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Il bracciale in oro bianco, diamanti e rubini appartenuto alla Duchessa di Windsor

A Wallis Simpson bracelet up for auction at Christie’s

The Magnificent Jewels auction on November 9 adds another piece of nobility to the catalog of lots for sale. In addition to the two diamond bracelets that belonged to Queen […]

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Ruth Tomlinson, collana in oro 14 carati con peridoto, citrino e diamanti

Jewelry for Afghan women

Jewelry for Afghan women. Or, more precisely, for Women for Afghan Women, an organization that aims to help women in the country of the Taliban. The jewels sold at the […]

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Anello di diamanti Harry Winston di 5,03 carati

Online jewelry, Christie’s in goal

Until a few years ago, buying jewelry costing thousands of dollars online was just a fantasy. Today it is reality, as evidenced by the sale of Christie’s September Jewels Online, […]

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I bracciali con diamanti appartenuti a Maria Antonietta

Marie Antoinette’s diamonds at Christie’s auction

Jewels witnesses of great history: their intrinsic value adds an incalculable charm. As in the case of the diamonds that belonged to Marie Antoinette, queen of France who ended up […]

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Il diamante The Key 10138 all'asta

The super crypto-diamond sold by Sotheby’s

It happened: Sotheby’s sold a 101.38 carat diamond to a private and anonymous collector during an auction held in Hong Kong. The novelty, however, is that the 101.38-carat super diamond […]

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Anello Art Déco in platino e diamante con un raro zaffiro Ceylon ottagonale di circa 12 carati cangiante, non scaldato

With 200 lots, the sale of Faraone Casa d’Aste is back

There is also a return to normal with regard to auction sales of jewelery and watches. Even though Faraone Casa d’Aste has set another sale in live streaming mode for […]

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Spilla con zaffiri di 55,19 e 25,97 carati

Sapphires win at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva

The tiara that belonged to the Savoy family, former royals of Italy, focused attention at Sotheby’s auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels in Geneva (totaled 56 million). The tiara […]

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Anello di Cartier con rubino Burma non trattato, 5,59 carati, diamanti ottagonali e brillanti, 1960 circa

A ruby ​​red warms Dorotheum’s auction

A red ruby ​​is about to ignite Vienna. The stone is mounted on a 1960 Cartier cocktail-style ring, which will be auctioned on June 23 at Dorotheum along with 200 […]

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Diamonds and rare jewels at Christie’s auction in Geneva

Diamonds and rare jewels at Christie’s auction in Geneva

Collectible diamonds, with the follow-up of six-zero valuations in the Magnificent Jewels auction scheduled for May 12 in Geneva organized by Christie’s. There will be 144 lots on sale, including […]

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Diamanti blu, giallo e rosa violaceo, The Perfect Palette

A trio of colored diamonds sold by Christie’s

The desire to leave the gloomy mood of the pandemic behind is also reflected in the desire for luxury shopping. Like Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction which was held in New […]

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La tiara composta da perle naturali e diamanti

A tiara from the House of Savoy at Sotheby’s auction

The great auction houses have decided to challenge each other with tiaras, crowns and jewels of noble origin. Sotheby’s in Geneva, on 11 May, will offer a magnificent tiara handed […]

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Spilla con zaffiri e diamanti degli anni Trenta, con il più grande zaffiro del Kashmir mai apparso in un’asta e che sarà battuto a Ginevra il prossimo 11 maggio: è una gemma ovale da 55,19 carati, assieme a un altro zaffiro del Kashmir a forma di cuscino del peso di 25,97 carati

Sotheby’s puts a large Kashmir sapphire on sale

x Big, beautiful and expensive jewels and gems: Sotheby’s has planned a rich spring for collectors of exceptional pieces. The auction house has put on sale, for example, gems weighing […]

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Diamanti blu, giallo e rosa violaceo, The Perfect Palette

Diamonds and beautiful jewels at auction with Christie’s

x Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on April 13th and simultaneous online jewelry sale from April 8th to 20th. For fans of great jewels, the season of the […]

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Anello con diamante fancy rosa violaceo intenso da 7 carati

A pink diamond for Sotheby’s

x The great auctions of great jewels for great bank accounts are back. On April 20, Sotheby’s Hong Kong presents its Magnificent Jewels which includes brightly colored diamonds and precious […]

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Tre dei gioielli di Michele della Valle messi all'asta

All jewels by Michele della Valle was sold by Christie’s

x It is not often that a jewelry auction sale is 100% successful. It happened with the online sale of jewels by a single author: Michele della Valle. The auction […]

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Orecchini con agata rossa, diamanti, tsavorite

The art of spring with Michele della Valle

x Michele della Valle is one of the rare artists who use gems and gold to paint or sculpt the most varied subjects. He resides in Geneva and his jewelery-works […]

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Gioielli da lutto appartenuti alla regina Vittoria

Queen Victoria’s jewels at Sotheby’s auction

x Years pass, but the British nobility continues to exert a charm that encourages the many television series, from Downton Abbey to The Crown. Or it manifests itself with an […]

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Spilla con perle finte e strass

Karl Lagerfeld’s jewels for Chanel at auction

After the Christmas break, jewelry auctions are back. And Christie’s from January 14th to 29th offers an online sale dedicated to Chanel jewelery that was part of Susan Gutfreund’s property. […]

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L'asta Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence organizzata da Christie’s a New York

How to buy jewelry at online auctions

Do you want to buy jewelry with an online auction? It can be a good deal, but first read the 9 rules for participating in an online jewelry auction ♦ […]

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Gli orecchini che brillano nel buio di Glenn Spiro

Jewelery to help Beirut at auction with Christie’s

We Are All Beirut: help comes from the world of jewelry for the Lebanese city, devastated in recent months by a tremendous explosion. Promoting the charity action is Christie’s, which […]

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