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La modella russa Victoria Bonya con la collezione Black Orchid

Roberto Bravo cultivates the black orchid

A collection of jewelry dedicated to the rare black orchid: the brand Roberto Bravo proposes it ♦ Delirium from orchid or even orchidelirium. Flowers can drive you crazy and orchidelirium […]

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Anello in oro, diamanti e zaffiri

Between the waves with Roberto Bravo

Jewelry for the Summer: Roberto Bravo’s The Grand Bleu Collection ♦ ︎ Born in Italy, in Vicenza, as a small goldsmith company, Roberto Bravo years ago emigrated to Istanbul. But […]

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Roberto Bravo, orecchini

Roberto Bravo ecologist

The bold collection of the brand Roberto Bravo against the dangers of global warming. With italian origins, office in Vicenza, but headquarters in Istanbul with 150 employees and a branch […]

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Collana di Ghirlanda

The Roberto Bravo’s garlands

Roberto Bravo is a very Italian name, and is also a company’s brand of jewelry in Vicenza, with headquarters in the historic city center, in Corso Palladio. That said, it […]

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