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Damiani_D. Icon, anello ceramica nera con pavé di diamanti

A new set for Damiani’s D.Icon collection

The D.Icon collection is one of the major successes of Damiani fine jewelry. According to the Piedmontese Maison, the collection represents the most recent evolution of the goldsmith’s art: the […]

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Bracciale cubano in ceramica e inserto in oro

Etienne Perret, diamonds and more

Ceramic rings, colored diamonds, pearls: the work of Etienne Perret, Swiss transplanted in Maine ♦ It is for 40 years one of the greatest designers of diamonds: Etienne Perret, of […]

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On the snow with Nach’s bijoux

On the snow with Nach’s bijoux

A ring to wear at Christmas, or in the mountains? Here is an idea: Nach’s bijoux (also available online), a French company based in Toulouse, which offers porcelain jewelry. The […]

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Wallace Chan, anello con ceramica e zaffiri

The latest from Wallace Chan

The new creations by Wallace Chan, with his indestructible ceramic, on show in London ♦ ︎ The teacher. The artist. The innovator. Wallace Chan is all three of these definitions […]

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The raku jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli

The raku jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli

The raku jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli. Don’t you know what raku means? Well, read here ♦ Big and eye-catching, yet very light: these are the jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli, made […]

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Anello in oro, ceramica nera, diamanti

New geometries of Etho Maria

The new uncompromising geometries of Etho Maria, a maison that combines ceramic and diamonds ♦ Born in the home of philosophy, Athens, Etho Maria has chosen the philosophy of luxury […]

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Roberto Demeglio, bracciali della collezione Scacco in ceramica nera e diamanti

Roberto Demeglio plays Chess

Roberto Demeglio presents Scacco, a collection of bracelets and rings in ceramic, gold and diamonds ♦ Scacco: black and white square, or other opposite colors, which alternate. Chess also indicates […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

Roberto Demeglio, golden purity

The Pura Oro collection by Roberto Demeglio: bracelets and rings with an elastic mechanism that makes them flexible ♦ ︎ Pure as water, pure as youth, pure (above all) like […]

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De Grisogono, anello della collezione Allegra in oro bianco, ceramica e diamanti neri

Precious ceramics

Is there any trust to buy a ceramic jewel? Are ceramic jewels fragile? Here is the answer ♦ Durable, very durable and incredibly light: the use of ceramics in jewelry […]

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Damiani, anello della collezione D.Icon

Damiani pink with D.Icon

An extra pink ring in Damiani’s D.Icon collection. Here are pictures and prices ♦ ︎ Damiani expands the D.Icon family, the collection of the Piedmontese brand that uses the marriage […]

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Marion Vidal, orecchini in arancio e rosa trasparente

Marion Vidal, new architectures for spring summer 2018

The French designer and architect Marion Vidal presents her new collections for spring summer 2018 ♦ ︎ Take some ceramic items, made in Italy by a craftsman, add small segments […]

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Anello in ceramica high-tech nero opaco, diamanti bianchi montati sul singolo castone. Prezzo: 638 euro

Hi-tech tennis for Roberto Demeglio

Roberto Demeglio, plays tennis with ceramic bracelets and rings, diamonds, sapphires or rubies ♦︎ Pure elegance. Pure fantasy. Pure passion. These may have been the ideas that the jeweler of […]

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Garavelli, bracciale 
in oro e diamanti

Garavelli on the podium of the Couture Design Awards

Garavelli wins the Couture Design Awards with a gold jewel and diamonds ♦ ︎ Last year at the Couture Design Awards there was no Italian name either. This year is […]

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Bracciali e anello della collezione Aura

Demeglio paints Aura

The new Aura bracelets and rings Roberto Demeglio: gold, ceramics and a splash of color ♦ He is a jewelry designer, but also a passionate about technology. The pairing between the […]

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De Beers, anello a fascia in ceramica nera, diamanti e oro bianco

De Beers, lotus, ceramic and diamonds

The De Beers flowers continue to bloom even in ceramics: the collection dedicated to the lotus petals is always richer. Diamonds and ceramics, the odd couple of fine jewelery has […]

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Damiani, anello in oro e ceramica della collezione Baci

New Kisses with Damiani

Others Baci (kisses) by Damiani. One of the novelties presented at the recent Baselworld by the Piedmont Maison was a new, mini version of the Baci collection. It’s push by […]

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Orecchini ceramica dorata rosa e bianca lucida

It widens the Aura by Roberto Demeglio

The Aura collection, by Roberto Demeglio, made with gold and ceramic (http://gioiellis.com/aura-figlia-di-oro-e-ceramica) continues to grow. And with a few months of age more than at birth, evolves, it changes shape. […]

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La serie di anelli di Aneta Regel

Aneta Regel, works to fingers

“I create objects that exist either in nature or in the world of artifacts, but that, once made, are able to reflect and transmit information and feelings about the nature […]

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Anelli Da Vinci

Demeglio plays Da Vinci

After Giotto, here is Da Vinci: this time is the artist of the famous Mona Lisa to give his name to a jewel of Roberto Demeglio. In VicenzaOro the Turin […]

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Morellato, orecchini con ceramica. Prezzo: 109 euro

Morellato made in ceramic

From long time the ceramic is used in jewelry, and even a brand like Morellato has in catalog a line of jewelry made with this material. Contrary to popular belief, […]

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