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Pendente triangolo e cerchio in oro giallo e diamanti

The triangle by Maria Gaia Piccini

The Florentine designer Maria Gaia Piccini dedicates her jewelery production almost exclusively to the shape of the triangle. And one reason is… ♦ ︎ The triangle is a geometric figure […]

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Training a Le Arti Orafe

Scholarships to learn the art of jewelry in Florence

Scholarships to learn the magic of jewelry and goldsmithing in Florence. Lao, Le Arti Orafe, is one of the most popular goldsmith schools in Italy and a point of reference […]

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Anya Kivarkis, spilla Movement

The avant-garde jewel in Florence

Book plane, train or hotel for Florence. And not just for the historic artistic wonders of the city. In fact, the Florence Jewelery Week 2022 is coming (from April 28 […]

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Ponte Vecchio Firenze lands on Saturn

Ponte Vecchio Firenze lands on Saturn

In Florence, four centuries ago, Galileo Galilei used the first telescope to discover that the planet Jupiter has satellites. Now, always from Florence, eyes are on Saturn. It is not, […]

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Anello Sister in oro 14 carati

Zoë Chicco, from Florence to Los Angeles

Zoë Chicco’s new jewels, even those with Gemfields emeralds ♦ Italian surname, but she is born in Pennsylvania: Zoë Chicco has convinced stars like Giselle Bundchen, Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti

Damiani and Salvini at La Rinascente in Florence

Damiani and Salvini‘s jewels have also landed at the Rinascente in Florence. The luxury brand store is located in the central Piazza della Repubblica and has recently been renovated. The […]

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Chia Hsien Lin, Smelling Memories

In May the Florence Jewelery Week

Florence Jewelery Week will be held from 28 April to 2 May. The event dedicated to jewelery will take place between various museums and galleries with exhibitions, meetings and events […]

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Anello Madrepora con perla. Si trova al Museo degli argenti

The Renaissance of Alessandro Dari

The new jewels by the Florence goldsmith Alessandro Dari, awarded at the Milan Jewelery Week ♦ Jeweler or sculptor? Artist or a goldsmith? Innovator or traditionalist? All these definitions are […]

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Anello basculante con immagine della Madonna

Elena Braccini, jewels and so be it

Religious devotion, tradition, a pinch of the Middle Ages: these are the elements of Elena Braccini’s jewelery ♦ ︎ From architecture to jewelry: it seems that this is one of […]

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Orecchini in argento con cristalli

Passavinti, all about lily

Jewelry from the affordable price of Passavinti, a brand from Florence that offers traditional production alongside to one kind more trendy ♦ ︎ Passavinti, a Florence brand, uses pearly fired […]

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Bracciale della collezione Smalti

Sara Loren in Florence and Cortina

Sara Loren Jewels dives into the Arno and breathes the air of the Dolomites. The brand founded by Sara Motta, in fact, enters the Four Seasons hotel in Florence and […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa con topazio e diamanti

The Irises bloom on Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio Gioielli, a Florentine company that has chosen the name of the famous place in the Tuscan city, was inspired by a flower, Iris, for its collection made of […]

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Anello in oro bianco e giallo, zaffiro, diamanti

Noi Gioielli, Florentine goldsmith tradition

The Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, is the destination of many tourists from all over the world. But it is also a historical place of Florentine jewelry. And a stone’s throw […]

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Anello indossato in titanio e diamanti

The sinuous jewels of Gi by Giselle Effting

Jewels that follow the body, but which are also a metaphor for our life: it is never linear. For Gi by Giselle Effting, the thread of existence, rather, adapts to […]

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Orecchini in argento, castoni bagnati oro rosé, pietre sintetiche

NotForAll, bijoux made in Florence

Bijoux: those of the NotForAll brand are made in Florence ♦ NotForAll is for everyone and was born in 2010. The name of the brand is English, as the company […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti

Annamaria Cammilli, spring with Velaa

x A Velaa that takes off towards the future. The Velaa line by Annamaria Cammilli, born as a variation of the classic Dune series, now becomes autonomous. Not only that: […]

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Vennari, anello in oro rosa con peridoto, diamanti e smalto

Vennari, high jewelery in Florence

Vennari Gioielli, high jewelery, lots of luxury and lots of privacy in the center of Florence ♦ Vennari Gioielli, high jewelery in Florence. But without attracting attention: it is located […]

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Anello Astrid Moonface in oro e pietra luna intagliata

The Renaissance of Temple St. Clair

The jewels of Temple St. Clair, from Virginia to Florence, passing through the Renaissance and the nature ♦ ︎ From Florence she started over 30 years ago. And in Florence […]

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Anello con baguette di cubic zirconia, placcatura in oro 18 carati

The Greek mesh of Bona Tondinelli

In Florence, the high-end bijoux are those of Bona Tondinelli. The designer, however, has a particular history, because until 2011 she was an antique dealer and interior designer. And it […]

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Anello Foglie in oro rosa e oro bianco, diamanti

In Florence the embroidery by Massai Orafi

The ancient tradition of the chisel in the laboratory of Massai Orafi in Florence ♦ The art in Florence is not only one found in the halls of the Uffizi, under […]

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