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Anello solitario in platino e diamante con il Tiffany Setting

All About Platinum

Want to buy a platinum ring? Here is what you need to know about platinum, one of the most precious metals used in jewelry, particularly for rings. And so, it’s […]

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Orecchini con maglia in argento e diamanti brown

Hedy Martinelli, knit diamonds

New unique pieces signed by the Roman designer Hedy Martinelli, with the ancient technique of steel mesh, gold and diamonds ♦ Iron and steel with platinum and diamonds? Yes, she […]

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Wendy Brandes, orecchino in platino e diamanti

All about Platinum

All you should know before buying a jewelry made with platinum. Gold or platinum? When you buy a ring, or more rarely, earrings or necklace, you can often choose between […]

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Two piece bow, anello in oro nero 18 carati e diamanti neri a forma di fiocco in due pezzi  da indossare soggoli o insieme

Colette Jewelry, luxurious extravagance

Creative jewels, surprising, a bit strange: they are those of Colette Steckel and her Colette Jewelry ♦ ︎ French by mother, childhood in Mexico, Colette Steckel is the brand Colette Jewelery designer, extravagant […]

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Anelli Tiffany True in platino e oro, diamanti bianchi e gialli

New Tiffany engagement rings

Tiffany introduces a new engagement ring: change diamond cut and platinum or gold band design ♦ When the most requested jewelry brand for engagement rings introduces something new it is an […]

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Anello con diamanti un po' largo

How narrows or widens a ring

You can tighten a ring, or enlarge it: read when and how you can do it ♦ What to do when the favorite ring has become too narrow or too […]

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Kuwayama, collana in platino composta da  bolle, Best in Platinum ai Couture Awards 2018

Banzai Kuwayama

At Couture Awards 2018 the Best in Platinum was awarded to the Japanese Kuwayama for a series composed of effervescent bubbles. And so, that’s Kuwayama ♦ In Europe many people […]

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Orecchini in platino e diamanti

The jewelry in 10 steps

The 10 fundamental steps in the history of jewelry that you need to know. The first is… ♦ ︎ Long ago the Financial Times published an article which identified the […]

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Anello Tu Me Complètes di Morpheée Joaillerie

Morphée Joaillerie, the ring is worth double

A ring for two: the idea of ​​Morphée Joaillerie combines platinum with diamonds ♦ ︎ Morphée Joaillerie, Maison founded by the Belgian designer Pamela Hastry, presents her first set that […]

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Anello della collezione Unum, con diamanti bianchi

Amy Burton, designer number Unum

The unique pieces of Amy Burton: jewels with extraordinary stones and extraordinary geometries ♦ ︎ Of course, to be the daughter of Stephen and Janie Burton, owners of the Hancocks […]

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Anello che contiene odori

The platinum ring with three smells

A Norwegian artist and a German designer-designer have designed a ring that emanates three fragrances ♦ ︎ What can be the scent of a jewel? Now, at least in one […]

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Anello in platino con diamanti baguette e diamante taglio cuscino

Picchiotti, brilliant to bridal

The new Picchiotti bridal collection, all diamond and precious stones ♦ ︎ The celebrations for the first 50 years of Picchiotti continue with a special new collection dedicated to the […]

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Come evitare allergie e vivere felici

Good-bye nickel allergy with …

Do you have jewelry that causes allergy or skin irritation? Here’s how to solve your problem and avoid a nickel allergy ♦ Someone argues that allergies are on the rise. […]

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Anello Swing. È ispirato alle spighe di un campo di grano. In platino 950 con 85 diamanti mobili

Henrich and Denzel, platinum power

Henrich and Denzel, German jewelers specializing in platinum ♦ ︎ Most of the quality jewels are made with gold. And the most common couple is that with diamonds. But not […]

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How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring? We have asked several people, men and women. Apart from the style , the stone (the classic diamond) and the price , we must […]

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Anelli in Platinum Gold

Platinum and gold for wedding rings

Platinum and gold: it’s a precious metal alloy proposal for the wedding rings by the British brand Domino. You want a ring made in gold or in platinum? From now […]

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Ciuccio in platino, perla e diamante colorato

Gift idea: the platinum pacifier

He is born your grandson? Before you rush out to buy the classic (and useless) silver teaspoon, consider this alternative devised by Eyal Cohen, owner of Luxury Diamonds, a company […]

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Gioielli di platino realizzati con la stampante 3D

Platinum printed in 3D

The 3D printing has long been used for jewelry. But in most cases the jewels are of plastic, even though of good quality. Now, however, you can create platinum jewelry […]

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Osigem, anello Ballata, platino e diamanti

Osigem between hearts and arrows

Many geologists from simple passion (and expertise) for gemstones evolve to jewelers: as Osigem, brand in Milan (the headquarters is near Piazza Duomo), which born from the studies and activities […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti e perle

Chanel under the sign of Leo

Chanel lion’s roar never ends. Launched in 2012, the collection of fine jewelry Sous le signe du Lion is renewed in the classical style and aggressive shape. The collection recalls […]

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