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Girocollo in oro giallo e diamanti della collezione Sahara

Vania Leles, the African soul of gems

Rubies, emeralds, diamonds: these are the colors of Africa for Vania Leles, which uses gems of origin that are responsible for high-class jewelery signed VanLeles ♦ Africa for Vania Leles, […]

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Collezione Amor Coração Africano, orecchini con rubini del Mozambico

The new jewelry by Vania Leles

The new jewels by Vania Leles, with the most precious African gems ♦ The legacy of Africa seen through the eyes of a former model of the great jewelery brands […]

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Vania Leles, anello con rubini e diamanti. La collezione Out of Africa è venduta da Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills

The rubies of Vania Leles

The rubies from Mozambique in the extraordinary Out of Africa collection by Vania Leles ♦ ︎ She comes from Africa and to Africa she dedicates one of her most valuable […]

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