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Katherine Jetter

Katherine Jetter, from kangaroos to the Big Apple

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello con opale nero e spinelli rossi

The jewels of the Australian designer, based in New York, Katherine Jetter ♦ ︎ In which part of the world can a designer be born who describes a ring just made with blue tourmaline and kangaroo-colored spinels? You guessed it: Katherine Jetter was born in Melbourne, Australia. But you do not have to imagine her…

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Muzo emeralds for ten women designers

in vetrina
Orecchini di Colette in oro bianco, smeraldi, onice e malachite

Every year Muzo, which manages the most famous Colombian emerald mine in the world, involves some designers in the design of jewelry with the most desired green gem in the world. Muzo’s goal is to raise awareness and emphasize the quality of emeralds not only for rings, earrings or necklaces with the classic shape, but…

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The iridescent life of Katherine Jetter

in vetrina
Anello in oro bianco con opale messicano, diamanti neri, zaffiri gialli, rubini

The iridescent imagination of Katherine Jetter, citizen of the world, with a passion for Australian opals. The designer Katherine Jetter has a Greek mother and a German father. She grew up between England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. But she is Australian (born in Melbourne). And not only: she loves the fruit gemological most famous of…

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