire ring
Anello in oro rosa con rubino e diamanti taglio vecchia miniera
Rose gold ring with ruby and old mine cut diamonds

Kamyen, luxury reserved for the few

In about ten years, Kamyen has earned a place among the high-end jewelery houses. It was founded by Pooja Gandhi, the latest generation of an Indian family that has been operating for almost a century in the sector of precious stones and the production of diamonds. It only takes a few steps to go from precious stones to jewels, but the leap may not necessarily be successful. In Kamyen’s case, however, it was a success. And, even if the Maison was born in Mumbai, the style of the jewels is very far from the indian traditional one. This is thanks to the exclusive collaboration with the main Pakistani designer, Faraz Manan, who has given the jewelry and high-end jewelry collections a modern character.

Anello Gemini in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti brown e bianco da 2,44 carati, smalto nero
Anello Gemini in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti brown e bianco da 2,44 carati, smalto nero

Furthermore, Pooja’s family has been able to manage the production of jewelry according to the best commercial principles. The jewelry factory and workshop in Mumbai employs around 120 people and is under the direct control of the Gandhi family. The diamonds are all of high quality and are not from conflict zones, with a certificate accompanying each gem. And more, Kamyen’s strategy does not (for now) provide for the opening of boutiques. The collections can be viewed by appointment only, based in Dubai, or can be purchased online on some e-commerce platforms, such as Moda Operandi.
Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, rubino, smalto e smeraldo
Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, rubino, smalto e smeraldo

Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, rubino e diamanti
Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, rubino, smalto e diamanti
Orecchini chandelier in oro bianco 18 carati e smalto
Orecchini chandelier in oro bianco 18 carati e smalto
Orecchini Ali d'angelo in oro bianco, diamanti e smalto nero
Orecchini Ali d’angelo in oro bianco, diamanti e smalto nero
Girocollo The Rising Sun in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti e smalto rosso
Girocollo The Rising Sun in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti e smalto rosso
Orecchini Galaxy in oro bianco, diamanti e smalto
Orecchini Galaxy in oro bianco, diamanti e smalto

Mikimoto’s Marine High Jewelry

Mikimoto = pearls. This simple equation remains valid at 130 years in the anniversary year of the founder of the Japanese Maison Kokichi Mikimoto. Who is also the one who understood that pearls can be cultivated, precious spheres that were once very rare because they were the result of the whim of the sea. Mikimoto is also a jewelery brand that offers surprising high-end collections. Like Praise to the Sea, which is inspired by the natural environment in which pearls are formed. The jewels recall the foam, the waves, the billows, the marine flora and fauna, but do not use only the precious pearls of the South Seas or the Akoya selected by Mikimoto.

Anello Shool of Fish con diamanti taglio rosa, perle, zaffiri
School of Fish ring with rose cut diamonds, pearls, sapphires

Praise to the Sea fine jewelry also includes rose-cut diamonds, beryl, tanzanite, tourmaline, amethyst, garnet, sapphire, spinel, alexandrite and aquamarine. One of the most interesting jewels, for example, is a necklace of white gold and Akoya pearls that evokes a mother and child blue whale swimming together. In the center is a 41.54-carat tourmaline that symbolizes the aura of the creature, around which schools of fish are depicted, composed of sapphire, aquamarine, garnet and diamond gems. Or the ring with a South Sea pearl in the center, with a corolla depicting the waves with sapphires and diamonds, in a shade that refers to the depths of the sea.

Orecchini School of Fish con perle SOuth Sea, alessandrite, zaffiri
School of Fish earrings with South Sea pearls, alexandrite, sapphires
Orecchini Sea Graduation con perle, diamanti, acquamarina, tanzanite
Sea Graduation earrings with pearls, diamonds, aquamarine, tanzanite
Orecchini Water Surface, con perle, diamanti, acquamarina
Water Surface earrings, with pearls, diamonds, aquamarine
Collana School of Fish con spinello, alessandrite, zaffiri, ametista, granati, tanzanite, diamanti, perle
School of Fish necklace with spinel, alexandrite, sapphires, amethyst, garnets, tanzanite, diamonds, pearls
Collana Water Surface com perle, acquamarina, diamanti
Water Surface necklace with pearls, aquamarine, diamonds

Why Boucheron offers revolutionary high jewellery?

