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Falsio diamante

Alarm fake diamonds

Beware of fraud: the number of synthetic diamonds that are fraudulently proposed as natural is increasing ♦ Diamonds alarm. Experts report a surge in synthetic diamonds passed off as real. […]

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Anelli di Lauren Croft

The Lauren Craft precious adventures

The incursions between the different souls of the world by Lauren Croft, who for her jewelry draws inspiration from her travels (including the last one, in Italy) ♦ Unusual combinations, […]

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Frankenstein. Be', non assomiglia a un diamante

The Frankenstein diamond

Discovered in the USA a Frankenstein diamond, half natural and half artificial ♦ ︎ Like in horror movies or, if you prefer, science fiction, a hybrid is also advancing in […]

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Moussaieff, anello con diamante grigio taglio smeraldo di 11 carati

50 shades of gray diamond

What you need to know about the gray diamonds and the colorful shades they may have ♦ White is a classic. Color is fashion. Gray is the trend. There are also […]

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Analisi di un diamante

New scale for artificial diamonds

Artificial diamonds classified as natural stones: the authoritative Hrd Antwerp has decided ♦ ︎ Hrd Antwerp has become today leading authority on diamond certification. In addition to Antwerp, this institution […]

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Diamante flawless da 102 carati venduto da Sotheby's

We help to clarity about the diamonds

How important is clarity in the evaluation of a diamond? Here’s how to find out what is the degree of clarity ♦ ︎ We make clarity on the diamonds. And […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e spessartite

The gems seen closely by Paolo Costagli

Stones with vivid colors, but also simple gold jewelery: the design of Paolo Costagli, from Florence to New York. Florence, 1966: Paolo Costagli born of Venetian parents. New York, 2016:Paolo […]

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Pietre sintetiche prodotte da New Diamond Technology

Synthetic diamonds alarm

Increases the number of synthetic diamonds sold as natural. Latest news from the world of diamonds: synthetic ones are more and more similar to the natural ones. So that now […]

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Anello in oro e rubini realizzato per un progetto dell'American Jewelry Design Council

Kent Raible, American style

The goldsmith works by Kent Raible at Gia, among American Gothic and Baroque styles. One of his works has been exposed to the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. Opera […]

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Il diamante Pink Legacy in un anello

From Christie’s a 50 million pink diamond

An exceptional 19-carat rose diamond on sale at Christie’s in Geneva ♦ ︎ If you like the pink colour, mark this date on the calendar: November 13, 2018. On that […]

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