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The De Beers Cullinan Blue ha una stima di 48 milioni di dollari

Sotheby’s presents a record-breaking blue diamond

It’s record time for diamonds. This time in the most precious competition in the world, Sotheby’s came first, presenting The De Beers Cullinan Blue, the name of an extraordinary natural […]

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Asscher, orecchini Pavo con diamanti taglio Asscher

The secret of Asscher house

The diamond jewels of the Asscher dynasty, which gaves its name to one of the most famous types of cut of the most precious stones ♦ Many know Asscher because […]

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Il Cullinan Dream

In auction another killer blue

The lights on the Oppenheimer Blue, exceptional diamond sold for 57.7 million dollars, are still on, but another blue killer is coming. And it’s always Christie’s to lead the dance […]

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