Between classic and avant-garde, between tradition and innovation, between past and future: Boucheron is one of the great jewelery Maisons which, alongside the rings, necklaces and earrings that are part of its historic heritage, manages to offer surprising collections. Like the new high jewelery collection, Carte Blanche, More is More. The creative director, Claire Choisne, has chosen a communication format and a stylistic interpretation that recalls sixties pop graphics, with models portrayed with photographs cut out against a background of bright colors. But also the geometries of the Memphis movement founded by the Italian architect Ettore Sottsass in the late seventies. But the iconographic presentation must not deceive: at the heart of Carte Blanche, More is More there are jewels.

Il gioiello-tasca applicabile In The Pocket
In The Pocket

Above all, the surprises are here, starting with the huge (29 centimeters) Tie the Knot bow hair ribbon. It is red on one side, with black and white stripes. The jewel-ornament is described as flexible like a cloth and fairly light: it weighs 94 grams. It is made with diamonds and white gold: it is considered a technical feat. The collection also includes rings reminiscent of the Rubik’s cube. Like This is Not a Ring, made with Murano glass, diamonds and lacquer on a resin band. Or supermaxi necklaces and In the Pocket, a pocket made up of diamonds and onyx on a lycra and titanium fabric, which can hold a smartphone and attaches to any item of clothing with magnets.
This is Not a Ring, in vetro di Murano, diamanti e lacca su banda di resina
This is Not a Ring, in Murano glass, diamonds and lacquer on a resin band

Many inventions seasoned in a menu of high jewelery that amaze those who consider the couture of jewelery in the classic interpretation of a variety of necklaces or rings in gold and diamonds, more or less precious unique pieces, but faithful to a tradition that comes from centuries-old habits. Instead, Boucheron’s high jewelery wants to attract the attention of digital natives and entire categories that have never approached traditional stylistic models. But who obviously have enough money to buy high-end jewels.

Collana Question  Mark, nata nel 1879, rivoluzionaria per essere  priva di fermagli e simbolo di una liberazioneella collezione Carte Blanche, More is More
Question Mark necklace, born in 1879, revolutionary for being without clasps and a symbol of liberation
Anelli indossati della collezione Carte Blanche, More is More
Worn rings from the Carte Blanche, More is More collection
Collana oversize Just An Illusion, con elementi piatti pensati per sembrare tridimensionali, con lacche dipinte
Just An Illusion oversized necklace, with flat elements designed to look three-dimensional, with painted lacquers
Collana composta  da 21 cubi preziosi, con spinelli grigi e rosa, zaffiri rosa e diamanti
Necklace composed of 21 precious cubes, with gray and pink spinels, pink sapphires and diamonds

Pomellato high jewelry inspired by Milan

Born in 1967, at the same time as the success of the great Italian fashion houses, the Milanese Pomellato has climbed the steps of success by bringing the concept of prêt-à-porter into jewelry. Luxurious, yet understated. Design, but without exaggerating. Simple shapes but not simplistic. Jewels that immediately appealed to the Milanese ladies and, later, to those of other cities. over the years the ability to interpret a fashion without excesses has crossed the Italian borders in parallel with the identification of Milan as one of the world capitals of design. Pomellato was bought by the French group Kering about ten years ago for this reason.

Anello Castello in oro rosa, diamanti, rubellite
Castello ring in pink gold, diamonds, rubellite

Something has changed since then. Pomellato, thanks to the thrust of the Parisian luxury giant, has been brought to international markets and, in part, has added to its sobriety an increasingly marked flavor of high-end jewels. Now the creative director, Vincenzo Cataldo, has decided to combine the high jewelery line, introduced three years ago, with the echo of the brand’s roots. For this reason, the new collection is inspired by Milan.
Orecchini Terrazza Duomo in oro giallo e diamanti
Terrace Duomo earrings in yellow gold and diamonds

The pieces in the range, which combine precious stones with design tradition, are named after places known to tourists too, such as the Duomo (the neo-Gothic cathedral) or the city’s Castle, but also to the most modern skyscrapers. The collection consists of four lines: Vertical Landscapes, Contemporary Heritage, Creativity on Stage and Terrazza Duomo. One of the most striking pieces is probably the Castello necklace, made up of pink gold plates connected by links studded with diamonds of different shapes: over 28 carats of brilliant, baguette, princess and round cut gems, plus five rubellites for 29 carats. A chain, attached to the choker is removable.

