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Anello con rubino birmano e diamanti di Edmond Chin venduto a Hong Kong per quasi 4 milioni di dollari

Design, gems, Etcetera

Edmond Chin’s extraordinary and rare jewelery, from as expert manager for Christie’s to jeweler for collectors ♦ For five years, Edmond Chin managed the department of jewelry at Christie’s in […]

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Anello in oro bianco con tormalina verde e diamanti

The bespoke pieces of Fei Liu

The high jewelery by Fei Liu, a Chinese designer who chose England ♦ ︎ Have you ever heard of Chongqing? Probably not, if you are not Chinese. Yet it is […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti bianchi, tsavoriti ametista, citrini, zaffiri, onice

The art of Carlo Luca della Quercia

Carlo Luca della Quercia, a story behind in the form of a snake ♦ ︎ A century of history that get revival: it is 20 years Carlo Luca della Quercia, […]

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Sutra, bracciale in oro con diamanti, opali e zaffiri rosa

New high jewelry bu Sutra

The 2019 high jewelery by Sutra Jewels, with extraordinary pieces created by the designer Arpita Navlakha ♦ ︎ Not much time has passed to see Sutra Jewels’ collections on the […]

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Anello Taglio Smeraldo, con berillo taglio smeraldo da 14,04 ct e pavé di cristallo di rocca, incastonato in oro giallo

Boucheron Vu Du 26

The new Vu Du 26 jewelery collection by Boucheron is inspired by the headquarters in Place Vendôme and Paris ♦ ︎ Vu Du 26 Collection by Boucheron. The name, at […]

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Bracciale  Raindrop con diamanti taglio rotondo, baguette e a goccia

Harakh high jewelry

Diamonds and not only in the collections of Harakh, a new high jewelery brand ♦ ︎ There is a new high jewelery brand in America. It’s called Harakh and, to […]

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Wallace Chan, anello con ceramica e zaffiri

The latest from Wallace Chan

The new creations by Wallace Chan, with his indestructible ceramic, on show in London ♦ ︎ The teacher. The artist. The innovator. Wallace Chan is all three of these definitions […]

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Lavorazione dell'orologio-bracciale Threads

For Graff it is time of diamonds

Graff’s Threads collection is enriched with watch-bracelet with diamonds ♦ ︎ For Laurence Graff, it’s always time to do something exceptional. For example, you can watch what time it is […]

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Anello con smeraldi colombiani e diamanti

Rajesh Popley’s jewels

Rajesh Popley’s jewels, from India to Dubai for those who love the ultimate in luxury ♦ ︎ If you are planning a trip to Dubai and are in the mood […]

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Orecchini Ondine, con 4 diamanti con taglio a pera  (0,50 carati EVVS1, 0,51 carati EVVS2, 0,30 carati DVVS2 e 0,31 carati DVVS2), 170 diamanti (1,55 carati), lapislazzuli, oro grigio

Mellerio dits Meller returns to Lake Maggiore

The Isola dei Pescatori, in Lake Maggiore (Italy) is transformed into high jewelry with Mellerio dits Meller ♦ ︎ In 1613 the Mellerio family began to make jewels in Val […]

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Orecchini con maglia in argento e diamanti brown

Hedy Martinelli, knit diamonds

New unique pieces signed by the Roman designer Hedy Martinelli, with the ancient technique of steel mesh, gold and diamonds ♦ Iron and steel with platinum and diamonds? Yes, she […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, 1 turchese cabochon (circa 18,08 carati), 18 diamanti bianchi (circa 2,35 carati),  di 49 zaffiri rosa (circa 3.519 carati) e 131 ametiste (circa 8,61 carati)

The Mediterranean by de Grisogono

Three pieces of de Grisogono high jewelery dedicated to the Mediterranean sea ♦ La Maison de Grisogono is based in Geneva, on Lake Geneva, but its founder Fawaz Gruosi (now […]

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Jadeite Cello Brooch, spilla con giada, oro bianco, diamanti bianchi e gialli

Anna Hu, high jewelry in music

High jewelry, high creativity and even music in the new collection of Anna Hu ♦ ︎ Paris, haute couture, high jewelry. In short, between Place Vendôme and the Louvre you […]

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Anello Saguaro, Messika, con diamanti taglio marquise sovrapposti

Diamonds in the Messika desert

The second part of Born to Be Wild high jewelry collection by Messika ♦ Valérie Messika continues his conquest of the West. After the great bang at Baselworld, the Born […]

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Van Cleef & Arpels, collezione Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet in the jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels – 1

The romantic and dramatic story of Romeo and Juliet through the collection of high jewelery by Van Cleef & Arpels ♦ ︎ Romeo and Juliet is the most famous tragedy […]

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Clip in oro rosa, oro giallo, oro bianco, rubini,
zaffiri, lapislazzuli, diamanti. Il retro ospita due uccellini d’oro. L’usignolo e l’allodola, citati nella tragedia di Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet in the jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels – 2

The other high jewelery pieces dedicated by Van Cleef & Arpels to the timeless myth of Romeo and Juliet ♦ ︎ The Romeo & Juliet high jewelery collection by Van […]

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Tiara Étoile in oro bianco con diamante D VVS2 taglio brillante da 0,93 carati, 2 diamanti D VVS1 taglio brillante da 0,73 e 0,70 carati, 2 diamanti D VVS1 taglio brillante da 0,53 carati ciascuno, 2 diamanti D VVS2 taglio brillante del peso di 0,54 carati ciascuno, 2 diamanti E VVS1 ed E VVS2 taglio brillante del peso di 0,54 carati ciascuno e diamanti taglio brillante.

The skies of Chaumet, 43 pieces of fine jewelry

A new collection of high jewelery signed Chaumet: innovation and tradition for an exceptional result ♦ ︎ The difference between a dish prepared at home and that prepared by a […]

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Choker Royame con 1600 diamanti e zaffiro di 19,31 carati

Ladies and knights of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton in search of maidens to be saved with the Riders of the Knights collection of high jewelry ♦ A sword, a steed, a lady to be saved or […]

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Parabole, white gold, white diamonds and emeralds brooch

Dauphin’s high conceptual jewelery

The new fine jewelry and the refined thoughts of Charlotte Dauphin de la Rochefoucauld ♦ ︎ High jewelery with blazon. The new jewelery series created by Charlotte Dauphin de la […]

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Immagine della collezione La Vie en Rose

With Lydia Courteille seduction is pink

The La Vie en Rose collection by Lydia Courteille: the theme of seduction is transformed into high jewelery ♦ ︎ “Scandal sur la Place Vendôme, the collection the plus déshabillée […]

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