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Stefania Rocca con i gioielli di futuroRemoto

Jewelry for sports with futuroRemoto

In the game of tennis, the smash is a shot that is made by intercepting the ball above the head, with a quick downward movement very similar to that of […]

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Bracciale di Bliss

Mother’s Day, ideas for everyone

Mother’s Day and feast of manna for jewelers, who sell many bijoux. Usually, these are mostly jewelry with an affordable price: more than the value, in this case, the intention […]

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Emergency ring

FuturoRemoto launches a ring inspired by the coronavirus

A ring inspired by the coronavirus: the idea is by Gianni De Benedittis, an Apulian jeweler who with his futuroRemoto is not new to biotechnological themes. The latest creation, however, […]

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Anello della collezione Carnivorous

The carnivorous jewels of futuroRemoto

Carnivorous plants become the subject that inspires the Carnivorous collection of the futuroRemoto by Gianni De Benedittis ♦ ︎ It is a paradox: while the number of humans who choose […]

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Anello Grasshopper in argento, oro e smeraldi

FuturoRemoto, nature is cyber

The cyber world meets nature in the FuturoRemoto ︎ jewelery collections ♦ For a brand called FuturoRemoto what better ambassador can there be more than one android? In fact, time […]

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Bracciale Falene by Gianni De Benedittis

FuturoRemoto on the fly

From the capital of the Baroque of Italy in Vicenza Oro: new jewelry of FuturoRemoto by Gianni De Benedictis. If you want to find the Remote Future go in Puglia. […]

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