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O meu caminho, orecchini Folhagem ( monstera deliciosa) in oro bianco con tsavoriti e diamanti neri

The domestic jungle by Carla Amorim

There is the Brazilian flora in the new collection by Carla Amorim, a designer jewelry that reconnects to the Brasilia’s architectures  by Oscar Niemeyer and the exuberant nature of the […]

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Anello Felce di Sicis

From Sicis a fern jewel

By Sicis, a micro-mosaic with emeralds turns into a jewel-fern ♦ ︎ Sicis’s micro mosaic is made in Ravenna, a city that houses some of the most famous Romanesque mosaics […]

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Alta gioielleria Fabergé, anello della collezione Secret Garden

Fabergé between gardens and colors

Fabergé between secret gardens for a few and colors for someone more ♦ ︎ On May 30, 2017 was celebrated the 171th anniversary of the birth of Peter Carl Fabergé, […]

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Collana di Sutra

Sutra in green

An extraordinary necklace with diamonds and emeralds of Sutra. Watch the video ♦ Green is the color of the year 2017, according to Pantone. But, actually, in jewelery green is always […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi taglio acquilone e diamanti. Prezzo: 796.000 dollari

Martin Katz online for very richs

A Martin Katz’s capsule collection is online for sale: prices up to nearly $ 800,000 ♦ There was once the luxury jewelery store. Not the one under the house, where to […]

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Una varietà verde della andradite, minerale che è uno delle più preziose varietà del granato Demantoide

The nature sight with Paul Wild’s gems

The wildlife in the extraordinary stones of Paul Wild at Baselworld 2017. Maybe you like the jewelry with large precious stones. Maybe you have read that jewelers start at emeralds, […]

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De Simone, orecchini in corallo pelle d'angelo, zaffiri, smeraldi e brillanti

De Simone, coral and over

The coral specialists De Simone propose a new collection that is the sum of their goldsmith skills: Krim. They are defined coral specialists, but the definition is narrow. Certainly the […]

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Anelli Margherita, multimisura adattabili, in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti, smeraldi, rubini e zaffiri naturali

The treasures by Como Gioielli

Como Gioielli: from the collection inspired by the marine world to the one dedicated to the petals of a flower. It is the virtuosity of the Valenza school. Como Gioielli […]

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Collier con oltre 850 carati di rubini e 20 grammi di perle

Andreoli hero of two worlds

From the sale of carpets in India,to Valenza, till up to the headquarters in Rockefeller Center in New York, so here is the high jewelry by Andreoli. The work in […]

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Il collier 4 Chakra

Dream Pasquale Bruni

By Pasquale Bruni a set consisting of necklace with diamonds 4549 and earrings: 4th Chakra. In Indian religion, Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga, the chakras are areas of the body where […]

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Bracciale Twist émeraude.  Oro bianco, brillanti, zaffiri viola rotondi, 2 cabochon di smeraldo
di 19,80 e 21,48 carati (Colombia)

Van Cleef & Arpels, the Saga of the emeralds

The Saga of Emeralds of Van Cleef & Arpels. The Parisian Maison gives the jewelry lovers more than a stunning collection: there is has a history. Behind the high jewelry […]

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Sutra, Columbian emerald collection, collana in oro bianco con smeraldi a goccia per 19 carati e diamanti taglio a goccia e ovale per 51 carati . Prezzo: 1 milione di dollari

The climb to the sky by Sutra

It has been so successful among the celebrity, that Sutra, the brand loved by Michelle Obama, Kate Perry, Halle Berry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, decided to venture into fine jewelery. Bye bye burnished gold, and welcome white luster […]

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Spilla Love Bird, con diamanti, onice e zaffiri

Graff thrilling

Necklace with thrill, shock watch-bracelet: at Baselworld the British brand Graff showed his best. Jewelery-watches, like the one with white diamonds mounted as if they were a soft strip, or […]

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Il bracciale-orologio Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green

Backes & Strauss jewel watch

This it’s a jewel or a watch by Backes & Strauss? The London-based company known for the processing of diamonds, has unveiled the Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green, a bracelet-timepiece […]

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Picchiotti, orecchini con smeraldi

Picchiotti emerald colour

As we reported, Picchiotti, a leading brand of jewelery of Valenza, has focused on Hong Kong to present some of the most valuable pieces of its production (http://gioiellis.com/hong-kong-capitale-del-gioiello). As seen […]

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Casato, anello New York - New York indossato. Foto Carolina Nobile

(Italiano) Casato loves New York

It is a cascade of diamonds the one that Casato chooses for his new collection New York-New York, inspired by the Manhattan skyline. Its sinuous lines lie on hands, fingers […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti, Marco Bicego

Bicego, valuable to the green

Marco Bicego to green. But precious: the color, in fact, is that of emeralds, set in diamond earrings that also fit. The earrings are part of the collection unique and […]

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Collezione Emotion, anello multicolore in oro giallo e  diamanti bianchi, rubini, tsavoriti, smeraldi e zaffiri  arancioni, rosa, viola, gialli e blu. Prezzo: 39.500 euro

The Cocktail prohibited by Faberge

If you think that cocktail ring has just a single large stone, those of the Emotion collection by Fabergé have more than 300. They are big, just like the famous model […]

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Stream, anello in oro giallo con opere etiope, con zaffiri e diamanti incolori

Fernando Jorge from Rio to London

Do not be deceived by the name of Fernando Jorge new collection: Stream. It has nothing to do with digital but, on the contrary, is a jump in the real world. That […]

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Seven Seas, mare Mediterraneo bracciale Rouleau Azure con lapislazzuli, turchesi, perle e diamanti

(Italiano) I sette mari di Van Cleef & Arpels

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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