Catena body in oro rosa e diamanti
Body chain in rose gold and diamonds
Collana con catena Lariat in oro e diamanti
Lariat chain necklace in gold and diamonds
Collana Lirica, oro diamanti
Lirica necklace, gold diamonds
Girocollo Terrazza Duomo in oro rosa e diamanti
Terrace Duomo necklace in rose gold and diamonds
Orecchini Castello con diamanti e tanzanite
Castello earrings with diamonds and tanzanite
Orecchini Terrazza Duomo in oro bianco e diamanti
Terrace Duomo earrings in white gold and diamonds
Orecchini Terrazza Duomo in oro rosa e diamanti
errace Duomo earrings in rose gold and diamonds

A Genesis for David Yurman

David Yurman is one of the leading jewelry brands in the United States. The Maison, also famous for its jewels that use the motif of intertwined cables, also presents collections of fine jewelry. The latest is called DY Genesis, even if more than the beginning it indicates the latest proposal, in a chronological sense. The collection, presented in Paris, where David Yourman has a flagship store, is very elaborate. And to make it even more refined, it was photographed with a still life service together with plant stems and flower petals. In fact, jewelry design goes well with natural elements.

Orecchini pendenti Dianthus con due gusci di scarabeo Belionota Sumptuosa conservati in resina, incastonati in oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti cognac, stratificati su alluminio anodizzato verde giallo
Dianthus drop earrings with two resin-preserved Belionota Sumptuosa beetle shells, set in 18K white gold with cognac diamonds, layered over yellow-green anodized aluminum

The inspiration of the jewels is nothing new, it is the world of nature. But the interpretation of the concept is original. The jewels take the botanical name of flowers, while the gems punctuate the composition. To create the elaborate shapes of the jewels, in addition to stones and gold, the Maison has also decided to use aluminum, a ductile metal that can be easily colored. Instead of the usual yellow or white gold, the jewelery therefore appears with a green, pink or yellow metal. But not only. A pair of earrings also sports an iridescent beetle, two specimens of Belionota Sumptuosa, an insect found in Indonesia.

Orecchini Dianthus in oro rosa, rame, alluminio rosa e diamanti
Dianthus earrings in pink gold, copper, pink aluminum and diamonds
Orecchini Fleur de mer con rubini, zaffiri rosa
Fleur de mer earrings with rubies, pink sapphires
Orecchini pendenti con pavé di diamanti
Pendant earrings with pavé diamonds
Orecchini in alluminio anodizzato, diamanti, tormalina
Anodized aluminum earrings, diamonds, tourmaline
Orecchini alluminio anodizzato e diamanti
Anodized aluminum and diamond earrings
Orecchini pendenti Fleurs De Mer, con pavé in oro bianco 18 carati e alluminio anodizzato verde, incastonati a mano con smeraldi Panjshir
Fleurs De Mer pendant earrings, pavéd in 18k white gold and green anodized aluminum, hand-set with Panjshir emeralds

The Buccellati Mosaic

Italy preserves the ancient tradition of the art of mosaic. Examples are the great Byzantine mosaics found in Ravenna, but there are also many examples of compositions from the Roman era. All works that inspired the new Buccellati high jewelery collection. Predictably, the collection is called Mosaico. It is made up of over 50 pieces which, however, reflect the classic style of the Maison founded by Mario Buccellati at the beginning of the twentieth century. Now Buccellati, which is part of the Richemont group, sees creative director Andrea Buccellati at work.

