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Charriol, orologio bracciale Invisible, particolare del quadrante

The dazzling time of Charriol

From Charriol a jewel of timepiece based on white gold and diamonds. Without forgetting the classic steel cables ♦ ︎ The watches-jewels are rather jewelry-watches: precious bracelets in which, among […]

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Solitaire della linea Infinity

Love is Infinity for Gianni Carità

White gold, diamond and classic setting for the Infinity line by Gianni Carità ♦ ︎ Love is made of premises and promises. The one common to all couples concerns the […]

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The geometries of Riviére

The geometries of Riviére

The Savoir-vivre collection of the Roman Maison Riviére: geometries in gold and precious stones ♦ ︎ Riviére, a Roman Maison that has been back in the foreground from few years […]

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Giorgio Visconti, anello in oro bianco  e rosa con diamanti

The Universe by Giorgio Visconti

The Universo collection by Giorgio Visconti is in white and pink gold with diamonds ♦︎ Giorgio Visconti is one of the jewelery brands born in the Valenza area, the cradle […]

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Eternity Royal, anello con full pavé

Recarlo in white with Eternity Royal

Recarlo’s Eternity Royal collection: white gold, diamonds and curves. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Those looking for rings can mark this name: Eternity Royal. It is the Recarlo’s collection that […]

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Anelli Sigillo in oro bianco

With Demetra, newlyweds united by the rings

The rings for the wedding by Demetra: the union is also golden ♦ ︎ Established by Alberto Pertosa in the Principality of Monaco only in June 2016, Demetra International, which […]

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Vane Cleef & Arpels, bracciale in oro rosa, oro bianco e diamanti

New Bouton by Van Cleef & Arpels

The new pieces with Bouton d’or collection by Van Cleef & Arpels, and also a watch ♦ ︎ Gold buttons. A simple element, always used for clothing. From this small […]

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Orecchini Incantesimo, oro bianco e diamanti

Bliss between Tennis and Incantesimo

Diamonds and white gold as snow by Bliss with Tennis and Incantesimo collections ♦︎ Bliss for Christmas plays tennis, but also does a spell. Tennis and Incantesimo (spell) are two […]

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Anello in oro bianco o platino con zaffiro

At the altar with ititoli

It is the era of specialization, even for jewelry: following this reasoning, the brand ititoli has decided to engage in one form of jewelry, the solitaire. That is, in rings […]

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Anello Entre les Doigts Lotus

Van Cleef & Arpels, diamonds for winter

Precious reflections to celebrate the winter season: Souffle de Diamants by Van Cleef & Arpels ♦ ︎ White is the color of snow, but is also of the most classic […]

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Anello con tre diamanti

Bliss makes Lumina between him and her

The Bliss Lumina jewelery line: white gold and diamonds for engagement or marriage (and not only) ♦ ︎ When it comes to classics, it means something that lasts over time, […]

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Bracciali tennis in oro bianco e diamanti

The future of Crieri

The Future Collection of Crieri: tennis bracelets, rings and gold earrings in four colors ♦ ︎ Presented time ago with great emphasis, the Futura collection of Crieri seems to be […]

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Alfieri St John, anello con diamanti e zaffiri della collezione 1953

The 1953 by Alfieri St. John

From Alfieri St. John the collection 1953, year of coronation of Queen Elisabetta ♦ ︎ One of the peculiarities of Alfieri St. John is to tie their collections to significant […]

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Pendenti con diamanti, rubini, zaffiri

Giorgio Visconti, the Future for 21

Giorgio Visconti anticipates 21 new jewelery lines in the Future, which is now ♦ ︎ Giorgio Visconti looks to the Future. And more, he is even able to create it. […]

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Anello della collezione Brillo di Bluespirit, oro bianco e zirconi

How Bluespirit shines

Bluespirit Brillo collection: white gold and zircons for a sparkling design ♦ ︎ Christmas is behind the door. That is, it comes before it is expected: every year there are […]

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Recarlo, anello della collezione Bouquet in oro bianco sette diamanti

The Bouquet by Recarlo

The Bouquet collection of Recarlo: jewelry made up of seven diamonds ♦ ︎ Will the diamond ring ever pass away? Or diamonds, at plural. It may seem strange for those […]

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How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring? We have asked several people, men and women. Apart from the style , the stone (the classic diamond) and the price , we must […]

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Alice Campello

Morata-Campiello wedding with Alfieri & St.John

Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello say “yes” to Alfieri & St.John ♦ ︎ There is no better ambassador than anyone who travels. So there is no better testimonial for anyone […]

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Anello con smeraldi in oro bianco e diamanti

Recarlo flowering with Gardenia

The Gardenia collection by Recarlo is based on three precious stones: sapphires, rubies and emeralds (but also some diamonds) ♦ An eye-catching gardenia on the suit has for decades been the […]

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Piaget, anello in oro bianco e diamanti taglio brillante

White gold is back

The passion for the white gold is back, diamonds down slightly, salt aquamarine: the identified trends in Hong Kong. It arrives from Hong Kong the news that affects who produces […]

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