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Roberto Giannotti

Roberto Giannotti, personalized necklace for the mother

in vetrina
Collana in argento personalizzabile

Silver necklace with the Chiama Angeli pendant, symbol of the affordable jewelry brand, signed by Roberto Giannotti. It is the idea for Mother’s Day. The necklace consists of a chain that ends with a silver pendant, a sphere with a carved surface with the symbol of the heart. The pendant also opens and shows a…

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New angels in Roberto Giannotti’s garden

in bracciale/COLLANE
Bracciale della linea il Giardino degli Angeli

In Roberto Giannotti’s garden there are three more angels. The brand has expanded the Giardino degli Angeli collection with new pieces and, at the same time, emphasizes its attention to sustainability and ecological compensation: in essence, the desire to plant trees to compensate for the production of pollution. Roberto Giannotti has been doing this for…

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Valentine’s Day Call Angels with Roberto Giannotti

in Argento//COLLANE
Pendente Chiama Angeli con cubic zirconia

Love is protected by angels according to Roberto Giannotti. The Neapolitan designer based in the Tarì of Marcianise (Caserta) offers his most successful collection for Valentine’s Day: Chiama Angeli (Call Angels). The collection is inspired by the figure of the angel who, in the Catholic religion, spiritually watches over every believer. But, at the same…

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