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How to choose an engagement ring

What is the right time to buy an engagement ring? Read these six tips before choosing an engagement ring ♦

When is the best time to buy an engagement ring? It depends. There are several factors to take into account before to buy an engagement ring. One such factors is the time. The purchase is a choice that should be taken after thinking well: the engagement ring is not a whatever jewel and probably will be cherished and worn throughout life by the receiver. Here are six aspects to consider.

Mr Big regala l'anello con diamante nero a Carrie Bradshaw in «Sex and the City»
Mr Big regala l’anello con diamante nero a Carrie Bradshaw in «Sex and the City»

1 No rush
The first consideration, which also applies to other items that involve considerable expense, is that haste produces bad advice. Unless you are very lucky, choosing a ring at first glance is often the worst idea. Two months of scouting are recommended to be able to look for the right ring: compare the prices and models offered by different jewelers. And if you want to stay updated on the news, be sure to follow

Anello in oro bianco 18 carati e diamante
Anello in oro bianco 18 carati e diamante by Maison Dauphin

2 Take the time to compare prices and models
Fortunately, the Internet allows you to consult who can provide information on models, prices and characteristics of the rings (we are talking about of course) without leaving home. So, use the web to get an idea. But beware: nothing can replace the impression in the real world. A ring that looks wonderful in a photo may turn out to be less attractive when viewed up close. In any case, many jewelry companies also offer an online sales service: ideal for getting an idea of the models and prices of the rings. Today the classic solitaire in white gold with four prongs and a diamond is no longer mandatory. Variations on the theme can also be chosen.

Anello solitario della collezione Maria Teresa
Anello solitario in oro bianco con diamante della collezione Maria Teresa by Recarlo

3 Choose the right month
When it comes to engagement, the hot season is the cold one, that is, between November and March. Weddings, on the other hand, are celebrated more often in the warm months, from spring to autumn. It is obvious that jewelers are well aware of this cyclical trend and tend to keep prices higher in the months when there is greater demand. That said, no engagement should be postponed to wait for the most convenient month. Take this into consideration.

Messika, anello della collezione Move
Messika, anello della collezione Move

4 Keep in mind the delays
Do not think that a jeweler has all the measures and all the models of a ring: there are variables such as the circumference, or the weight of the diamond. It may take some time before delivery of the selected jewelry. Another good reason not to choose the ring at the last moment.

Shopping da Tiffany
Shopping di anelli da Tiffany

5 Do not believe the balances
There are jewelers or online companies trying to entice customers with amazing offers and discounts. Do not fall into the trap: if a ring is of good quality it is not sold at a discount. There are no sales in the jewelry of a certain level. Although, of course, large jewelry companies may have an interest in emptying the shelves of a particular collection that needs to be replaced. In that case, the jewelry may be offered at a lower price. But that’s not what happens often. Indeed, the most fortunate and successful collections tend to have stable or rising prices.

Anello in oro bianco e diamanti di Damiani
Anello in oro bianco e diamanti di Damiani

6 Take the time to read the instructions
Yes, the jewelry may have instructions. Or, rather, a description. A diamond ring will also have a certificate describing the quality of the stone. Given that 90% of the cost of a ring is determined by the type of diamond that mounts, it is good to spend a few minutes to read the certificate of authenticity, which also shows the features that are not seen with the naked eye. They are the ones that determine the price of a stone, and therefore, its value. You do not know how to decipher codes G, H or Vs1? Please print driving fast you find here.  And good luck!

Anello solitario in oro rosa con diamante taglio pera
Anello solitario in oro rosa con diamante taglio pera di Jade Trau

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