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Diadema di Maria Valeria, arciduchessa d’Austria

Dorotheum will auction off the Habsburg jewels

At the auction of Dorotheum tiara and brooch of Maria Valeria, Archduchess of Austria ♦ ︎ The charm of ancient nobility is often present in jewelery auctions. Dorotheum knows it […]

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Diadema Boccioli di rosa, oro bianco,diamanti, perle

Chaumet’s tiaras on exhibition

The famous Chaumet tiaras, and other jewels, on display in the Principality of Monaco ♦ La Maison Chaumet, one of the great names in jewelery, from 1780 to today has […]

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Anello in oro rosa con 16 diamanti

Other serpents for Boucheron

New jewels from the Serpent de Bohème collection signed by Boucheron ♦ ︎ After turning off the 160 birthday candles Boucheron continues to offer jewelry and high jewelry. The story […]

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Meghan Markle, prima del suo principesco matrimonio, con tiara

Tiaras: a brilliant idea

Diadem and tiaras are all the rage, they can be precious or simple bijoux. Here is a selection and advice on how to wear a tiara or a diadem. And […]

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Collana di diamanti e rubini birmani di Van Cleef & Arpels, venduta per 2,4 milioni

Here are Christie’s auction stars

Rubini, a Fabergé tiara and a 118 carat fancy diamond: here are the stars of Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction ♦ ︎ More and more: the Magnificent Jewels auction organized by […]

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Tiara di diamanti -attribuita a Fabergé, circa 1903

Jewels with blue blood from Sotheby’s

Princely jewels and a Fabergé tiara: Sotheby’s proposes rare pieces have belonged to the European aristocracy ♦ ︎ For those who love fine jewelry, the Fabergé name is like Raphael […]

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Sposa con tiara

What jewelry to wear at the wedding

What jewelry to wear on your wedding day? If you are thinking about what to choose besides the wedding ring, read this article. The first rule is … ♦ You […]

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Meghan Markle, prima del suo principesco matrimonio, con tiara

New Year with a jewel in the hair

Go to the party with something precious in your hair: a tiara. Headbands and crowns are perfect for Christmas, New Year’s eve and not just ♦ A little courage and […]

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Orecchini di perle naturali posseduti da Maria Antonietta

New jewels in the treasure of Marie-Antoinette

The number of jewels owned by Maria-Antoinette at the auction of Sotheby’s rises to ten ♦ ︎ The possibility of buying a piece of History together with a piece of […]

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Maxìma d’Olanda con la tiara e gli orecchini della parure di zaffiri

The crown jewels of Holland

Even the royals of Holland can boast a good number of important jewels. Here are what are ♦ Maxìma di Olanda was included by Time magazine among the 100 most […]

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Meghan Markle con la tiara Diamond Bandeau

Which tiara to choose for the wedding?

Which tiara to choose for the wedding? Better to take some examples from the famous ones. This was explained in a book by Enrica Roddolo, a journalist for Corriere della […]

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Letizia con la tiara chatones

The jewels of Letizia of Spain

The jewels, and especially the tiaras, of the Queen of Spain Letizia ♦ ︎ Like all the queens, letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, wife of Philip VI of Spain, loves jewelry. As […]

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Spilla Flamingo di Cartier, collezione Nils Herrmann. Platino, oro, diamanti, smeraldi, zaffiri, rubini, citrini

Cartier in exhibition

Over 300 great jewels of Cartier in a major exhibition: there is also the Queen Elizabeth’s tiara worn by Kate Middleton ♦ ︎ There are jewelry company that resemble royal […]

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Spilla per copricapo in oro e diamanti di Cartier

Aigrette, a jewel on the head

Do you know what is aigrette? It is a jewel that serves to highlight hair and face. Here is what is the aigrette, which has trendy come back ♦ If […]

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Tiara della regina Vittoria, in oro, diamanti e zaffiri

Queen Victoria’s crown is back

At Victoria and Albert Museum the tiara of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: it’s the right place ♦ ︎ A royal jewel designed by a king. Queen Victoria’s little crown […]

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Tiara Carlotta, con diamante a goccia. pendente. Si può trasformare in collier

Buccellati, this tiara becomes a necklace

A tiara that turns into a necklace and 50 pieces of High Jewelery signed by Buccellati ♦ ︎ We can say it: once you have worn a precious tiara on […]

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La parure composta da una tiara con diamanti
a stella staccabili, argento e oro, circa 1870 e collana di disegno simile, firmate Collingwood & Son

The charm of vintage tiara

A Victorian parure with tiara is the jewel more refined in Christie’s auction in London ♦ The charm of Old England combined with that of traditional France. Two aspects of jewelery […]

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Diana, collana Lago dei Cigni

The last Diana’s necklace

Princess Diana: fashion and her jewelry celebrated in an exhibition 20 years after his death. An exhibition on Princess Diana’s style. With the consent of two sons, Prince William and […]

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Chaumet, la tiara disegnata per l'imperatrice Maria Luisa nel 1811

Chaumet seen by Chaumet

It is baptized Musée éphémère, that means museum for a little time, but in this case the adjective means temporary because the brand new museum of Chaumet, inaugurated with an […]

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Joséphine, anello Tiara in oro rosa, con pavé di diamanti, una rubellite a forma di pera e un diamante taglio princesse

Chaumet with Josephine in its head

The tiaras are back in style, but for Chaumet have been all along, so that to celebrate 230 years of the company founded in 1780 by Marie-Etienne Nitot, created Josephine, […]

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