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Sophie Bille Brahe

The two streets of Sophie Bille Brahe

in vetrina
Orecchini ispirati alle sculture di Calder con perle di acqua dolce

Sophie Bille Brahe summarizes in itself the characteristics of Nordic design: simple, yet surprising, light despite the dimensions, rigorous without missing the imagination. Well-outlined ideas: on her website you can choose two ways: pearls or diamonds. Stop. But behind the choice restricted to two types of jewelry, there is a vast world. Sophie is Danish.…

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Guide to new trendy earrings

in da sapere/Orecchini
Orecchini by Messika

Strange forms, new names: learn to recognize the different types of trendy earrings. Quick guide ♦ Have you ever wanted to buy earrings on Etsy, Asos or eBay and feel a bit confused between earcuff, wrap-around and wire? Blame vocabulary: once there were only three models of the jewel more loved by women, stud, hoop…

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From Copenhagen to Murano, the bubbles of pearls

in Orecchini/vetrina
Orecchini in oro 14 carati con perle e vetro di Murano

Venice has inspired poets, painters, musicians. But also jewelers and designers. In the case of the Danish Sophie Bille Brahe, however, Venice was not the muse, but Murano. The island near the lagoon city is famous for its glass craft workshops. And it is precisely the artisans-artists of Murano, who work the delicate material, that…

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Pearls that surprise

Anello Liberty. In oro bianco, diamanti, onice, perla centrale

The pearls not everytime are used with traditional jewelery, such as the classic one or two-strand necklace. Here are some pearl jewelry that are amazing ♦ Pearls that break the model, contradict the classic form of jewelry that use this fruit of oysters, so prized and used. But beware, these five jewels not spring from…

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The flowers of Sophie Bille Brahe

in vetrina
Orecchino della nuova collezione di Sophie Bille Brahe, oro giallo e diamanti

Danish designer Sophie Bille Brahe presented her new collection in Paris ♦ ︎ In Paris, during the week of Haute Couture, she presented a collection of jewels made of small yellow gold and diamonds. In the French capital, the designer of Copenhagen, Sophie Bille Brahe, celebrated the 5th anniversary of its brand. As is the…

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