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Orecchini pendenti con smeraldi taglio pera e  diamanti

Joseph Gad, life in green

The green philosophy of Joseph Gad: at the center of great jewels put great emeralds ♦ Green is the color of grass, of hope and of emeralds. And it is […]

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Anello con smeraldo di 13,20 carati e diamanti rosa Argyle

Muzo, emeralds from the producer to the consumer

From producer to consumer. It is usually a formula that is used for fruits, vegetables and the like. This time, however, it is emeralds, the most precious, the Colombian ones […]

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Orecchini di Colette in oro bianco, smeraldi, onice e malachite

Muzo emeralds for ten women designers

Every year Muzo, which manages the most famous Colombian emerald mine in the world, involves some designers in the design of jewelry with the most desired green gem in the […]

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Orecchini della Muzo collection in oro e smeraldi

Lots of emeralds for Coomi

The jewels between culture and pomp of Coomi, from India to the USA. Now with a new collection with Colombian emeralds by Muzo ♦ From the fané palaces of Mumbai […]

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Muzo Emerald, collana Muisca

The jewels of Muzo Emerald

Unique jewels with the best emeralds in the world presented by Muzo Emerald ♦ ︎ Muisca is the name associated with a Chibcha civilization that formed a confederation encountered by […]

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Collana con smeraldi Muzo, opali, ametiste, zaffiri

Double core for Venyx

New jewels by the Greek designer Eugenie Niarchos and her Venyx, which also launched a collaboration also in the fashion industry ♦ ︎ Eugenie Niarchos and fashion designer Saloni Lodha […]

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Diamante rosa di 3,43 carati montato su un anello firmato Moussaieff

Pink and blue coloring the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong

Pink and blue colored diamonds, large jewels, sapphire brooches and, of course, jade jewelry at Christie’s auction in Hong Kong ♦ ︎ Magnificent Jewels in Hong Kong on May 28th. […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi Muzo e tagua

Alexandra Mor, high sustainable jewelery

The jewels with emerald of Alexandra Mor opposed to the seeds of Tagua: high jewelry but sustainable ♦ ︎ Why ivory? Better the seeds of Tagua, a plant that grows […]

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Sphere ring di Alexandra Mor, smeraldo e seme di tagua

Muzo’s emeralds at 25 designers

Muzo’s emeralds for 25 designers and one hundred surprising jewels. Here is the result ♦ ︎ Put the children of colored pencils in childrens hands and you will see them […]

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