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Stroili, lettere della collezione Poème

From Stroili a poem in pendants

The Poème collection by Stroili with a dash of Christmas, but not only ♦ ︎ There are children who on Christmas Day recite the poetry studied at school for that […]

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Rose gold rigid chocker with black jade, malachite and diamonds

Roberto Coin Sauvage Privé

New pieces are added to Roberto Coin’s Sauvage Privé collection: bold shapes, pavé, geometries for a woman without fear ♦ ︎ ︎ What is the other side of femininity? The […]

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Bracciale in argento 925

The triangles of Pianegonda

The surfaces composed of triangles and silver rhombuses of the Planus collection by Pianegonda ♦ ︎ After Scripta, Arcus, Arcana and many others, here is Planus. Thanks to Pianegonda, no […]

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Swarovski, Magneti Bracelet

Swarovski for Halloween

Owls, beetles and nocturnal butterflies: A Swarovski collection designed specifically for Halloween-related parties ♦ ︎ All ready for the evening of October 31 or the first day of November. From […]

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Anelli in oro giallo, rosa e diamanti

Tiffany doubles the T

Tiffany renews the T collection with new pieces, here are the images ♦ ︎ Once upon a time in Brooklin there was an “emporium of stationery and fancy items”. It […]

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Perla dei Mari del Sud color oro su oro bianco 18 carati

Exceptionnelle Ornella

Precise, but whimsical, surprising jewels: here are the new creations of Ornella Iannuzzi ♦ ︎ Ornella Iannuzzi is an Italian-born designer, but grew up in the mountains of Grenoble, with […]

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Anelli in oro bianco e rosa, zaffiri smeraldi, rubini

Embroideries for Brumani

The collection of Brazilian designer Lethicia Bronstein for Brumani ♦ ︎ In addition to the jewelry that has colored gems as protagonists, Brumani has a particular sensitivity for what happens […]

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Collana di rubini  e diamanti

In Venice theft of the jewels of the Al Thani collection

The Pink Panther in Venice: stolen jewels from the Al Thani collection at the Palazzo Ducale ♦ ︎ Incredible, but true: at Palazzo Ducale, in Venice, some jewels of the […]

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Bracciali Bliss

Words on the wrist with Bliss

Bliss’s #Mywords collection: four-color tennis bracelet with the ability to compose custom words or phrases ♦ ︎ A word can trigger a war or a novel of love. A jewel […]

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Anello in oro rosa con onice e quarzo rosa. Prezzo: 1.315 euro

Peruffo, geometry lessons

The solid geometries by Peruffo, brand of the Vicenza company Fratelli Bovo ♦ ︎ It is called Peruffo and is the creature of the brothers Bovo, a company founded in […]

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Ornamento per turbante, Hyderabad, 1800-1850. Set di diamanti, perle e spinello

Al Thani jewelry in Venice

In Venice an exhposition with 270 vintage Indian jewels from the Al Thani collection ♦︎ Jewelery in a jewel city: in Venice comes the Al Thani collection. Exposed first in […]

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Riccardo Greco, anello Ceylon ispirato allo Sri Lanka, con oro e zaffiri rosa

World tour with Riccardo Greco

The debut in Valenza by Riccardo Greco: a world tour with the first collection ♦ ︎ He graduated in languages ​​at the Catholic University of Milan, in gemology at the […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo, zaffiri e diamanti

The dragon fire heats Carrera y Carrera

The legend of the dragon with magical fire resumes in the Circulos de Fuego collection of Carrera y Carrera ♦ The legends have always inspired the artists. Not surprisingly, they also […]

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Christina Soubli api

The classical Greece of Christina Soubli

Greece it’s for a lot of people a holiday destination, the home of classical philosophy and, unfortunately, in recent times also at the center of trouble geopolitical news. But Christina Soubli, Greek […]

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Collana con pendente in bronzo e porcellana nera

Oxymorons to wear

Oxymorons of the Ossimori collection of Renata Manganelli: Ceramic with bronze and silver, opposites in design. The oxymoron is a figure of speech. That is, it is an expression that […]

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Thomas Sabo orecchini

Thomas Sabo Rebel

Fine jewelry by Thomas Sabo with Rebel Diamonds collection: skulls in gold, silver and, obviously, diamonds. Among the many lines of jewelry That the German giant Thomas Sabo Proposes for […]

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Collana  Radiance Seaside Twilight. Prezzo: 423 euro

Ayala double-sided

The jewelry for the winter by Ayala Bar: earrings, bracelets and necklaces double sided. Bijoux for the winter: they are almost a necessity. Ayala Bar, Israeli designer with a special […]

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Anello Morada in oro e zaffiro orange

Carla Amorim in the Cerrado

The Cerrado: the new collection signed by Carla Amorim inspired by the wild nature of Brazil. A collection dedicated to a land, a region, an expanse of plants and landscapes. […]

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Bracciale n oro gialo e diamanti

Marco Bicego to Masai

The Masai collection designed by Marco Bicego, white gold or yellow slight spirals with diamonds. The Masai were a nomadic people active in the highlands around the border between Kenya […]

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Maki collection, anello con scimmia

The other half of Mark Ta Moko

The news of Mark Ta Moko starting from The Other Half collection, for an audience that appreciates the union of opposites. From Vicenza to Auckland, New Zealand’s capital, the distance […]

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