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Collezione Gocce, anello in oro rodiato nero con diamanti bianchi

Faraone Mennella has conquered New York

The Faraone Mennella jewels have won New York, starting from Naples. Starting from Italy, from Naples, to seek his fortune in the United States. It is a story told many […]

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Orecchini Couture Chic. Lava nera intagliata. Prezzo: 8000 dollari

Amedeo, the cameo is glam

From the school of Neapolitan jewels to the center of New York: is the story of Amedeo, a designer who revived the cameo style. Amedeo is the son of art: […]

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La divinità hindu Ganesh

Amedeo among Ganesh and robots

About Amedeo Scognamiglio we have already spoken (http://gioiellis.com/amedeo-il-cameo-e-glam). Just remember that he has the cameos in the blood: 16 years he learned the art of carving from his father. A […]

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