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Anello con un rubino birmano a forma di cuscino del peso di 24,70 carati

Sotheby’s, a ruby is the winner

In Hong Kong the Sotheby’s auction in the sign of rubies and diamonds, the jade flop ♦ ︎ There are no longer the seasons of the past and not even […]

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Il bracciale di giada The Circle of Heaven

This is the Circle of Heaven

A rare jade bracelet, great classic jewelry and Ashley Judd’s earrings at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong ♦ ︎ The great auctions come back with great jewels for big wallets. Everything […]

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Diamante flawless da 102 carati venduto da Sotheby's

A maxi diamond at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s sells a maxi 100 ct round diamond in London ♦ ︎ Do you have any savings? Are you bored of buying the usual earrings from the jeweler at home? […]

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The Pink Star con l'anello su cui è montato

Sotheby’s budget with record

The 2017 year is closed with the world’s most expensive diamond world record for Sotheby’s ♦ ︎ Time for budgets also for Sotheby’s. The big auction house, which celebrated its […]

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Spilla a forma di palma, con diamanti, tsavorite e peridoto

Michele della Valle top at Sotheby’s

Success from Sotheby’s for the jewels by Michele della Valle ♦ ︎ There were 13 jewels of Michele della Valle auctioned in Fine Jewels in Geneva on December 14th organized […]

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Coiled Corset. Courtesy Robert Fairer

Shaun Leane’s jewels sold at auction

The pieces created by Shaun Leane in the course of his collaboration with Alexander McQueen were beaten at Sotheby’s. Here are the most requested pieces ♦ ︎ Fashion and jewelry, […]

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Il Raj Pink, diamante rosa di oltre 37 carati

Pink diamond fail

The sale of the pink diamond at Sotheby’s Auction fails: for the precious stones a black day ♦ ︎ The sale of the rose has ended in red, after a […]

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Anello con diamante taglio brillante da 110,92 carati

The biggest diamond on the finger

The greatest round diamond on a ring will sold by Sotheby’s ♦ ︎ The auction on December 5 in Sotheby’s New York has many jewels of great interest. Among the […]

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The Donnersmarck Diamonds, Fancy Intense Yellow di 82,47 e 102,54 carati

A yellow for Sotheby’s

Precious Diamonds and Noble Jewelry at Sotheby’s Auction in Geneva ♦ ︎ In addition to the largest Fancy Intense Pink diamond of 37.30 carats (see also: Raj Pink, king of […]

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Il Raj Pink

Raj Pink, king of diamonds

A super pink 37.30-carat diamond on auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva ♦ ︎ It’s back the big diamond season, with big expectations and (probably) big prices. In Geneva Sotheby’s will […]

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Bracciale con piccoli elefanti in oro e diamanti di Cartier

Sotheby’s, a maxi auction in New York

A Sotheby’s Maxi auction in New York: for sale also jewels of Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer ♦ ︎ Over 300 jewels with an estimated price for all tastes: from $ 3,000 […]

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Spilla a forma di fiocco con diamanti

Jewelery gone with the wind

On auction from Sotheby’s the jewels of Vivien Leigh, the protagonist of Gone with the wind ♦ ︎ Gone with the wind, gone with the memories, gone with the auction. […]

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Spilla con zaffiri, rubini e diamanti di Cartier, 1960

Cartier queen at Sotheby’s

In London, from Sotheby’s, the auctions come back with Cartier’s 1940s and 1950s pieces ♦ ︎ Jewelery auctions are back for fans of vintage pieces and for those who want […]

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Anello con diamante da 26 carati acquistato per 10 sterline e rivenduto da Sotheby's per 656.750

This diamond is a surprise

A diamond bought for £ 10 sold at 656,750 from Sotheby’s Occasionally, a painting bought at a marketplace reveals (or hides) a masterpiece of a master and is immediately re-evaluated. […]

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Sassi, bracciale con smeraldi, zaffiri rosa e diamanti. Stima di 8500 franchi, vendita a 65.000

Michele della Valle, successful in Geneva

Success for Michele della Valle’s jewelry at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva ♦ They say art is a luxury that is not recognized to much. But selling of Sotheby’s Fine Jewels, which […]

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Collana Anemoni con diamanti e zaffiri

Michele della Valle per 82 at Sotheby’s

In Geneva a Sotheby’s auction with 82 pieces signed by Michele della Valle ♦ It’s called Fine Jewels Auction. But the name does not do justice to the auction organized on […]

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Diamanti Apollo e Artemide

Record earrings of 57.4 million

A pair of blue diamonds and a rose sold by Sotheby’s for a record $ 57.4 million. And it is also a record for a Piaget ring ♦ A mythological record. […]

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Orecchini con diamanti taglio smeraldo da 20 carati l'uno. Venduti per 5,3 milioni di dollari

The 5.3 million earrings

The six-faced emerald beaten by a pair of diamond earrings at Sotheby’s auction in New York ♦ The emerald Stotesbury, mounted on a ring with diamonds, designed by Harry Winston, was […]

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La collana-bracciale di Sterlé, condiamanti e citrini, appartenuta alla regina d'Egitto Narriman

The adventures of an hexagon-shaped emerald 

An hexagon-shaped Classic Colombian emerald with an adventure story and other great pieces at auction at Sotheby’s ♦ The emeralds are usually cut with a roughly rectangular shape. Exceptions are rare. […]

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I diamanti Apollo e Artemide

Apollo and Artemis: the Sotheby’s divinities

Two Greek gods in the form of blue and pink diamond up for auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva ♦ The match among auctions takes place, as usual, in Geneva. One day […]

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