Anello in oro bianco e giallo com diamanti
White and yellow gold ring with brilliant cut diamonds and 2 carat emerald cut diamond

In short, the Mosaico collection does not abandon the embroideries and textures made up of gold threads typical of Buccellati and which have their origins in the tradition of Florentine goldsmithing. At the same time the jewels, especially the larger ones, are made up of elements, such as gems, which refer to the world of colored tesserae with which the mosaics are made. The jewelry suite includes jointed bracelets, gag necklaces, drop earrings and cocktail rings.
Collana in oro giallo e bianco con zaffiri
Necklace in yellow and white gold with sapphires

An example is the necklace composed of five cushion-cut scale settings in yellow gold and sapphires, alternating with drop-shaped settings in yellow gold with fancy diamonds, with elements in white gold and diamonds and modeled yellow gold wire, border in gold pavé white and yellow gold patterned wire. On the occasion of the new collection, the Maison presented Princess Talita von Fürstenberg as testimonial, who wore a parure from the Mosaico collection.

Orecchini in oro bianco e giallo con diamanti taglio brillante, diamanti fancy e zaffiri
Earrings in white and yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds, fancy diamonds and sapphires
Anello in oro giallo e bianco con diamanti e citrino
Yellow and white gold ring with diamonds and citrine
Bracciale in oro giallo e bianco con diamanti e zaffiri
Yellow and white gold bracelet with diamonds and sapphires

Louis Vuitton high jewelry in the Deep Time

Lines that evoke art deco atmospheres are a feature of Louis Vuitton jewelry. And even the new high jewelery collection of the Maison, called Deep Time, remains faithful to its aesthetic key. This is the fifth creative season for the Louis Vuitton brand by Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of watches and jewelery for the French brand. And it was probably very demanding, given that Deep Time also involved an equally long and profound work: it is Louis Vuitton’s largest high jewelery collection to date, with over 170 unique pieces, divided into 16 themes, with 95 of these gathered in the first chapter. A great commitment also with regard to the gems used which, given the breadth of the collection, are represented in all shades and origins around the world.

Anelli in oro, diamanti, acquamarina
Rings in gold, diamonds, aquamarine

The evolution of the Earth, understood as the history of the planet, divided into geological eras lasting millions of years, is also the theme of the different lines of the collection, including geographical, philosophical and mythological references. Gondwana, for example, is dedicated to an exceptional seven-strand platinum necklace, with as many Colombian emeralds: in the center there is a 4.51-carat stone with a particularly saturated color. The strands of the emeralds are enriched with 259 diamonds. The necklace also comes with earrings and a ring.

Gondwana necklace with seven strands of white gold with 259 diamonds and seven Colombian emeralds: in the center there is a 4.51-carat stone
Gondwana necklace with seven strands of white gold with 259 diamonds and seven Colombian emeralds: in the center there is a 4.51-carat stone

The name of the necklace, Gondwana, refers to the super continent that millions of years ago gave birth to the current conformation of Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia. And the threads of the necklace allude to the circular movement of the Earth, which has the V at its center that marks the Vuitton jewelry collections. Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets which, after all, were made with gems created in the depths of the Earth many geological eras ago, in deep time.

Collana in oro bianco, diamanti, rubino della linea Flight
Necklace in white gold, diamonds, ruby from the Flight line
Collana del tema Seeds in oro e diamanti con 13 cabochon di rubellite e spessartite
Necklace of the Seeds theme in gold and diamonds with 13 rubellite and spessartite cabochons
Anello a tema Volcano con diamanti e zaffiro rosa
Volcano themed ring with diamonds and pink sapphire
Anello con diamanti e opale
Diamond and opal ring
Anelli con smeraldi
Emerald rings
Anelli in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri blu e opale
Rings in white gold, diamonds, blue sapphires and opal

Piaget high jewelery with Metaphoria

Piaget’s new high jewelery collection tells something in different words. The collection is called Metaphoria. And if a metaphor is a word or definition used to express something other than the literal sense, likewise Metaphoria dips its pen in this ancient art of expression. A metaphor used by Metaphoria? Here it is: the collection is made up of rivers of precious stones. A pure metaphor (precious stones are not liquid, but the comparison works). Alongside this dialectical game there is, of course, fine jewelry, which is the result of the industrious Genevan craftsmanship.

Piaget - Villa Salviatino
Piaget – Villa Salviatino

The collection consists of 52 pieces, entirely made in the Maison’s ateliers and presented in Florence, in the Renaissance villa with Italian garden (today a hotel) Il Salviatino, on the hills of Fiesole, just outside Florence. Also a metaphor of architectural meanings. Now the collection.

