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Il bracciale My Life In Seven Charms by Annoushka Dukas

The Annoushka Dukas’ diary-bracelet

There are those who retrace the important stages of their lives by leafing through a photo album. Others choose the pages of a diary. And then there are those who, […]

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Orecchini pendenti Garden Party

In the geometric garden of Annoushka Ducas

Annoushka Ducas studied at the Sorbonne, lived in Hong Kong, and moved to London. But now he has chosen to live in the garden. Not in a real sense, but […]

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Kate Middleton con gli orecchini di Annoushka Ducas

Influencers are flop for selling jewelry, Kate instead …

Influencers do not influence jewelry sales, as Kate Middleton does instead. Word of Annoushka Ducas ♦ ︎ We alert the jewelers, designers, luxury companies: paying so-called influencers is a waste […]

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Ciondolo a forma di seme di ippocastano in oro giallo, diamanti brown, quarzo fumé, tsavoriti

The magic seeds of Annoushka Ducas

The pendants from the Seed collection of the British designer Annoushka Ducas ♦ ︎ To each his amulet. There are those who chose to those typical of its culture, its […]

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Orecchini a nappa in oro e diamanti

Wood and Russia with Annoushka Ducas

Annoushka Ducas touches wood and recalls her childhood in Russia ♦ ︎ Touch wood, in many countries has a talismanic meaning. It is an action, that is to keep the […]

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Orecchini in oro, giada e diamanti

Flamenco for Annoushka Ducas

The British designer Annoushka Ducas dedicates to flamenco his latest collection. The charm of Andalusia, its colors and its music: the flamenco. It is not often that the jewels are […]

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Pendente con libellula, oro annerito e diamanti

Annoushka circular world

Annoushka Ducas is in love has always been the same guy: the circle. Whether earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, the round is transformed, in some cases as house that hosts […]

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