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Nigaam, anello in oro bianco con diamanti e zaffiri rosa

Pink jewelry

Do you like pink? Do you want to wear pink jewelry? Are you looking for a pink necklace? Or a bracelet? Or … Here are many ideas ♦ There are […]

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Anello a forma di turbante

Alessio Boschi among seven princesses

The ancient tale of the seven princesses is revived in the collection of Alessio Boschi ♦ ︎ From the Italian architecture of the Renaissance to the fascinating world of nature, […]

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Collana Imperial Acanthus

Alessio Boschi, the Imperial Rome at Couture

Alessio Boschi at the Couture Show: one of the great jewelry artists shows the latest creations at the Las Vegas event ♦ ︎ Alessio Boschi’s creative highways lead to two […]

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Alessio Boschi con la spilla Great White Shark

The 12 designers of VicenzaOro September

The 12 jewelers which will be in the Design Room at VicenzaOro September. Among the new entries Tomasz Donocik and Yeprem. Stephen Webster is also coming ♦ ︎ Ieg, the […]

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Alessio Boschi, Rose de France necklace

The surprising roses of Alessio Boschi

The Rose de France series by Alessio Boschi: a story of high jewelery full of surprises ♦ ︎ High jewelery: Alessio Boschi’s Rose de France necklace is inspired by the […]

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L'area Design Room a VicenzaOro September

In 12 in the Design Room

Here are the 12 creators present in the Design Room at VicenzaOro January 2019 ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro warms the engines and anticipates the names of the 12 creatives who will […]

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Da sinistra, Matteo Marzotto, Lorenzo Cagnoni, Ugo Ravanelli, ad di Ieg

VicenzaOro, among the news there is the farewell of Marzotto

The vice president of Ieg, Matteo Marzotto, leaves the company with controversy, while they preparing the edition of VicenzaOro January ♦ ︎ There are already the first changes for the […]

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Alessio Boschi

VicenzaOro, the magnificent eight of the Design Room

Who will be in the Design Room of VicenzaOro: Alessio Boschi makes his debut, comes Garavelli and … ♦ ︎ In the countdown in view of VicenzaOro September, organized by […]

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Anello Venus Heart

Alessio Boschi poet of Venus

The waves of the sea, Venus, the pearls, the shell of a shell that holds a secret: here are the latest creations by Alessio Boschi ♦ ︎ The Thalassa collection […]

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Collana Palazzo Ducale, particolare

Alessio Boschi, the Renaissance at the Couture

A Gran Tour at Couture by Alessio Boschi: palaces and wonders of Renaissance Italy are transformed into surprising jewels ♦ ︎ Alessio Boschi, magician, genius, designer, artist: difficult to find […]

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The Fish

Alessio Boschi, Animal & Fish

The Animal & Fish series by Alessio Boschi: brooches and earrings with pearls, gold and precious stones in a whirling baroque fantasy (and cheerful) ♦ ︎ Who does not know […]

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Ingresso alla messe

Baselworld: win or flop?

Baselworld 2018, number of visitors unchanged. Here’s who is happy and who is puzzled among jewelers ♦ ︎ It depends. The final judgment on Baselworld 2018 can be summarized as […]

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Ingresso principale allo spazio espositivo di Baselworld

Baselworld 2018, selection and news

Baselworld 2018 starts with the selection. But news jewelry are not lacking ♦ ︎ “The world is changing fast. Faced with this challenge, there are only two alternatives: to grow […]

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Alessio Boschi con la spilla Great White Shark

Special Alessio Boschi

Art, fantasy and virtuosity of Alessio Boschi: his extraordinary jewels explained by himself ♦ ︎ There are so many jewelers. There are few artists. But the jewelers-artists are even less. […]

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La collanai dedicati al Rinascimento di Alessio Boschi

Awarded the Alessio Boschi’s Renaissance

Alessio Boschi between the winners of International Design Excellence Award 2017 with a tribute to the Renaissance. A tribute to the Renaissance in Florence: Alessio Boschi, the great Italian artist […]

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Coral Reef, spilla-ciondolo by Alessio Boschi

The Ocean by Alessio Boschi

The latest fantastic, clever, ingenious inventions by Alessio Boschi, jewelry that seems born on the waves of the ocean. How to define Alessio Boschi? A genius? An heir of the […]

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Piazza Navona, Alessio Boschi

The water features by Alessio Boschi

There is all spirit of the Roman Baroque in Alessio Boschi necklace, dedicated to Piazza Navona. We saw it in Basel among Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds and white diamonds that evoke water features, […]

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Alessio Boschi, collezione Naturalia: Cedar necklace con diamanti bianchi, marroni e gialli,  smeraldi naturali del Panjshir per 100 carati  e due spessartiti di 72.65 carati complessivi.

The bright masterpiece by Alessio Boschi

Amazing and magnificent: we were lucky enough to take a close look at Alessio Boschi‘s creations. They are so full of unusual details as to arouse to the wow effect invariably. It’s […]

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Pendenti di giadeite verde e lavanda firmati Alessio Boschi

Alessio Boschi, triumph in Hong Kong

Alessio Boschi king of the Asian autumn Auctions. The designer (http://gioiellis.com/il-virtuosismo-di-alessio-boschi), was the star of the auction Jewellery and Jadeite Autumn Auction 2015 by Tiancheng, auction company based in Hong […]

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The Renaissance of Alessio Boschi

The Renaissance of Alessio Boschi

Mark this name: Alessio Boschi. You will hear about him: in the area of jewelry he’s already known for years. But, before you hear about him, look in these photos […]

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