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Designer Vivarium ottobre 2021

The designers in GemGèneve’s Vivarium

The Latin word vivarium means pond, a small basin of water. And since GemGèneve was born it has proposed its Designer Vivarium (this will be the fourth edition), curated by […]

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Bracciale della collezione Parabolic in oro 18 carati

Sean Gilson, amazing design

The innovative jewels, without excesses, by the American designer Sean Gilson ♦ ︎ Designer? Artist? Artisan? What is the right definition to define Sean Gilson? Meeting him is not easy: […]

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GemGenève, vetrina di Dover Jewelry & Diamonds

GenGèneve’s second chance

GemGèneve includes gems, designers, vintage jewelery, diamonds and … The second edition starts ♦ ︎ Started in 2018 as an adventure on which not many were ready to bet, GemGèneve […]

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Cora Sheibani

11 designers for GemGenève

The 11 independent jewelers who will participate in the Designer Vivarium, at GemGenève ♦ ︎ It is called Designer Vivarium: a name that recalls a space dedicated to a species […]

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