Piaget, presentazione di Metaphoria
Piaget, presentation of Metaphoria

In 1969, Yves Piaget presented its 21st Century Collection, with jewel-watches of very unusual shapes and with ornamental stones set in their dials, as well as engraved gold sautoirs and bracelet watches. Collection which, according to the Maison, laid the foundations for Piaget’s unmistakable style. Metaphoria is 2023 a reworking of that 21st Century Collection. It is divided into 41 jewels and 11 watches, in two chapters, Azureia and Beautanica. Names that evoke an equally metaphorical nature.

Experimentation, innovation and cheerfulness are part of the Maison’s DNA. Since the 1960s, Piaget has dared to introduce coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli into watchmaking and unique jewellery. This desire to use unexpected materials in pieces created to high jewelery standards is still at the core of our identity.
Benjamin Comar, CEO of Piaget

Collana Aqua Summa indossata
Aqua Summa necklace worn

The highlight of the collection is the Mineralis set. It is made up of jewels which, again using a metaphor, seem to have come out of the waters of a mountain river. An asymmetrical necklace is made with diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine and rock crystal. Piaget jewelers combine the transparency of rock crystal (representing the brilliance that lines the edges of rivers), with intensely blue sapphires, whose inverted settings give the piece an ultra-modern look. A 13.25-carat lagoon-blue cushion-cut aquamarine sparkles at the center. The piece is paired with earrings and rings, one of which is set with a 4.1 carat Sri Lankan sapphire.

Mineralis, collana asimmetrica realizzata con diamanti, zaffiri, acquamarina e cristallo di rocca
Mineralis, asymmetric necklace made with diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine and rock crystal

Our goal was to emphasize details that bring to mind natural phenomena, such as the flow of a waterfall or the sun’s rays, while at the same time arousing a particular emotion. The materials we use, from the insect elytra to the precious wood, have been selected to give an unpredictable and alive element to a 21st century piece of fine jewelry.
Stéphanie Sivrière, creative director of Piaget

Aqua Summa
With the Aqua Summa set, the Maison intends to convey a vision of frost and ice with the unusual combination of aquamarine with Akoya pearls and diamonds. The collar necklace, fully articulated with an invisible closure, features pear-shaped cerulean aquamarines, the largest of which weighs over 4 carats. The piece can be paired with earrings and an exquisite cocktail ring, the white gold body of which is paved with a frost of shimmering diamonds and set with a 12.48-carat cushion-cut aquamarine.

Aqua Summa necklace
Aqua Summa necklace

With the Alata set, Piaget transforms leaves into gold, mother-of-pearl and diamonds on rich and unstructured pieces, in the shape of a necklace, earrings and a watch. A gold and titanium earcuff has gold leaves engraved with the Decor Palace pattern, golden mother of pearl, white gold flecks and diamonds come together to dress the outer edge of the ear in a spectacular piece. Piaget jewelers have also created an engagement ring. On this piece, the center of the leaf is accented with a 2.23 carat pear shaped diamond. The set is completed by a cuff watch, the body of which is embellished with an inlay of mother-of-pearl and engraved gold, mixed with marquise-cut diamonds. A piece that demonstrates Piaget’s perfect mastery even in the smallest details.

Orologio con oro e madreperla del set Alata
Watch with gold and mother of pearl from the Alata set

The Terrae parure has a bold design, inspired by the colors of the forest. The brown of tiger’s eye and rutilated quartz is used together with the green of tourmaline. The pair is accented with vertical rows of square tourmaline beads and features a cushion-cut tourmaline weighing approximately 16 carats at its center. A ring, bracelet and earrings complete the set.

Collana Terrae, quarzo occhio di tigre e rutilato con tormalina verde, file verticali di perline quadrate di tormalina, al centro una tormalina taglio cuscino di circa 16 carati
Terrae necklace, whit tiger-eye and rutilated quartz with green tourmaline, vertical rows of square tourmaline beads, at its centre a cushion-cut tourmaline weighing close to 16 carats

Goldsmith skill is at the heart of Essentia, which includes jewels in rose gold and diamonds, defined by natural lines. An iconic piece of this set, the flat-knit necklace is made up of oversized links, whose irregular shapes recall those of driftwood found on the beach. Earrings and wristwatch complete the set.

