Sono stati 104.000 i buyer a Baselworld 2017
Sono stati 104.000 i buyer a Baselworld 2017

Italian Jewelery double faces

The Italian jewelry in 2016 had two faces: fall in exports, but more sales ♦
Jewels Italians a bit ‚less purchased abroad. The data from the Institute of Statistics (Istat) are about on production (-1.9%) and exports both in value (-4.6%) and in quantity (-1.8% only for jewelry precious metals). The figures for 2016 also indicate that the decline has a name, or rather two: China and India, where are decreased imports. But, in reality they were not the only countries to buy less. According to data compiled by the research center of the banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, the Italian exports of jewelery and jewelery lost about 300 million euro compared to 2015, with widespread declines in almost all markets and a major new decline to the United Arab Emirates (-15%, amounting to 160 million Euros less), country of entry for the rest of the Middle East and India. Negative also exports to Switzerland and France (-6.7% and -10.6%), where often the jewels Made in Italy are those made for third parties for large Maison, that is produced in Italy and sold under the brand name of the great signatures, and then for other markets and from Hong Kong (-9.1%).
The statistics on turnover (of companies with more than 20 employees), however, indicate that the jewelry industry and jewelery ended 2016 up 9.3%, thanks to brilliant results on the domestic market (+ 6.7%) of foreign ones (+ 10.7%), since in contradiction with the information about the export flows. How do you explain? Simple: the sector is made up of many micro enterprises and it is very difficult to safely monitor.
According Stefania Trenti, the Intesa Sanpaolo research center, „the 2016 results were affected by unfavorable global demand, particularly in the first half of the year. The international scenario has shown an improvement during the year and the expectations for 2017 are moderate acceleration of world GDP, with exports of jewelry and costume jewelry in the last quarter of last year have stopped the descent, a good sign that could implying a nearby turnaround, despite the climate of uncertainty the purchasing decisions of international jewelry. “

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