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Orecchini con granati, diamanti e perle a mosaico di Deirdre Featherstone

Have you ever tried a maki-e pearl?

The word maki, in Japanese, means roll, as those who frequent sushi restaurants know well. Maki-e, instead, indicates an ancient pearls manufacturing technique. It is quite rare technique and often […]

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Spilla in bronzo

The new jewelry by Natsuko

Japanese design, sculpture and Milanese avant-garde: it is the mix at the base of Natsuko Toyofuku ︎jewelry ♦ The simple and ingenious design of Japan inspired by a sculptor’s soul. […]

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Anello con tormalina Paraiba taglio marquise

Yoshinobu Kataoka, the surprise of Japan

From Japan to Las Vegas: the success of a master of jewelry with the touch of the Rising Sun, Yoshinobu Kataoka ♦ ︎ What can the Japanese spirit do when […]

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Pendente per collana o spilla con diamante rosa vivido e coccinella con zaffiro cabochon

The delicate Orient of Gimel

The ancient Japanese art transformed into fine jewelry by Gimel ♦ ︎ She is a kind, 75-year-old Japanese woman who lives and works in a small town in southern Japan, […]

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Anello pasticcino

A diet with jewels

Maybe you like food, but have you eaten too much lately? Or are you passionate about cooking? You can just wear these food-shaped bijoux by Norihito Hatanaka ♦︎ Melon, zucchini, […]

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Orecchino con rubino e zaffiro rosa

Kataoka essential

The minimal jewels by Yoshinobu Kataoka: pearls, stones and Japanese spirit ♦ In 2011, Yoshinobu Kataoka decided to go ahead alone. The Japanese designer, who graduated from the Faculty of Visual […]

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Bracciale multistrato con ottone, zirconi

The movie jewelry by Iosselliani

The collections of the Roman brand of imaginative Iosselliani bijoux ♦ Two collections a year of jewels, precious at least for the ability to compose colors and shapes. The Iosselliani […]

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