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Collana con ciondoli, indossata

Many charms for PdPaola

For some time, the small pendants that enrich necklaces and bracelets have been a personal manifesto of one’s character, of the preferences of the moment or, simply, of one’s mood. […]

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Medaglia Mi soffermo in possibilità

The new medals of Erica Molinari

Italian name, inscriptions in Latin and in Italian on the jewels. But Erica Molinari is American, she works in New York and has competed in the Olympic sledding team with […]

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Il bracciale My Life In Seven Charms by Annoushka Dukas

The Annoushka Dukas’ diary-bracelet

There are those who retrace the important stages of their lives by leafing through a photo album. Others choose the pages of a diary. And then there are those who, […]

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Lo Stregatto

Eight more for Pandora and Disney

Pandora’s collaboration with Disney continues. After the first charms with Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the characters of several Disney cartoons, eight other charms arrive which, in this case, represent the […]

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Topolino e Minnie sulla slitta

Pandora’s Christmas charms

Pandora pendants for Christmas: a party that not only brings gifts, but also jewels dedicated to the most beloved day of the year. Even Pandora follows the trend and proposes […]

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Bracciale con ciondoli di Rosato

Rosato tending to red

The new Rosato charms share the color red. Here are pictures and prices ♦ ︎ The brand is called Rosato, but tends to red. Indeed, The next is red is […]

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Pandora, charm Sposi

Pandora goes to the wedding

Pandora charms to wear for special occasions, like weddings ♦ ︎ Pandora also for marriage? Well, maybe for witnesses, guests, madam girls, friends … Think of them the wedding charms […]

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Ciondoli della linea My Luck

Miniature by Rosato

Three silver bracelets and 24 pendants from Rosato’s Miniature collection. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Three basic bracelets, on which 24 pendants can be added. If you calculate all the […]

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Ciondoli della linea My Secret

My charms by Rosato

The new Rosato signed pendants with bags, sneakers and hearts in colored silver with enamel ♦ ︎ Objects of everyday use, which every woman knows, in miniature. And designed to […]

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Charm di Biancaneve

Pandora with Snow White

Pandora’s pendants dedicated to the fairy tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs ♦ ︎ After Mickey and Minnie, Pandora dives into another Disney story. This time it is […]

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La collezione autunno 2018, indossato

Autumn trip with Trollbeads

The theme of the trip according to Trollbeads: to the bracelets and necklaces are added headband and comb for hair ♦ ︎ Bracelets and necklaces with pendants to be added […]

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Swarovski, ciondolo con una delle lettere applicabili grazie a una chiusura magnetica

Swarovski, Remix letters and symbols

Swarovski for autumn 2018: sparkling letters to be applied or symbols ♦ ︎ In view of the autumn Swarovski offers a collection that has been awarded as a winner at […]

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Charm di Pandora in argento

Party in Paradise with Pandora

Pandora’s Party in Paradise collection for summer 2018. Pictures and prices of bracelets and pendants ♦ ︎ Make party in paradise. Maybe, though, before you can get there realy. Because, […]

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Pandora nature 2018

The nature of Pandora

Nature seen through Pandora’s jewels for spring 2018 ♦ ︎ In addition to the Shine collection (see also: The rays of Pandora with Shine) the Danish brand for spring 2018 […]

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I ciondoli con le lettere dell'alfabeto di Rosato

A dedication with Rosato

The letters become charms to hang on bracelets or necklaces in the Rosato Alphabet collection ♦ It is called Alphabet and continues the long tradition of jewelry that uses the […]

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Charm Topolino e Minnie

Mickey Mouse is wearing Pandora

Mickey Mouse and Minnie wear Pandora bracelet now also in Europe thanks to the alliance with Disney ♦ ︎ Mickey and Minnie wear Pandora bracelets. They love wear this bijou […]

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Jennifer Lopez per Endless Jewels

Endless Jewels FW 2015

Here the fall winter collection of Endless Jewels, brand specialized in modular bracelets, leather or metal, and colored charms. Now, even with the renewed cooperation of Jennifer Lopez, the Endless […]

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Bracciale in argento sterling. Prezzo: 59 euro; charm in argento, prezzi a partire da 39 euro

In the tropics with Pandora

Tropical blue and green, palms and turtles: like every year Pandora offers a collection for summer rich colors and marine subjects, that this year are even more scintillating. In fact, the […]

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Bracciale Be Mom, in bronzo disponibile in color oro, rosato e argento e medaglia in bronzo color argento. Prezzo: bracciale 24 euro, medaglia 19 euro

Ideas (simple) for mom

There are so many ways to say ‘I love you’ to a mother, for example, with a flower like the stylized rose by Pandora in Sterling Silver 925. It is decorated with […]

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Dodo chained (in red)

Dodo chained (in red)

Wave upon wave, season after season, Dodo proposes imperturbable his zoo, by popular demand. On the other hand, it has had success with its own set of animal silhouettes, silver and […]

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