Rose gold and diamond Essentia necklace
Rose gold and diamond Essentia necklace

Following the tradition of secret high jewelery watches, the Maison now unveils one of its greatest signature pieces, Adrivea, a ring that tells the time. Beneath a 10.88-carat aquamarine cabochon, its dial sparkles with diamonds, joined by waves of lustrous stones and blue sapphires that adorn the setting of this oversized piece.
Adrivea, un anello che indica l'ora. Sotto un cabochon di acquamarina da 10,88 carati, c'è un quadrante con diamanti, uniti da pietre e zaffiri blu che adornano la montatura di questo pezzo oversize
Adrivea, a ring that tells the time. Under a 10.88-carat aquamarine cabochon, there is a dial with diamonds, joined by of stones and blue sapphires that adorn the setting of this oversized piece

Another unique piece is Foliatura, a jewel-watch set with a magnificent cushion-cut Colombian emerald weighing 6.59 carats. Its white gold body reveals incredible craftsmanship, fusing stylized chrysoprase leaves and intertwined diamonds on a background of engraved gold Decor Palace. Ingeniously positioned at the bottom of the strap, the face of the watch allows the wearer to discreetly read the time.
Foliatura, a jewellery watch set with a cushion-cut Colombian emerald weighing 6.59 carats. Its white gold body reveals incredible craftsmanship, blending stylised chrysoprase leaves and intertwining diamonds against a backdrop of Decor Palace engraved gold. Ingeniously placed on the lower part of the band, the watch dial allows the wearer to read the time discreetly
Foliatura, a jewellery watch set with a cushion-cut Colombian emerald weighing 6.59 carats. Its white gold body reveals incredible craftsmanship, blending stylised chrysoprase leaves and intertwining diamonds against a backdrop of Decor Palace engraved gold. Ingeniously placed on the lower part of the band, the watch dial allows the wearer to read the time discreetly

Alitura features a mosaic dial composed of ornamental stones, reminiscent of the precious damask fabric. The dial of the Undulata watch, on the other hand, was created by the Parisian inlay specialist Rose Saneuil. The dial is iridescent green, with an inlay of straw, wood, leather, parchment and elytra, and houses an ultra-thin tourbillon, caliber 670P, all made entirely by Piaget. It is surrounded by two circles of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds. Last, but not least, Piaget watchmakers present an ultra-jewellery version of the famous cushion-shaped Black Tie watch, made famous by one of the Piaget Society’s most loyal customers, Andy Warhol. The piece combines a petrified wood dial with a baguette-cut emerald bezel and hour markers. It is a one-of-a-kind piece powered by the Manufacture’s ultra-thin mechanical caliber 534P.
Alitura è creato da Rose Saneuil, il quadrante verde iridescente porta un intarsio di paglia, legno, pelle, pergamena ed elitre, e ospita un capitolo delle ore e un tourbillon extra-piatto, calibro 670P, tutti interamente realizzati da Piaget. Con i suoi due cerchi di diamanti taglio baguette e taglio brillante, questo capolavoro irradia precisione
Alitura is created by Rose Saneuil, the iridescent green dial bears a marquetry of straw, wood, leather, parchment and elytra, and houses an hour chapter and an extra-thin tourbillon, calibre 670P, all entirely made by Piaget. With its two circles of baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, this masterpiece radiates precision

The high jewelery tweed by Chanel

Tweed is a type of sturdy woolen fabric originating in Scotland. But it’s also a fabric that Chanel has often used in the past and uses in the present. Even for fine jewelry. In 2020, the French Maison had already chosen the texture of this fabric as a source of inspiration for its top jewelry. Now he repeats, with variations, the experiment. The Tweed de Chanel collection includes 63 new pieces of fine jewelry. The jewels, even if not all, are made with the idea of replicating the interweaving of wool threads, but obviously with the use of gold and gems. The choices are those of Patrice Legéreau, creative director of the Chanel jewelry lines.

