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Orecchini in oro 18 carati con citrini

Fernando Jorge on fire

Flames, fire and sparks: the new collection by Fernando Jorge, a young Brazilian designer based in London, one of the most imaginative creatives around, is inspired by everything around the […]

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Anello della collezione Abraço

An Abraço with Fernando Jorge

The covid has affected hundreds of independent jewelry designers too. For this auverture.com, the marketplace created on the initiative of Dutch designer Bibi van der Velde, has promoted the Auverture […]

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Walid Akkad, bracciale in oro

How to choose the cuff bracelet

How to choose a cuff bracelet, covering the whole wrist? There is nothing like a jewel to make a dull dress more sparkling, but not everyone can wear it and, […]

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Orecchini Galaxy con labradorite

New colors for Fernando Jorge

New pieces and new stones for the surround collection of Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge ♦ ︎ Last year he won a Couture Design Award with a pair of earrings from […]

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Orecchini della collezione Surround, oro giallo,  tormalina, diamanti, giada

Surround Fernando Jorge

The Surround collection of the Brazilian designer, based in London, Fernando Jorge ♦ ︎ At the Couture Awards 2018 Fernando Jorge replicated last year’s award in the Diamonds Above 20K […]

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Carolina Bucci, premio Best in Gold  ai Couture Awards 2018

The 15 winners of the Couture Awards

The 15 winners of the Couture Awards in Las Vegas. An Italian, Carolina Bucci, no Frenches, Fernando Jorge does an encore and … ♦ ︎ A rather disappointing show for […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati della collezione Parallel

Fernando Jorge on parallel lines

The Parallel collection by Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge: volumes and curves with a touch of color ♦ ︎ At VicenzaOro January Fernando Jorge was one of the 12 protagonists of […]

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Noor Fares, anello Flower of Life, pietra luna, oro giallo, pietre di colore e diamanti

VicenzaOro Design Room, who will go and who will not

Who is there, who is not there and who you must discovered among the 11 designers invited to VicenzaOro January in the Design Room ♦ ︎ Aida Bergsen, Akillis, Fernando […]

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Fernando Jorge, orecchini della collezione Brilliant, con 12,26 carati di diamanti. Prezzo: 54.000 dollari

Fernando Jorge, the success is Brilliant

Fernando Jorge’s Brilliant Collection, a success after the Couture Awards in Las Vegas ♦ ︎ In June he won the prize in Best Diamonds Over 20k category at the Las […]

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John Hardy, bracciale con smeraldi

All the winners of the Couture Design Awards

Here are the 14 winners of the Couture Design Awards 2017: four are Italian ♦ ︎ The Couture Design Awards is one of the most sought-after occasions by jewelers for […]

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Anello Blossom, oro giallo, diamanti, tormalina paraiba, amazonite, crisoprasio, acquamarina, tormalina rosa, quarzo rosa

The Fernando Jorge bouquet

The Bloom collection of Fernando Jorge: the color of the Brazilian nature warms London. The heat of Rio de Janeiro in staid London: Fernando Jorge has not forgotten the colors […]

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Collana Venice di Qayten

In VicenzaOro the design wins

The Design Room in VicenzaOro January 12 outstanding authors of tomorrow’s jewelry. One of the best innovations of VicenzaOro January edition was the introduction of the Design Room. While some […]

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Stream, anello in oro giallo con opere etiope, con zaffiri e diamanti incolori

Fernando Jorge from Rio to London

Do not be deceived by the name of Fernando Jorge new collection: Stream. It has nothing to do with digital but, on the contrary, is a jump in the real world. That […]

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Monique Péan anello con un frammento di osso di dinosauro fossilizzato circondato da diamanti

Christie’s sells designers online

An online auction of edgy contemporary design jewelry is the one organized by Christie’s for February 5th (click here). And it is really a special sale with its seven pieces […]

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Collana firmata Buccellati: le piume di pavone, in ordine irregolare, sono formate da smeraldi e zaffiri

Gioielli show con la legge del caos

Il bello della legge del caos: secondo gli esperti di Professional Jeweller, c’è una crescente tendenza tra i designer di gioielli a unire pietre preziose e metalli insieme in un […]

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