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If you have ever dreamed to make yourself a gold ring, you know that now you can. All you need is a computer and internet connection. The idea is to Skimlab, a start-up that has just launched its first website dedicated to the creation and printing of jewelery in 3D. Metal jewelry, not plastic. They can be gold, silver, brass, titanium or steel. You can create a ring with a design of your choice, even fantasy. Or you can choose and change one of the proposed models (there are dozens). But you can also look at and choose the creations of other users of the site. With the web browser you are designing the jewel in 3D. It is very simple. You choose the look and the material, then you order. Skimlab proposes the creation of jewelry online and print 3D using the site Jweel. Skimlab can directly print jewelry steel or prepare a mold for jewelery. The cost? For a silver ring will spend 99 euros for one gold from 300 to one thousand euro, according to the measure.

Anello in ottone: 59 euro
Anello in ottone: 59 euro
Anello d'oro. Prezzo: 674 euro
Anello d’oro. Prezzo: 674 euro
Anello d'oro. Prezzo: 319 euro
Anello d’oro. Prezzo: 319 euro
Anello in argento. Prezzo: 119 euro
Anello in argento. Prezzo: 119 euro



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