Bracciale Tweed Byzance di Chanel
Tweed Byzance bracelet by Chanel

Creating high-end jewels with complicated interweaving was not a walk in the park: gems were inserted into the weave with a refined interlocking game. But in Paris there is no shortage of skilled craftsmen, such as those who have created the collection’s bracelets and necklaces as if they were tweed, a voluminous but light fabric. The jewels are divided into five chapters, which are inspired by as many motifs of the Maison: lion (zodiac sign of the founder Coco Chanel), star, camellia (favorite flower), sun and bow. All symbols that have been transformed into jewels through a careful choice of gems: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, but also semi-precious stones such as beryllium or lapis lazuli.

Detail of the tweed texture, Chanel high jewelry
Detail of the tweed texture, Chanel high jewelry

Among the many jewels in the collection, a prominent place is perhaps occupied by the Tweed Royal necklace, made up of pink gold, diamonds, one of which is pear-cut weighing over 10 carats in the centre, and 37 large rubies surrounded by other smaller ones. An exceptional piece: a lion’s head in the center can be worn as a brooch or used to enrich the necklace. The central diamond can be detached and worn as a ring.

Collana Tweed Royal, composta da oro rosa, diamanti, di cui uno a taglio pera da oltre 10 carati al centro, e 37 grandi rubini circondati da altri più piccoli
Tweed Royal necklace, composed of pink gold, diamonds, one of which is pear cut of over 10 carats in the center, and 37 large rubies surrounded by other smaller ones
Bracciale Tweed Etoile in oro giallo e bianco, zaffiri gialli, di cui uno di 9,16 carati e lapislazzuli
Tweed Etoile bracelet in yellow and white gold, yellow sapphires, one of which 9.16 carats and lapis lazuli
Collana Tweed Pétale in oro rosa, diamanti, zaffiri rosa
Tweed Pétale necklace in pink gold, diamonds, pink sapphires
Collana Tweed Poudré in oro rosa, diamanti, zaffiri rosa
Tweed Poudré necklace in pink gold, diamonds, pink sapphires
Spilla in oro rosa, diamanti, zaffiri rosa
Brooch in pink gold, diamonds, pink sapphires
L'attrice britannica Keira Knightley con gioielli della collezione durante l'evento di lancio, a Londra
British actress Keira Knightley with jewelery from the collection during the launch event, in London

Busatti 1947, from tradition to innovation

Busatti in Milan is a historic name in jewelry. It has now doubled. A branch of the family has decided to focus decisively on research and innovation and has created its own brand: Busatti 1947. After a few months of life it already boasts a prestigious recognition: second place in the Best in Diamonds Above $40,000 Retail category at Couture Design Awards. Merit, precisely, of a decisive push towards a strong design and a choice of materials that is unusual in many respects. Behind all this are the brothers Lalla and Davide Busatti. The family history goes back to when the grandfather, Antonio Busatti, began traveling to Japan after the Second World War to buy pearls.

Bracciale in alluminio nero, fibra di carbonio, diamanti. Copyright:
Black aluminum bracelet, carbon fiber, diamonds. Copyright:

His son, Luigi, continued the business with gems. Lalla (designer) and Davide Busatti (who selects the gems) represent the third generation, who have decided to introduce jewels with their own brand to the precious stones trading business. But, as mentioned, putting a lot of innovation into it. For example, in introducing unusual materials, such as carbon fiber to make a super resistant resin, which is combined with gold and diamonds or cacholong. The high-end jewels have already been presented at the main international jewelery fairs, from Las Vegas to Dubai, Geneva and Hong Kong.

Bracciale realizzato con una speciale resina con fibra di carbonio, oro e diamanti gialli. Copyright:
Bracelet made with a special resin with carbon fiber, gold and yellow diamonds. Copyright:
Collana Tokyo in resina tonalità Royal Zest, diamanti e oro rosa
Tokyo necklace in Royal Zest-tone resin, diamonds and rose gold
Orecchini Tokyo in resina tonalità Royal Zest, diamanti
Tokyo earrings in Royal Zest tone resin, diamonds
Orecchini Cairo con diamanti taglio trilliant e madreperla
Cairo earrings with trilliant-cut diamonds and mother-of-pearl
Lalla e Davide Busatti
Lalla and Davide Busatti
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