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Alluminio arcobaleno riciclato, oro 18 carati, vermeil in oro giallo 18 carati, gemme sintetiche

These Anabela Chan earrings are made with an amazing material

Spring, nature, sustainability: three ideas that made the new Anabela Chan collection flourish. The series of earrings and brooches from the Blooms collection were created with a revolutionary idea: they […]

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Collana della collezione GeoCUBE

From Bauhaus to Coeur de Lion

Geometries, bright colors and affordable prices: the bijoux by the German brand Coeur de Lion ♦ It’s easy to say design. But only new ideas are capable of instilling new […]

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Hemmerle, orecchini in alluminio anodizzato con cavità in cui sono inserite acquamarine

Hemmerle’s new extraordinary creations

The extraordinary creations of Hemmerle, queen of high jewelry design ♦ ︎ It is not a case when a marriage lasts 22 years. And if, more, the union is not […]

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Vhernier, collane Calla in alluminio, ricoperte di un sottile strato di polvere ceramica, con piccoli diamanti

Precious jewels in aluminum

Aluminum has been rediscovered for quality jewelry. Here’s how to clean and store aluminum jewelery ♦ ︎ Cans for drinks, dishes, components for airplanes: aluminum is used for many things. […]

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Suzanne Syz, orecchini in alluminio e diamanti

Suzanne Syz, gift as earrings shape

The earrings that look like flakes for Suzanne Syz’s gift packs ♦ ︎ Who is really creative is also witty. In short, it’s someone occasionally deals with life lightly. Let’s […]

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Suzanne Syz, anello cin oro con tormalina, diamanti e smalto

Suzanne Syz for three

Suzanne Syz’s latest jewelery, among unusual materials, pop and a stunning design ♦ ︎ Born in Zurich, who grew up in Paris, she moved to New York in the 1980s […]

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Orecchini in rame, oro bianco, smalto, zaffiri, zirconi

Hemmerle still amazes

Hemmerle still amazes at Tefaf: the refined combinations of Egyptian earrings, bracelets, aluminum and precious stones. Innovation, courage, imagination. What other definition is lacking to describe Hemmerle? Paradoxically a: tradition. […]

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Hemmerle, Clematis, spilla con zaffiri, diamanti, alluminio, oro bianco

Hemmerle, luxury with aluminum

Hemmerle, one of the biggest names in jewelry Made in Germany (http://gioiellis.com/novemberfest-con-hemmerle) is truly amazing. This time it prepared a collection called The [AL] Project. For those unfamiliar with the […]

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Chainging Collection Couture

Odescalchi, l’amore è una catena

Nella Chainging collection di Lucia Odescalchi, le collane sono una seconda pelle e si fondono con i vestiti. Catene in alluminio leggerissime, che partono da un cerchio o da un ovale e si […]

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