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Anello Petals in oro 18 carati e diamante taglio brillante, impeccabile certificato Gia

Geometrical Cadar

The geometries by Cadar: here is the Maison who won the Couture Design ♦ ︎ In 2016, Fashion Group International had named Cadar as the Rising Star of jewelery. And […]

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Mono orecchino in argento placcato oro 24 carati, con onice

Gil Zohar’s Babylon Jewels

The icons of ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon revive in the jewels of the designer Gil Zohar ♦ ︎ The Bible tells of how in ancient times the Jews fled […]

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Anello in argento ossidato, oro 24 carati, diamanti

Boaz Kashi, Boho Chic

The Israeli jewelry designer Boaz Kashi and his Boho Chic collections: irreverence, but luxury ♦ If, by accident, you do not know what Boho Chic means or you’ve forgotten, you can […]

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Collana Tokyo

The necklace is a map

Storytelling Jewelery proposes jewels that represent city or neighborhood maps. Also the one chosen by you ♦ Idea: a necklace or a ring for not getting lost in the city. […]

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