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Marco Bicego, collezione Lunaria Petali, collana

Spring with petals for Marco Bicego

The Lunaria Petali collection by Marco Bicego, flowers and diamonds with a delicate gold processing ♦ ︎ Marco Bicego stays on Lunaria, but the spring air makes a flower bloom. […]

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Orecchini Lunaria in oro, madreperla e diamanti

Marco Bicego, new steps on Lunaria

The new line of Lunaria collection designed by Marco Bicego: gold, mother of pearl and diamonds ♦ Marco Bicego is attracted by the stars: it is known. Less known is the […]

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Collana in oro e lapislazzulo

Bicego blue moon

Marco Bicego lands at Baselworld 2016 with a novelty: Lunaria Lapis. Lunaria is one of the most famous collections by the Veneto brand. And, since the jewelry line is inspired […]

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Lunaria, collana in oro e acquamarina

Marco Bicego poetic

A mix of light and transparency in Lunaria collection by Marco Bicego. In the beginning were the golden petals, irregular shapes chiseled by hand, then the combination with the multi-faceted […]

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