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Heidi Klum

Borgioni, jewels to hard rock

in ANELLI/vetrina
Orecchini Serprente in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti

America with Italian roots: the Borgioni brand between rock and star system for jewels with a resolute style ♦ A bit ‘rock, a little’ traditional, but very American: the brand Borgioni jewels is based on the ideas of a team, mother-daughter, Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci, with clear Italian origin. The brand based in Santa Monica,…

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The precious bridge of Dima Jewelery

Orecchini a forma di serpente in giada nera, rubini e diamanti

x From Kuwait (but with Palestinian origins) to Canada, then to Cairo … The story of Dima Rashid and of her brand Dima Jewellery, is similar to that of many other women forced to travel the world due to geopolitical tensions. Dima Rashid, however, has chosen a path that has led her to success: her…

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A Lot of star for Anita Ko

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Anello con doppia fila di diamanti su oro giallo

New jewels by Anita Ko, designer for Hollywood stars or for those who can afford it: her collections are not for everyone. Anita Ko is a jewelry designer born in Los Angeles, where she lives and works. Since she has good creativity and works in the Hollywood star system area, she has many clients among…

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What shines at Emmy Awards

Heidi Klum, abito Versace giallo, gioielli Lorraine Schwartz

Challenge shots of fiction, but also duels between stars, fashion designers and jewelers. Emmy Awards, which awards prizes the best television series, also this year have been fighting not only for the audience, but also (and perhaps especially) on the red carpet, where the actresses have paraded. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, winning to character in a comedy…

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Che c’è al polso di Michael Kors

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Due bracciali firmati Michael Kors . Sono per uomo o per donna? Al designer di New York, si sa, non piace questa distinzione. La sua storia comincia a 19 anni e nel 1981 lancia la sua prima linea di abbigliamento femminile. Gay dichiarato (si è anche sposato con il suo partner Lance LePere sulla spiaggia…

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