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Collana in ottone finitura color argento, strass e cristalli

Between pearls and chains, the delicate strength of Radà

Radà, a Romagna brand that loves bijoux with long rows of rhinestones, pearls and beads, single-color waterfalls, chains: they certainly don’t go unnoticed. The creative mind of Radà, the Forlì […]

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Anello in onice intagliato con viso maschile

The original design of Muriel Grateau

Many in Milan still remember Muriel Grateau: she was a designer alongside the entrepreneur Diego Della Valle (Tod’s), but then in 1992 she returned to Paris. She designs objects, furnishings, […]

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Gioiello a forma di granchio

Mavericks on book

The 17 nonconformists jewelry designer for a collectors book. All about jewelry. Better, everything about the jewels that have become milestones of masterpieces in the history of jewelry. If you […]

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