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Bracciale in oro con perla  barocca violacea

The surprising pearls of Yvel

Yvel creates jewelry in which the pearl is always at the center, but the variety is amazing. In 2017 it won a Couture Design Awards in the Best in Pearls […]

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Gli orecchini vincitori del Best in diamonds below 20k al Couture

Studio Rêves, dream jewelry

The dreams, the jewels and the precious stones of the Indian Maison Studio Rêves ♦ ︎ Rêves, French word which means dreams. But, in the world of jewelry, it also […]

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Collana in oro di Baiyang Qiu

Baiyang on the fancy wire

The intricate draws of jewelry designed by Baiyang Qiu, a goldsmith of Chinese origin who works in the United States ♦ The roads of design run more and more globally: […]

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Uno dei booth di VicenzaOro January

Goodbye Jck, VicenzaOro goes to the Couture Show

VicenzaOro moves in Las Vegas: leaves Jck and makes an agreement for the Couture Show ♦ ︎ Bye bye Jck. VicenzaOro has planned a move to Las Vegas. A few […]

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Bracciale con smalto, tsavorite, tanzanite, zirconi blu naturali, diamanti, presentato al Couture Show 2018

The Mediterranean on the neck

The new bracelet by Selim Mouzannar presented at Couture and other novelties by the famous Lebanese jeweler ♦ It is when winter comes that increases the nostalgia for the water […]

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Orecchini in oro, apatite, zaffiri, diamanti

Carol Kauffmann, Brazil with rigour

Art, architecture and a lot of Brazil in the colors and geometries of the jewels of Carol Kauffmann ♦ ︎ It is true that art and creativity have no passport, […]

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La collana vincitrice al Couture, diamanti e cristallo di rocca

The third of Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis won the Couture Design Awards for the third time with this necklace. But among the jewels in black and white appears the yellow gold ♦ ︎ For the […]

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Carolina Bucci, premio Best in Gold  ai Couture Awards 2018

The 15 winners of the Couture Awards

The 15 winners of the Couture Awards in Las Vegas. An Italian, Carolina Bucci, no Frenches, Fernando Jorge does an encore and … ♦ ︎ A rather disappointing show for […]

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Collana Palazzo Ducale, particolare

Alessio Boschi, the Renaissance at the Couture

A Gran Tour at Couture by Alessio Boschi: palaces and wonders of Renaissance Italy are transformed into surprising jewels ♦ ︎ Alessio Boschi, magician, genius, designer, artist: difficult to find […]

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Orecchini in oro, diamanti, prasiolite

The jewels of Carlo and Kiki

Nice and classic jewels by the couple Carlo Antonini and Kiki Furst, who created A & Furst in California ♦ ︎ In Milan the name Antonini is associated with jewelery. […]

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Anelloin oro giallo, diamanti, zaffiro rosa

The wind of Couture for Adel Chefridi

The jewels of Adel Chefridi, from Tunis to the Couture of Las Vegas ♦ ︎ Jewelers also leave from Tunis, sometimes. This is the case of Adel Chefridi, who has […]

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Orecchini della collezione Shape

OroSoffiato, creativity is precision

OroSoffiato: an Italian jewelery brand that boasts the precision of a Swiss watch ♦ Giuseppe De Cassan is an entrepreneur of Arcugnano, a small town in the province of Vicenza, who […]

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Coronet By Reena Ahluwalia Soul Carousel spinning rings in sterling silver and rainbow palette of Swarovski Created Stones

Two new collections of Coronet

At the Jck Las Vegas Coronet presents two new collections designed by Reena Ahluwalia ♦ ︎ Coronet, a Hong Kong brand that is part of the Aaron Shum group, has […]

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Anelli della collezione Etna

Antonini brings Etna to Las Vegas

Antonini at the Couture in Las Vegas with new pieces from the Etna collection: gold, diamonds, black rhodium silver ♦ ︎ From the Etna of Antonini a new creative pouring. […]

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Collana della collezione Nexus, con diamanti, tsavoriti e tanzaniti

Precious Nexus with Qayten

A collection to be framed: Nayus by Qayten on the stage of the Couture in Las Vegas ♦ ︎ Nexus, Latin word meaning link. A friendship, for example. Or, even […]

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White Gold Octagonal Emerald and Baguette and Round Diamond Ring

Picchiotti, new luxury Xpandable

New expansion of Picchiotti’s Xpandable collection: flexible rings with exceptional stones surrounded by diamonds ♦ ︎ Xpandable is one of Picchiotti’s most popular collections. The high-end jewelry Maison in Valenza […]

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Italian jewelry Trends Show al Jck

With VicenzaOro a hundred jewellers in Las Vegas

An expedition of a hundred Italian jewel companies for Jck Las Vegas together with the VicenzaOro platform ♦ ︎ Alessi Domenico, Asolo Gold, Shot & Zilio, Dasan Group – Jessica […]

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Orecchini in oro e opali. Prezzo: 168 dollari

Jewels with gold hidden in computers

Gold hidden in computers turns into jewelry with opals. The idea is from Dell and Nikki Reed ♦ ︎ “That computer is a jewel”. Sometimes you hear a phrase like […]

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Fernando Jorge, orecchini della collezione Brilliant, con 12,26 carati di diamanti. Prezzo: 54.000 dollari

Fernando Jorge, the success is Brilliant

Fernando Jorge’s Brilliant Collection, a success after the Couture Awards in Las Vegas ♦ ︎ In June he won the prize in Best Diamonds Over 20k category at the Las […]

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Bracciale di Etho Maria indossato da Rihanna

Rarefied Etho Maria

The latest creations of Etho Maria, refined jewelery for very few ♦ ︎ The jewelery brand Etho Maria has a little known history. It was born by a Greek company […]

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