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Orecchini in oro bianco con rubini e diamanti

Aenea, symphony in Salzburg

The Austrian Aenea Maison in Salzburg offers a mix of innovative design and luxury ♦︎ Aeneas was the Trojan prince who in the Iliad flees with his father Anchises and […]

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L'anello di fidanzamento di Megan Fox realizzato da Stephen Webster

Megan Fox’s ring is by Stephen Webster

Star’s rings always attract curiosity. The jewel of the moment, for example, is the one given (with marriage request) by rapper Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker, 31 years […]

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Anello con un diamante rosa di 2,43 carati circondato da rubini

Maggi Simpkins creative by nature

Her ring was the top lot at Brilliant & Black, the Sotheby’s auction dedicated exclusively to black designers, although in truth Maggi Simpkins has physical traits that could make her […]

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