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Anabela Chan,  orecchini in alluminio color bronzo rosa

Precious jewels in aluminum

Aluminum has been rediscovered for quality jewelry. Here’s how to clean and store aluminum jewelery ♦ ︎ Cans for drinks, dishes, components for airplanes: aluminum is used for many things. […]

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Boucheron, earcuff Nuri indossato. Titanio, oro giallo, acquamarina,  berillo,  tsavoriti, onice, lacca nera, zaffiri, diamanti, gialli e bianchi

Titanium jewelry: should you buy them?

Titanium jewelry: they are the last frontier of jewelry. Beautiful, but also difficult to make. Should you buy them? ♦ Long live titanium, which has become synonymous with creative audacity […]

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Fulco Verdura, spilla in ogiallo e bianco con

The secret of lily of the valley flowers

Lily of the valley, herbaceous plant (Convallaria maialis) of the Convallariacee family. But above all, one of the fragrant flowers of May. And it is no coincidence that the delicate […]

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Orecchini di smeraldi di Glenn Spiro

High jewelery at Pad London

Pad London returns with a group of Maison and high jewelery designer. Here’s who they are ♦ ︎ It’s called Pad London and is the sister of the similar Parisian […]

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Suzanne Syz, bracciale Asparagus in titanio, oro, diamanti, ametiste

Suzanne Syt returns to Design Miami / Basel

Swiss jewelry designer Suzanne Syz collaborates with artist Kerstin Brätsch at Design Miami / Basel ♦ ︎ The Maison is called Suzanne Syz Art Jewels. The name itself indicates two […]

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Syz Fireworks, the fantasy doubles

Syz Fireworks, the fantasy doubles

The jewels of the new Syz Fireworks brand, founded by Suzanne and Isabelle Syz. With the debut in GemGèneve ♦ ︎ Some say that a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law never agree. […]

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Anelli All Tired Up, titanio e diamanti

The journey of Suzanne Syz

The new jewels of the artist-designer Suzanne Syz: fantasy, irony and a bit of nostalgia ♦ ︎ A journey through time with the art of a Swiss designer who is […]

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Bracciale di Hemmerle

Jewels for collectors at the Pad London

Pad London is home to collectible jewelry and exceptional designers. Here is who exposes ♦ ︎ On the Thames there is a design festival with the 12th edition of Pad […]

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Suzanne Syz, orecchini in titanio, smalto, tormalina verde

Suzanne Syz at Art Basel

Suzanne Syz brings the jewelry to Art Basel with an amazing project ♦ ︎ That designing jewelry is an art nobody doubts it. But there are those who do more, […]

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Suzanne Syz, orecchini in alluminio e diamanti

Suzanne Syz, gift as earrings shape

The earrings that look like flakes for Suzanne Syz’s gift packs ♦ ︎ Who is really creative is also witty. In short, it’s someone occasionally deals with life lightly. Let’s […]

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Anello Vuoi una mentina? Di Suzanne Syz, con tormalina Paraiba, oro, smalto, diamanti

The Pad of London’s novelties

The Pad of London with vintage jewelry, but also with modern design. Here is a selection ♦ ︎ Here is another appointment for art lovers, antiques and jewels, vintage or […]

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Suzanne Syz, anello cin oro con tormalina, diamanti e smalto

Suzanne Syz for three

Suzanne Syz’s latest jewelery, among unusual materials, pop and a stunning design ♦ ︎ Born in Zurich, who grew up in Paris, she moved to New York in the 1980s […]

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Orecchini Hello It's me, in alluminio nero con 330 piccoli diamanti

The time of Suzanne Syz

A limited edition jewel-watch (only eight pieces) and the new amazing jewelry by Suzanne Syz ♦ It’s time to Suzanne Syz. Or, rather, it’s time for the first watch-jewel by Swiss […]

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Suzanne Syz, anello in oro, diamanti e peridoto

Suzanne Syz on paper

A book photographs the impetuous creativity of the Swiss designer Suzanne Syz, jewelry inspired by the art pop to fairy tales. A legend that has gone through and continues to […]

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Gioiello a forma di granchio

Mavericks on book

The 17 nonconformists jewelry designer for a collectors book. All about jewelry. Better, everything about the jewels that have become milestones of masterpieces in the history of jewelry. If you […]

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Anello con grande zaffiro birmano cabochon montato su titanio

The unique tale of Suzanne Syz

The Ritz Hotel in Paris, recently renovated, has opened the doors of Place Vendȏme to Suzanne Syz. The designer, during a night in the new concept store reserved to few […]

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Suzanne Syz, orecchini Hit the bullseye. Smalto, oro bianco, argento rosa, 388 diamanti

A jewelry show in New York

If you like jewelry and want to take a look at 30 thousand pieces offered by 80 exhibitors, these days go by in the annual New York Art, Antique & […]

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Umberto Mastroianni, Meteora (pendente)

The masterpieces of London

Art on canvas, bronze and also gold and gems: the jewels were part of the sixth edition of Masterpiece London fair (but the definition of fair is too narrow). Available […]

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Suzanne Syz, collana Extravaganza, in oro bianco, 133 perle, 25 diamanti

Suzanne Syz for few

Suzanne Syz has a surname of relief in Geneva, where he resides. But not only because it is the same name of a famous Swiss bank of investment. According to […]

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