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Pandora, bracciale e anello indossati

Pandora’s flowers

Flowers in spring, Pandora says, are the flag of the new season and renewal. Once the anguish of winter is over, with all its ordinary problems or, as in 2020, […]

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Orecchini con galvanica black gun e 194 cubic zirconia bianchi

Pianegonda expands the Dorifera collection

Presented in 2017, the Dorifera by Pianegonda collection (brand of the Bros Manifatture group) is renewed three years later. New pieces are added, alongside those that have had a good […]

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Topolino e Minnie sulla slitta

Pandora’s Christmas charms

Pandora pendants for Christmas: a party that not only brings gifts, but also jewels dedicated to the most beloved day of the year. Even Pandora follows the trend and proposes […]

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Bracciale Twist con madreperla

Twist Ivy bracelets and necklaces by Charriol

The new collection with steel cables, but also topazes and mother of pearl signed by Charriol ♦ It’s called Twist Ivy, and like the ivy these Charriol bracelets wrap themselves […]

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Il calendario dell'Avvento di TIffany

Tiffany sells a $ 110,000 calendar

An Advent calendar signed by Tiffany: instead of chocolates there are jewels ♦ ︎ In many countries the habit of Advent calendars has spread. They are cardboard panels that indicate […]

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Erin Wasson, orecchini in oro giallo

The second life of Erin Wasson

From supermodel to designer jewelry (she is not the only): the second life of Erin Wasson ♦ Erin Wasson is one of the supermodels (and actress) who decided to convert their […]

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Orecchini e anello della collezione Caresse

Bliss renews rings, necklaces and earrings

From Bliss rings, necklaces with light point and classic earrings. Here are the jewels of the Lumina and Caresse collections  ♦ Two classics in the vast list of Bliss, brand […]

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Daniela Villegas, pendente con coltellino e lima per unghie in oro

Daniela Villegas, surprising necklaces

Four necklaces that will surprise you with the imaginative designer Daniela Villegas ♦ ︎ Let’s face it: it’s not enough to be creative. To be amazed you have to be […]

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Orecchini della collezione Blue Note

Giovanni Raspini plays with Blue Note

The Blue Note collection by Giovanni Raspini: silver, but golden. Images and prices ♦ The blue note is a very special note that you find found in jazz and blues. From […]

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Collana di Rosa Castelbarco

Rosa Castelbarco re-Mixed

A new mini collection of Rosa Castelbarco with colored stones on silver ♦ Rosa Castelbarco started her activity as jewelery designer with thin metal wires forming simple figures. Essential. But, let’s […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi taglio acquilone e diamanti. Prezzo: 796.000 dollari

Martin Katz online for very richs

A Martin Katz’s capsule collection is online for sale: prices up to nearly $ 800,000 ♦ There was once the luxury jewelery store. Not the one under the house, where to […]

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Bracciale in argento 925. Prezzo: 590 euro

Piegonda among land and sea

Piegonda to sea and to land with the silver Foedus collection: pictures and prices. In his third life the brand from Vicenza, Piegonda, passed under the Bros Manifatture flag, has […]

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Pandora browse the Daisies

Pandora browse the Daisies

Margherite Luminose (Daisies Bright) for Pandora: here pictures and prices of the collection. Browse daisies now is not just a quirk of love. It is also now the occupation of […]

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Anelli con quarzi brown e milky

Tirisi in Seoul

The Dutch brand Tirisi dedicates a collection to the flowers of the Korean capital, Seoul. After devoting collections in Milan, Venice, Amsterdam and Doha, the Dutch brand Tirisi decided to […]

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Collezione Ghirigori, bracciale in bronzo

Eleonora Ghilardi in Hawaii

Eleonora Ghilardi bijoux come back, with an intercontinental trip from Adda river to Pacific Ocean. A Homi, the Milan fair dedicated to (among other things) to jewelry, the news never […]

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Bracciale Diadema rosa antico. Prezzo: 79 euro

(Italiano) Diademi al polso con Cruciani C

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Composizione con la collezione Tales

How many stories with Francesca Mo

Rings and earrings that are offered as ideas to create stories: the Tales collection of Francesca Mo. Rings, earrings and stories to tell. Francesca Mo, architect and designer from Milan, […]

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