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Laura Bicego riceve il premio Inhorgenta per la migliore Fine Jewelry

Nanis wins the Inhorgenta award

Nanis wins the award in the Fine Jewelry category at Inhorgenta ♦ ︎ Nanis won the most prestigious award at Inhorgenta. The fair in Monaco, in fact, revealed the winners […]

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Anelli in oro, diamanti, acquamarina, quarzo milky

The new dance of Nanis

The new jewels of Nanis’s Dancing in the Rain collection: there is also a mobile necklace ♦ ︎ Continue what is successful, success is what continues. This is how the […]

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Bracciali con pietra luna e acquamarina

Nanis, lightness on the wrist

Nanis Bangle Lovers: simple yellow gold bracelets with light blue, pink or white stones ♦ ︎ About Nanis’s Dancing in the Rain we have already talked about (see also: Nanis […]

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Mattioli, collezione Puzzle, modello Bikini in oro rosa e madreperle fuxia

Chains on exhibition

In Vicenza 80 jewels that have the chain’s protagonist ♦︎ There are chains that bind and there are chains that release. There are also chains that like. Those that are […]

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Anello con acquamarina della collezione Dancing in the Rain

New dance in the rain for Nanis

Nanis renews the Dancing in the Rain collection: gold with opal, aquamarine and diamonds ♦ ︎ The rain dance continues. To dance or, better, to push to dance to those […]

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Collana Dancing in the Rain in oro bianco

From Nanis drops in Las Vegas

The Nanis rain drops with the novelties of the Dancing in the Rain collection ♦ Rain in Las Vegas. Drops, however, rarely fall in the Nevada desert, and are man’s […]

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Collana in oro bianco Dancing in the rain

The new dance by Nanis

Nanis renews Dancing in the rain collection: sautoir necklaces that can be reassembled in different lengths. There are things that are forever. Diamonds? Also. But not only: there are collections […]

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With Nanis rain in pink

With Nanis rain in pink

Nanis, a Dance in the rain with pink opal for the Laura Bicego’s Maison . The milky aquamarine and white moonstone: this was the conductor theme of the Dancing in […]

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La texture del bracciale Ipanema in oro lavorato a mano, acquamarina, amazzonite, quarzo rutilato

Nanis, colors from Ipanema

The new Ipanema colors in the renewed collection designed by Nanis. The name Ipanema, evokes different patterns: the endless beach of Rio de Janeiro, tropical atmospheres, tanned bodies and the […]

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Tre versioni di oro: giallo, rosa e bianco

Golden Fellini with Nanis

Amarcord is the title of one of the most famous films of Federico Fellini. The word, which is dialect of Romagna, can be translated as “I remember.” But the scent […]

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Cachemire orecchini in oro lavorato a mano con bulino e diamanti

With Nanis gold becomes Cashmere

An antique Persian and Indian motif to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nanis, the jewelry company founded by Laura Bicego, who at Baselworld wil introduce her new collection Cashmere. The […]

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Anello Armadillo by Mattia Cielo

2 / Brian & Barry, risiko dei gioiellieri

Pandora e Queriot, Vhernier e De Vecchi, Pasquale Bruni e ReCarlo, Chopard e Mattia Cielo, David Webb e Veschetti, Pippo Perez e Zancan, Lenti Villasco e Dodo, Ole Lynggaard e […]

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