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La mascherina di Jacob & Co indossata

The diamond mask by Jacob & Co

There is an accessory that all women have had in their bags for a few months. No, it’s not sunglasses or a make-up set. It is the mask that the […]

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Orecchini Lustre, con 200 diamanti taglio baguette

Jacob & Co, luxury that sways

Luster earrings by Jacob & co: a cascade of diamonds that sway ♦ Fanciful, a bit strange for jewelers with long pedigrees, loved by rap artists: Jacob Arabo and his […]

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Jacob & Co, spilla con rubini

Where fly Jacob & Co

Three brooches signed by Jacob & Co in the shape of a bee: this is the Abielle mini-collection ♦ For some time the brooches are back in fashion, much to the […]

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Anello con diamanti e rubini

Infinia passion with Jacob & Co

The precious vortices of the Infinia collection by Jacob & Co: diamonds, rubies and emeralds that capture the attention ♦ ︎ Imagine vortexes that chain your sight. As if they […]

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Orecchini con morganite e diamanti

Jacob & co, greatness in pink

A pair of exceptional earrings with morganite for over 100 carats of Jacob & co ♦ ︎ Morganite is a stone that symbolizes “divine love”. Moreover, it is a stone […]

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Ivanka Trump ritratta da Abbey Drucker

Ivanka Trump, jewels with mystery

A financial intrigue behind the jewelery brand linked to Ivanka Trump ♦ ︎ The jewelry brand tied to Ivanka Trump, daughter of the US president, Donald Trump has a problem. […]

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Jacob & Co, i bracciali Mystery of Muzo

The two Mystery of Jacob & Co.

Mystery of Muzo, two exceptional Jacob & Co bracelets with two as much exceptional emeralds. The mysteries, sometimes, it is better not reveal them. But other times the best thing to […]

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Collier a forma di pugnale arrotolato, oro bianco e diamanti

The 30 years of Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co celebrates its 30th anniversary. The brand of jewelry and high-end watches, in fact, was founded by Jacob Arabo in 1986. It is now present in 20 countries. […]

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Anello di Jacob & Co con uno zaffiro arancione da 46.64 carati e diamanti

Jacob & Co goes to Monaco

If you are passing through Monaco, here it is an opportunity to admire the jewels of Jacob & Co, which hardly leave New York. Jacob was founded in 1986 by […]

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