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Giorgia Ionita,  Artistar Jewels 2019, Palazzo Bovara

Milan Jewelry Week has also been postponed

Milan Jewelry Week, the Milanese week dedicated to the world of jewelry, will take place from 3 to 6 June 2021 and no longer, as it was scheduled, from 22 […]

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Gioielli di futuroRemoto

In October the second edition of Milano Jewelry Week

The first edition of Milano Jewelry Week was a great success. And here the organizing company, Prodes, is preparing to launch the second edition, which will be held from 22 […]

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Elena Tiberi, Jewelry Earrings

The Milan Jewelery Week program

The Milan Jewelery Week program with 150 designer-artists and the Artistar Jewels competition ♦ ︎ We must congratulate Prodes, a company that organizes events of different types and its founder, […]

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Edizione di primavera di Artistar Jewels 2019

In October, the first Milano Jewelry Week

In Milan, in October, the first Jewelry Week with exhibitions, awards, designers ♦ ︎ Milan is the italian capital of business and, therefore, one should not be surprised if someone […]

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