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Anello in oro, diamanti, opale

The first Gucci high jewelry collection

A boutique has opened in Place Vandôme for Gucci’s high jewelry, the first collection is called Hortus Deliciarum ♦ ︎ From bags to clothes. From clothes to jewelry. And from […]

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Gucci, cinque anelli della collezione Orobouros

Gucci, new snakes for Alessandro Michele

A snake of ancient Egypt for the Ouroboros collection by Gucci in the reign of Alessandro Michele. New pieces are now added to the collection presented at Baselworld ♦ ︎ […]

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Gucci, bracciale Dionysus in oro giallo e tsavoriti

Gucci and the Dionysus’s tigers

The jewels by Gucci Dionysus collection: gold tigers with tsavoriti eyes ♦ ︎ Alessandro Michele has relaunched the Gucci brand. He has conquered the Millennials range, he proposed an aggressive […]

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Anello con fantasma

The easy road of GucciGhost

The GucciGhost charms, silver and enamel affordable. Once upon a time the luxury brand. It proposed clothing or exquisite accessories, exclusive, of course expensive. But all of this (almost) no […]

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