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Anello balena in argento, oro con diamanti e zaffiri

At the seaside with a futuroRemoto

Wearing jewels on the beach or, worse, during a bath in sea water is inadvisable and, in many cases, dangerous (see also: Sea and jewels, here’s what to do). But […]

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Anello della collezione Falene

The moths of futuroRemoto

Moths: small flying animals that have inspired, with different results, poets, painters and, now, even jewelers. The futureRemoto Apulian Maison, in fact, presents new jewels in a line entitled Falene […]

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Collana con pendente in argento bagnato oro

Love for the futuroRemoto

In the past or in the future, love has played and will play an important part in the life of every woman and man. In the futuroRemoto (future and past), […]

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Stefania Rocca con i gioielli di futuroRemoto

Jewelry for sports with futuroRemoto

In the game of tennis, the smash is a shot that is made by intercepting the ball above the head, with a quick downward movement very similar to that of […]

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Bracciale di Bliss

Mother’s Day, ideas for everyone

Mother’s Day and feast of manna for jewelers, who sell many bijoux. Usually, these are mostly jewelry with an affordable price: more than the value, in this case, the intention […]

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Emergency ring

FuturoRemoto launches a ring inspired by the coronavirus

A ring inspired by the coronavirus: the idea is by Gianni De Benedittis, an Apulian jeweler who with his futuroRemoto is not new to biotechnological themes. The latest creation, however, […]

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Anello della collezione Carnivorous

The carnivorous jewels of futuroRemoto

Carnivorous plants become the subject that inspires the Carnivorous collection of the futuroRemoto by Gianni De Benedittis ♦ ︎ It is a paradox: while the number of humans who choose […]

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Anello Grasshopper in argento, oro e smeraldi

FuturoRemoto, nature is cyber

The cyber world meets nature in the FuturoRemoto ︎ jewelery collections ♦ For a brand called FuturoRemoto what better ambassador can there be more than one android? In fact, time […]

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Bracciale Falene by Gianni De Benedittis

FuturoRemoto on the fly

From the capital of the Baroque of Italy in Vicenza Oro: new jewelry of FuturoRemoto by Gianni De Benedictis. If you want to find the Remote Future go in Puglia. […]

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