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La boutique di Harry Winston a Milano

Harry Winston in Milan in via Monte Napoleone

In Milan Harry Winston joined the many Maison of the jewelry in via Monte Napoleone, where luxury brands are concentrated. Harry Winston is a New York brand founded in 1932 […]

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Bracciale con perle d'argento, perle d'acqua tonde e barocche, madreperla

The Ziio’s fantasy globetrotter

Ziio’s news bijoux ♦ It is fashion or jewelry? It’s fun and the desire to be different? It is fantasy or ecelttismo? Maybe all of these things put together describe […]

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Rendering di Hour Universe

Goodbye Baselworld, Hour Universe arrives

Hour Universe. The after Baselworld is (also) a play on words. Hour, an English word that indicates the time span of 60 minutes, also resembles to ours. In short, a […]

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Baselworld. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Baselworld could be at risk, the reimbursement pattern breaks out

The world will no longer be as before because of the coronavirus: for example, Baselworld may no longer be there. An exaggeratedly pessimistic perspective? Maybe. But the cancellation of the […]

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Baselworld. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Goodbye Baselwoorld, Gucci throws in the towel

Another bad blow for Baselworld: Gucci also leaves. At the Basel fair, scheduled this year from April 30 to May 5, the brand of the Kering group will not be […]

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Nel booth di Alessio Boschi a Baselworld

Exhibitors will return to Baselworld?

Reservations for Baselworld are slightly increasing. The fair will offer much more space to jewelry. There will be a Jewelery Hall and … ♦ ︎ Encouraging signs. Especially for the […]

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Lo Show Plaza nella Hall 1.2, riservata alla gioielleria

More jewelry at Baselworld says the CEO

The new CEO of Baselworld, Michel Loris-Melikoff speaks in an interview. And he announces news for the jewelry too. For example … ♦ ︎ The last alarm has the name […]

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Baselworld 2014

Baselworld loses a piece

A new question mark on Baselworld: René Kamm, CEO of Mch Group, leaves ♦ Baselworld loses another piece. After the resignation of the managing director, Sylvie Ritter, the time has come […]

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Ingresso principale allo spazio espositivo di Baselworld

Baselworld 2018, selection and news

Baselworld 2018 starts with the selection. But news jewelry are not lacking ♦ ︎ “The world is changing fast. Faced with this challenge, there are only two alternatives: to grow […]

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Anello Merry White

Swatch, it’s time for bijoux

The jewelry of Swatch, a perfect combination for those who love the Swiss watches. There once was a mania for collecting Swatch watches with varying prices and, above all, available […]

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Bracciale, collezione In Connection

Christofle minimal con In Connection

La linea In Connection di Christofle, disegnata da Philippe Airaud, punta sul concetto di minimal. La connection è quella tra il designer e la maison francese sinonimo di argento. Il […]

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Anelli di brillanti Harry Winston

Swatch conquista i gioielli Harry Winston

Swatch ha accettato di sborsare circa 1 miliardo di dollari per acquisire il marchio canadese degli orologi e dei gioielli Harry Winston. Il prezzo comprende 750 milioni di dollari per […]

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