Realtà virtuale
Realtà virtuale

Virtual 3D world in jewelry with Marlù

The virtual world enters jewelry with the first store of Marlù ♦ ︎

The world of jewelry is largely linked to traditions. And this applies above all to the last part of the journey of a jewel, that is, sale. There is no place less tied to the time of a jewelry store, with its soft armchairs and soft lighting. Probably it will remain so for a long time, also because a certain type of clientele seeks precisely that sense of exclusivity that that get with this kind of furnitures.
But the times they are changing, not all customers are the same, not all jewels are created for the same type of audience. Here, then, that are coming ways of selling in tune with the times and, especially with the tastes of younger buyers, accustomed to live in the digital age. This news, in short, should not be taken lightly: the case of Marlù may, instead, be the first experiment of a long series.
Basically the novelty is this: in conjunction with the opening of the first monobrand in Rome of Marlù, in the Romaest shopping center, the Romagna brand of the Fabbri sisters inaugurates its first virtual boutique. You use it by downloading a free app on your smartphone (from the app stores for iPhone or Android). The app allows you to navigate in interactive mode, even in 3D, inside the store, discovering the products. Thanks to VR Experience technology, each collection «refers to dreamlike journeys that enhance its spirit and imagination, making it live in the round of the visitor. Also wanting in a three-dimensional dimension, thanks to the glasses that are available to the public in the Roman store “. It will be interesting to verify the impact, but it is a novelty for the world of jewelry.
Marlù offers five collections: Namastè, dedicated to oriental cults (cult product, the prayer bracelet) #TimeTo, Be woman, In my heart and Man. All jewels not virtual, of course. Rudy Serra

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