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Bulgari, collier ispirato alla marijuana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi

Who smokes high jewelry

Marijuana leaves also inspire fine jewelry, from Bulgari to Daniela Villegas and … ♦︎ The New York Times has also written about this: the world of jewelery and high jewelery […]

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Daniela Villegas, Wonderland

Daniela Villegas in Wonderland

The Wonderland necklace and other gemological fantasies by Daniela Villegas ♦ ︎ 18K yellow gold, amethyst, citrine, rondonite, fire opal, jade, azurite, kyanite, tourmaline, agate, aquamarine, opal, rhodochrosite, zircon, peridot, […]

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Sphere ring di Alexandra Mor, smeraldo e seme di tagua

Muzo’s emeralds at 25 designers

Muzo’s emeralds for 25 designers and one hundred surprising jewels. Here is the result ♦ ︎ Put the children of colored pencils in childrens hands and you will see them […]

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Anello La Reina Coyote in quarzo, oro e tormalina

In the desert with Daniela Villegas

The jewels of the La Reina Coyote line designed by Daniela Villegas: the wild American desert becomes precious ♦ ︎ Unique pieces, as always. It’s natural: Daniela Villegas uses stones […]

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Anello di Daniela Villegas

The adorable curiouses of Daniela Villegas

The Curiosity collection by Daniela Villegas is dedicated to explorers and naturalists ♦ ︎ Imagine a woman totally in love with nature. So much to collect insects and conceive fantastic […]

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Vhernier, spilla Lucertola in oro bianco, diamanti, turchese, cristallo di rocca

Jewels, bestial passion

Do you like animals? Do you have a dog or a cat? It’s one more reason to keep an eye on animalier jewelry, inspired by the world of animals ♦ […]

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Alessio Boschi, orecchino Palio, chiuso

How to wear just one earring

The single earrings, that is, earrings that are worn one at a time. But when can you wear just one earrings? Here are the rules to follow ♦ Large and […]

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Anello Samundra, oro rosa, ametista, opale

Daniela Villegas at the sea

Jewels in the shape of crabs and fish by Daniela Villegas: the charm of the sea and exotic minerals ♦ ︎ «I started Early – Took my Dog / And […]

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Daniela Villegas, pendente con coltellino e lima per unghie in oro

Daniela Villegas, surprising necklaces

Four necklaces that will surprise you with the imaginative designer Daniela Villegas ♦ ︎ Let’s face it: it’s not enough to be creative. To be amazed you have to be […]

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Orecchini Long Bee, in oro, diaspro, citrino, perle

The bees by Daniela Villegas

The capsule collection by Daniela Villegas dedicated to bees, metaphor of the female universe ♦ ︎ To be or not to be? The dilemma of Hamlet, played by Daniela Villegas, […]

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Daniela Villegas, anello Thalessa, in oro rosa 18 carati, tormalina, zaffiri,  tormalina bicolore

The second marine love of Daniela Villegas

The crabs seen by Daniela Villegas, the second love after the insects ♦ That Daniela Villegas is a lover of nature is known. But it is curious to observe how, […]

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Orecchini Papalote, con ametiste

Daniela Villegas in the Chromatic Paradise

Daniela Villegas, travel to Mexico with the Chromatic Paradise collection ♦ Daniela Villegas, travel to Mexico with the Chromatic Paradise collection ♦ ︎ That Daniela Villegas is attracted by the colors […]

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Pendenti con T-Rex Skeleton, oro rosa, opali di fuoco

Daniela Villegas at Jurassik Park

Jurassik Park turns into a mini collection by Daniela Villegas ♦ ︎ If you are afraid to get bored with the jewelry, you should look at the collections of Daniela […]

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Daniela Villegas, vaporizzatore per cannabis Flower Beetle

Daniela Villegas vaporizes

Daniela Villegas surprising everyone with pendents with vaporizers for cannabis ♦ ︎ That Daniela Villegas is one of the most brave and original designers is known. Sometime she is able […]

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Anello a forma di cactus Nopal

The colorful world of Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas: precious insects, nature, plants, between Mexico and fantasy ♦ ︎ Daniela Villegas has a double luck: she lives in a own colorful world even when the story seems […]

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Anello coleottero, in oro con opale e zaffiri verdi

Daniela Villegas, a great six-legged design

The Earth of Daniela Villegas is seen through her insect-jewels ♦ There are those who are concerned to emphasize the desire to safeguard the environment by showing the ethical origin of […]

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Collana Venice di Qayten

In VicenzaOro the design wins

The Design Room in VicenzaOro January 12 outstanding authors of tomorrow’s jewelry. One of the best innovations of VicenzaOro January edition was the introduction of the Design Room. While some […]

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Braccieletto in argento con voliera, in argento con ametista, topazio e smalto. Prezzo: 440 euro

Daniela Villegas and Ferragamo

Cheerful little parrots, intriguing bird cages and everywhere Gancino, the Ferragamo icon. Here is the new jewelry collection of the Florentine fashion house, made in collaboration with Daniela Villegas ( we have already […]

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Entomological Daniela Villegas

Entomological Daniela Villegas

Fascinated by nature and especially by insects, Daniela Villegas (we’ve already talked about: http://gioiellis.com/la-fauna-di-daniela-villegas)   with her jewels creates a world permeated with precious, but unusual creatures. Sometimes she reproduces specimens […]

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Anello Multi Ma'at, oro rosa 18 carati, tsavorite, rodolite, peridoto

The Daniela Villegas’s wildlife

Ruled by nature, the world of Daniela Villegas looks like a big and colorful playground with insects and animals: beetles, millipedes and hamsters like precious toys. Nothing hyper realistic or abstract, but […]

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