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La danza della pioggia del pavone: diamanti e perle, by Sawansukha

The Peacock rain dance

The large, luxurious, traditional Indian jewelery gifts signed by Maison Sawansukha ♦ For nearly two centuries the name Sawansukha was associated with the diamond trade. You do not know, probably, […]

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Collana composta da cinque fili di diamanti Polki. Ogni filo è  composto da 57 diamanti incastonati in oro 18 carati

The Polki diamonds by Sally Agarwal

The Polki diamonds by Sally Agarwal have roots in the Moghul empire and a minimalist design. Once, the diamonds in India were considered precious stones to be associated with the […]

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Bracciale con perla di Thaiti, e diamanti con taglio baguette e tondi

The Indian colors of Diagold

The rich style and a lot of tradition in the jewelry of the Indian Diagold ♦ India is the country that loves most jewelry. It is logical, then, that has […]

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