vetrina — April 25, 2014 at 7:02 am

Volcanic Pesavento

Glossy like ceramic, but as hard as marble, it will be for this reason that the volcanic rock Kolong is increasingly popular with jewelers? Yes, provided that it is as pure as those used by Pesavento for the new line Charme. Large and spectacular rings whose style is focused on a delicate pink shade opalin, or on a dark obsidian, on a translucent quartz or on amethyst with intense hues. All are calibrécut stones, to adapt perfectly to the frame, in this case rose gold 750 and practically invisible. The novelty of the gold collection in 2014 is not only creative but also strategic: instead of being limited edition as in the past, it is for all retailers in a logic of the selected distribution. The reason why is simple: if the Vicenza- based company offers products at affordable prices (from 200 to 1500 Euros), with Polvere di Sogni, Pixel, Safari and Dna collections, all best-selling renowed each year, it is always a process with characteristic goldsmith, for hightarget stores. Where are they? Quite everywhere: all around Europe, in Latin America, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and since a few months in the United States, too. Matilde de Bounvilles




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